Swaragini ff – Yeh kaha aa gaye hum.epi 2


Hello frnds, l m back after two days. I m not getting enough support for this ff. Pls comment as l want them for my continuing.

Ginny entered his father’s room and started tickling on his father’s leg.
“Oho don’t do that Ginny ”
“Wake up papa,it’s late”
“No,it’s not late come u also sleep with me”he tries to pull her on the bed.
“No, no l don’t want to sleep more l want to see d gifts which you brought for me from d tour”
“Oh , so u jst wnt ur gifts not papa. Go l will not wake up.” He turns to other side of bed to tease her daughter.
“No l want u too. You are the best papa”
“Don’t butter me. I will not wake up”
She gets a little angry nd says”lf u will not wake up l will complain to dadi”
” go go complain . I m not afraid of ur blackmail”
Then she shouts from top of her lungs” dadi, Lucky is nt waking up”
He wakes up with a jerk and Cathes her ears playfully ” u little devil , u shuld not call ur father by his name”(yes, he is our cute handsome hunk , lakshya maheshwari )
“Now, l m jst calling u by ur name but if u will not wake up quickly then l will call u by many other names which u wouldn’t hv imagined”
“OK ok go , l m coming getting ready”
“Come quickly ” by saying this she gets out of the rooms.

After fifteen minutes lakshya was setting his hairs in front of dressing table when his eyes fell on mangteekah lying there. Of course Swara doesn’t wear it but she keeps it there to remind him of his deeds. Little did she know that his deed and the person connected with that deed never left his mind even for minutes.
Lakshya’s pov
I always wonder why l couldn’t forget her although it was me who forced her to leave me , my house, my world. Why her voice, her face, her care keeps rewinding in my mind. Why l miss that lines on her necks, curves on her waist , fragrance of her hairs , sweetness of her mouth and the nights spend with her. I hate u , l hate from the core of my heart for taking my happiness, my satisfaction, my sanity, my body and may be my heart too.
END of d chapter.
RECAP-news of someone’s arrival in MM

So this was the revelation . I hope u liked lakshya pov and u must have guessed about whom he is talking. Please give ur feedback.?

Credit to: Amna

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  1. Gud…wr s ragsan?

  2. really sorry i got to this really late. so laksh and swara are married? and laksh cheated on her? with ragini while he was married to swara?

    1. or is it that he was married to ragini first and he made her leave him and then married swara? i am confused.

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