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Hey guys…i am mystery….

i have been seeing many people writing ff analysis…ok u guys canr ead all of the ffs as there are so many…those which are updated daily and are famous are read.but writing is not an easy task.it demands ur thoughts,ur vision,ur skill….all the writers who put their efforts should be equally appreciated….no doubt anjali,saba.vini,eva,setoothy,mehar.sree etc are very good writers but its because u read their ffs…there are manyyyyyyy more writers who r not mentioned but their ffs are mindblowing but they r not noticed just because they dnt update daily….

u guys are pointing out some ffs and writers without thinking that those writers whose names are not being mentioned might also read this analysis and feel bad as they also put efforts…u guys shouldnt judge like this….all writers are equally perfect…and all should be appreciated rather than specific writers….

i am not a writer of any ff i just read ffs…its nkt possible for u to read aaaaaaaalllllll ffs as there are so many but u cant judge only on the basis of those ffs which u read…..all our writers are equal for us and i appreciate and thank all of them for such min blowing ffs ,,,,,,,,

huge round of applause for aaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll the writers….

its a humble request to stop putting these stupid hurting ff analysis…..

Credit to: mystery

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  1. I agree wid u

  2. well said….. i totally agree…

  3. I totally agree with you. Even though I have seen my names in those analysis I feel many great writers have been missed. And cant see that. Its definitely hurtful.

  4. Agreed…

  5. True yaar. I hope you guyz read my ff on swalak… The first chappy will be posted soon… And dnt think that i came here to promote my ff and all..lol..
    When you read you will know I dnt have any thing like that.

  6. agree with u

  7. I totally agree.. Der r many ff’s which are not mentioned in the analysis.. A s a reader I felt bad .. So it’s sure that writers also will b disappointed . BT since most f the people who analyses doesn’t read all the ff’s we can’t blame them also.. some read only swasan or RagLak or ragsan or swara or ragini..

  8. I r absolutely correct… Even I was thinking the same and that’s Y I haven’t commented on any fanfiction analysis bcoz each r gud in their own way and others should not judge their skills

  9. I totally agree with you ?

  10. yea ur write even i am writer of an ff nt swaragini but it really hurts v shud giv importance to each and evryones ff

  11. u r absoleutely ri8 . i’m totally agree with u.

  12. Ya I too agree wid u all writers put many efforts to create these ffs !HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR ALL THE AMAZING writers THANX A LOT FOR PROVIDING US WID SUCH NICE FFS

  13. Omg..! But there’s no harm in appreciating the one you admire.. I mean they deserve it all yaar.. They are working hard for the ff.. And if it’s lives by all .. Then why should anyone be jealous..? I mean that’s kinda impossible ..! I mean they all are really good at their works as well as at their hearts..! I agree that Anu Anjali Meher Eva etc. Are a few names.. But they need to be praised..!
    But their should not be any kind of bashing about the other writers..! See we can only appreciate what we read..! So that’s what everyone is doing ..!
    Although everyone is equally talented..! But appreciation is a choice.. Uh cannot force anyone..!
    N again this was my POV ..so do not bash me..!

    1. no one is bashing u….its good to appreciate them and u should do it on their ffs not specifically,,,,u have read only their ffs so u can say they are perfect but there are many miore ffs which r not judged and u cant say anything abt that as perfect or wtever…so if u wanna appreciate then do on their ffs….its not jealousy its the breaking of hearts and a degradation….if u were a wruter who had put all her efforts in writing a story but is read by some people and they claim it to be awesome but those analyse other ffs as est discluding u just bcz they have not read urs…then think how would u feel…..

      1. How can that hurt you ..? I mean they deserve it..! I completely understand that the popular ones are making their place in analysis but that’s because people love them..! And it’s one’s own POV .. No one ever have said in their analysis that the other writers are not good or their ff is not good..! So I don’t think anyone would feel bad..!
        And actually the word analysis comes wrong here..! Uh should simply appreciate them .. But analysis.. That’s not our work.. And we are no one to do so..!
        Sorry to hurt you dea.. But trust me it was nothing against anyone..!

      2. no sweety i m not hurt….its abt those writers whose names are not mentioned afterall all put their efforts….may be their grammar is not good or they dnt updates daily but there might be some personal problems….these things cant be noticed….judge urself as writer ho is not appreciated then how will u feel…bad na??thats all honey

  14. I totally agree with u…….

  15. Completely agree with u dear actually there are many writers who have been not mentioned but with a huge talent especillay azure she is just mindblowing no words to explain her talent but I didn’t see her name in any one of the analysis I feel bad at that time but in her ff’s page there is lot of appreciation for her she is really a superb writer…….to be Frank I l say I m proud of her….there are many talents which u r not considering in ur analysis I l just say don’t make them in any order they are perfect and they are best….. This is my POV so pls don’t bash….

  16. I agree…u words r exactly same in mind…

  17. I agree, if they don’t want to appreciate then they should not do analysis in first place.they can appreciate through comments itself

  18. agree with you….

  19. Sorry to disagree with you,those who get appreciation are truly deserving the same.Not all ffs are equally good here,some are just like very similar scenes,some are copied from elsewhere(sorry don’t want to mention and insult those writers),pso definitelyp ,those with proper sentence structure,neat plot and language and beautifully described scenes will be appreciated,some ffs have been good right from first episode to last,such writers are getting applause,your tone is too arrogant.Those writers who are being mentioned in the analysises are too good and they earned it through their writing.Simply no one will praise.Read their fan fictions and if u read everything as u said then you would feel the difference and if u still say that all are equally good then sorry no use telling u,sorry for being frank.

    1. i understand reeta but those ffs which r liked by u guys are also adapted….for example saba’s story was apadted by a novel as well as a movie…she herself said it….all stories may not be good but at least writers put their efforts in a hope that they will be appreciated but here people are selecting ffs and appreciating only specific ones….its not good

      1. Reeta,I wanted to say the same to the analyst.I agree with u.

      2. You are right Reeta,some are incomparably good,can’t generalise all are good,there is a lot of difference in language,grammar and presentation style.Even if we ignore that,still some are favourites because they have done justice to every single word and episode that they have written.They deserve applause for their talent.Effort should be appreciated but talent is something else and that also should be applauded and specifically mentioned.

      3. Mystery, I have to agree with Reeta,also everyone has their opinion and it may differ, let them appreciate the ones that they like,at least the writers have impressed them.

      4. Also mystery ,you have mentioned few names and written they are very good writers because we read their fan fictions and because they update daily,(just quoting what you have mentioned above)a few among that ,we wish uploaded daily because each episode is that good,but,they don’t ,still are favourites,and they are not good writers because we read their fan fictions,they are good because God has given them that talent and their talent was recognised through what they have written,many ffs in this site can’t be compared to a few names that you mentioned,I read everything including analysis and I can say honestly that the names which come in all analysis deserves it to the core,too good they are and clearly way ahead than a few others.

      5. it doesnt matter they update daily or their grammar is good.all writers put their efforts and all should be appreciated.some people might be weak in grammar but it shouldnt be judged.it might hurt them.moreover if u wanna appreciate then do on their ffs not specifically bcz those people r not being appreciated though they wtite with a hope of being loved.all writers are equal for us as writing is not an easy task guys…its tough to come up with so many stories and twists in mind.if u wanna appreciate then do all or else dnt point out some it hurts those who r not appreciated

  20. I agree with you.

  21. Totally agree with u . I didn’t like this practice of appreciateing sm writers. If u are judging something then be fair nd read all ff nd then judge them. Reading some stories nd announcing them as best is not d way.

    1. Most analysts have written that they read all ffs..But how we can we say that none of the analysts are not reading all fan fictions.Most have mentioned many names,some deserve more appreciation because they are too good.

  22. I agree with tht though I don’t see my name but there are also so many ff’s whose names are not mentioned nd it is sad

  23. First prize can’t be given to all the participants,some clearly excel and deserves that spot,let them enjoy it.

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