HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII afterrrrrrrr a looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sryyyyyyyyyyyyy clddddddddddddd ntttttttttttt update fr sooooooooooo many dayss…sooooooooooo sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….hope u guys enjoy dis

Scene 1
In the kitchen
Sanskaar: Actually lucky all women r lik dis they torture men
Swara: oh is it sanskaar all women r lik dis
Sanskaar: swara wen did u cm
he moves back as swara cms towards him
swara: wat did u jus say
sanskaar: i said lucky all women r lik goddesses dey treat their men very well
Swara: laksh wat did ur bhai say temme da truth otherwise ill throw dis on u(she takes a saucer pan in her hand)
Laksh: no swara i dnt want to b dat lucky..my luck is waiting up(in a sarcastic manner)
He meant dat ragini is torturing
ragini: oh laksh ur luck is up no need 2 go up luck only cme down
Lucky: ok hi ragini howa u i ws cmg fr u only(ina tensed manner)
ragini: no laksh am ur luck no(she also takes a saucer pan in her hand)
Laksh: oh ragini baby darling my life dnt take such drastic steps dear its the matter of my life(moving back) funny manner
Swara: ragini we will keep 1 race the race is all abt who runs towards sanskaar and laksh 1st and gives dem da taste of dis pan each on their heads will b da winner
ragini: wow swara gd idea it will b so exciting
laksh: wat
both strt running towards dem and dey strt running towards da hall
here the stove ws on bt dey didnt light it gas ws leaking
they run around da sofas steps and dey throw pillows on each otr after sm time swara feels uncomfortable she sits and ragini goes inside to water she sees dat da stove is on and goes to light it jus den annapurna calls her so she frgts, take water and goes out..gas is still leaking
she gives water to swara and goes to meet annapurna

after smtime she cms out and sees swara,laksh & sanskaar chatting in da hall she joins dem jus den swara says u all sit and ill go nd make pavbhaji fr all of u
sanskaar: no swara u sit ill go nd make
laksh: yep bhai is right
Swara: no no actually i want to make smthng now so dats y anyways am an expert in making pavbhaji
ragini: dis is true

She moves into da kitchen and jus den ragini rmbrs dat da gas is leaking
ragini: swaraaaaaaa(SHOUTS)
she strts running towards da kitchen she hit herself to da sofa while running and still she runs in dat pain
lalsh nd sanskaar also run aftr her in confusion
Laksh: ragini b careful wat hppnd
she ignores him and goes into da kitche and jus den swara on’s da stove and bhoooommm

Precap: fire has spread and swara bcms unconcious in da kitchen

Credit to: ANANYA

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