Swaragini FFs Analysis (Ragsan, Raglak)

Hey I am here to share my views regarding my favorite FFs on couples of Raglak, and Ragsan.

There are many Swaragini FFs, but I hardly read some, and all are very good but I hope I don’t disappoint someone.


1) Khamoshiyan because silence have secret (Raglak) – By Riya :A thrill of horror with the blend of Love story!! Superb FF, with the perfect touch of horror, and a mind blowing imagery! Must go and read it , and you will enjoy it as I do ?

2) Rahul:Papa…Lavanya:Mama (Raglak) – by Dafsi:A sweet story revolving around the lives of Raglak, their love and care towards their children. A story of an understanding couple , who faces troubles but indeed love each other with the same devotion. A perfect family! Must go and read and you will definitely enjoy as I do?

3) Nafrat Ya Pyaar (RAGLAK) – by Halima :If you are ready for shocks then this story is for you! A supernatural story of the love birds who have been seperated since births, and everytime a new story of ”Janam” Hats off to you Halima! Must go and read it and you will definitely enjoy as I do?


1)When I fall in love (ragsan and swasan)-by Pavani:Altough she faced very much discouragement but I still enjoyed, her passion towards writing showed how devoted she was towards her writing! A lifeless widowed (altough he was not! )Sanky’s love journey between Swara and Ragini, it ended lately!

2) I know I am blind, but we finallt met in rainfall-by Nusz :A newly started FF (only 2 episodes yet) but a different concept! A journey of a blind person who has been ditched by a girl and his family left him, living all alone with her mum, with a sorrow, there starts the love journey of Ragsan.

3) Objection My Lord!Ragsan – by S.z.f.z (Zuha):The title makes you read the story, I was also shocked to see such a title and end up reading it? A courtroom drama story, Sanskaar and Ragini are fighting for Laksh and Swara’s divorce/custody case of their daughter Naina. Altough only 2 parts are updated but again an awesome story, and a perfect blend of entertainment! Must try!


So these are my favorite FFs and writers! Do suggest me your favorite FFs?

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  1. Dafsi

    First of all a big thanks for the analysis Cutie pie it was simple and sweet and secondly a very big thanks (beigger thanks than before) for mentioning my ff on you analysis while there were so many better one’s. I actually started mt ff as I was bored and frustrated thinking that Im unable to upload my other ffs which I started before this and unfortunatly this beated all three of my ffs and is in everyones favourite and Im happy to see my ff along with other great authors thank you so much…It is an honour to be named with Riya Kapoor, Halima di, Pavani di,Nuzs and Zuha di who are writing ffs in an awesome way and Im in cloud nine or 10 to see mine alomg with them….And I would grab this opportunity thank all my daily commenters and readers as my ff here just simply just becuase of your support 🙂 🙂 keep reading and supporting continously dear friends and sisters 😀

    1. Dafsi

      I would like to suggest ff of raglak that nyt changed my lyf (I hope the name is correct), iss pyar ko kya naam doon? By nitu, raglak love for each other by roshini, her director and his deigner by sindura di (I hope the name is correct)

  2. Pavani

    Iam glad that u mentioned my ff .tnk u very much

  3. Ragsan they are destined, ragsan this time forever,laal ishq, and ragsan ss yours(only 2 parts are updated but still its really good)…and many more and ya i havn’t read any of d ff’s u mentioned exept pavani’s…and ya if i gt time i”ll definitely read them

  4. well i wud suggest u to read pride vs prejudice by azure(ragsan ff), raglak-second love by sree harini, true love will thaw (raglak)by pink chocolate.ty r awesome.

  5. Thank you for mentioning my FF Cutiepie…? I’m glad you like it and that I could make it on the Analysis… You have given respect to me and my FF… Love you and thank you ? Take care, stay blessed?

  6. Zuha Fatima

    Hey I never know I am that good at writing!! And Dafisi di you are way too better than me, and I only read ur and Halima’s FF for Raglak:) and thanks dear cutie pie! I am so overwhelmed today to find my FF in 2 analysis in a day 😉


    _Zuha Fatima

    1. Dafsi

      What I said was trut I read yourr ffs and they simply awesome and live them 🙂 keep rocking dear and Im not exactly a writer writer…I have alot to learn from you people 🙂

  7. Hi cutie pie i am a regular reader of all ragsan ff(u can say i am mad about ragsan)and many of raglak.all of the ff are awesome.still u can read “ragsan ff: reality”,raglak love for each other,pavani di’s new ff my heart with u only.that’s a ragsan and swalak ff.ragsan ff “two broken soul” by DC.”this time forever” by megha.”sangini new begining”.”ragini my love for won’t change” it’s a raglak and ragsan ff must read.and last not the least “yeh hai ashiqi” by riya kapoor.sorry for giving u such a long a list.what to do i love all of them.but plzz at last for once go through them

  8. Oh forgot to tell u.there is another ff which u can read “zehnasseb season 2” by sarika shah

  9. Hey one more ff left.”ragsan sorrrrrry”by sara i just can tell u will surely like this one.

  10. Nusz Khan

    Aha, two surprises in one day??? Wow that’s awesome xx tt!

    I am really happy that you’re enjoying my concept of the story and I am proud that you enjoyed it, but trust me there are better writers then me. But Hun thank you so much for choosing me.

    It makes me so happy aha, well I posted the next episode of that Fan-Fiction, hope it will make you happy, and everyone here are awesome writers aha xx tt. :))

    Love you and keep smiling like always xx. ;))

    ~Nusz xx.

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