swaragini: fight for my right (episode 1)


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swaras pov:
“Gadodia”a great title,everyone wanted to become one coz they ruled the city .I am a gadodia but i dont want to be one,this is hell,hope even hell is better today the whole world is enjoying new years party but not me, i am not that lucky to party with my friends,though my brother is ,my parents tell “girls should stay within boundaries ” i cant ask why coz they cant answer and end up giving a slap………..”Happy new year to me”
“good night to me”???
Raginis pov:
yet another party ,a huge ,grand party thrown in raichand mansion .but who wants them,i dnt enjoy them ,these parties make me weak ,i feel i have nobody,
huh? whats there to feel u rags u seriously dnt have anybody except money …..????
pov end

ragini:god knows what shona is doing……….let me call her

swaras phone rings it showed the name of caller “lucky charm”
her face glowed she picked up the call.
both try to show each other they r happy
swara:Happy new year rago
ragini:same to u bestie……..whats up?
swara:just waiting for ur call……nobody’s home all went to party?……………..what abut u?
ragini:too many guests…..fed up……sitting in my room….alone
there was silence,both knew they were weeping
swara:though we act differently our need is same
ragini:yes……….we both starve for love
swara:i dnt ,u love me write
ragini:i do nd i know even u do love me
swaragini(unison):we are lucky to have each other
they cut the call
both start crying their heart out
swara:but still why do i feel ignored?
and goes to balcony to see the lighted city
ragini: but still why do i feel alone?
maid:mam there some imp business clients here they want to meet u
ragini gets up does touch up and goes to face the world.

sanskars pov
“New years party” all wait for it i dnt .i hate this ,i cant forget what i saw last year in this day…….whatever dad will again go with a young hippie …mom will be sad………..i cant help her,i hate dad….dad will never change”
he came to his house went to his mom ignoring the party going on she was sitting on her room
ap:sanskar u r home
sanskar :yes mom ,how can i leave u alone
he slept on her lap tear drop fell from his eyes..
sanskar:(mind)”sry maa i am a useless son but i will one day make my life and take u away from that monster
meanwhile dp comes he sees ap and sanskar and fumes

dp:so that useless is home again
sanskar:yes …..u may have forgotten but i remember i am ur legal son nd its even my house
ap:stop it sanskar,this is not the way to talk to ur dad
sanskar:he is nobody to me….i would better be an orphan….then being called his son
dp:if so then get out of my house
sanskar: who are u say that to me i am leaving this house forever
ap:sanskar plzz dnt leave me
sanskar: i will return mom and take u away ,i will be something and return to take u…..till then take care of your shelf.
ap:i trust u my son ……come soon

hearing this dp fumes and goes with another hippie to his room.sanskar fumes and leaves the house.Ap shatters and said
Ap:dnt ever come back sanskar….lead a happy life that’s better for u…….i will not let u come back again??

A lavish room is shown ,a man is sitting in the floor near bed stand and switching the light on ,off,on ,off
it wasLaksh
laksh pov
“Happy New Year ,mom” i miss u ,see today i have everything but i dnt hav anybody own ….why cant i buy that….why?…….i am mad ….i know the answer still ask such question……people like me dnt have anybody they dnt deserve anybody.
a tear fall from his cheek and then he tweets to the outer world
“Happy New Year”
he saw a thousand msgs in inbox he calls his Pa
Daniel: coming sir

rushes to his room
lakshy:Dany plz send a return msg to all those in inbox
Daniel says yes and leaves
again the handsome hunk is alone thinking about the bitterest truth of his life,of his existence.

sanskar comes out of the house he finds no where to go he sees a bench and tries to sleeps there…… the party ends ragini comes to her room changes her dress and sleeps in her king sized bed…..swara was standing in balcony comes and sleeps in her bed praying she gets a good dream……lakshya tries to sleep in the floor with his back in the bed…..nd hours later all the four slept unaware of the tornado going to come in thier lives,turning it upside down once again.

Guys plz suport there is much more to come hope its not Boring

precap:laksh coming india , swara gets a punishment,ragini gets shattered,sanskar will lose all his possesion .

Credit to: Natasha

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