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Hey friends,
A seriously disappointed reader here. I don’t want to reveal my identity since it has nothing to do with this article. I just want to discuss something serious with you all. So as we all know, most of us visit this site for reading stories and the are writers. As readers we expect beautiful stories from writers, their thoughts and opinions. We expect genuinity from the writers. We appreciate the writers despite their mistakes. This is a social platform. Hence we do not judge anyone. So what I am talking about is PLAGIARISM. Well, I was out of my home town during the past few weeks and I couldn’t visit the site due to some connection issues. I’m a reader who read almost all ffs here and comment on them. In return I like many readers, expect truthfulness from the side of writers.

First thing I did after getting home was searching for Anu or Nisha’s (or whatever her name is) ffs. I was surprised to see that all her works were removed from the site. From a friend of mine I learned that she writes on Wattpad too. So my hunger for reading her stories landed me in Wattpad. There also I got disappointed. All her boos were taken down. But I got to know the truth. That she was cheating us all by simply copy – pasting somebody else’s work. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I was dumbstruck. Because as a reader I loved her ffs more than any body else’s. Heck!!! I even recommended it to some of my friends. Seriously, all the praises we all were showering on her belonged to somebody else. Her name is Ayesha. (Username on Wattpad : AyeshaK_). I really don’t know how much I hate that girl Anu right now.
See friends, we the readers love you writers despite all the flaws in your language and plot. Readers like me truly appreciate your hardwork and we support you through our comments. Even after getting this much blind support, why are they stealing other’s work? I really don’t understand.

I’m a member of various other sites also. If anyone of you have ever been to Indiaforums, you must have surely read Angel. It is the most beautiful work I’ve ever read online. It was appreciated by hundreds of people. But the writer was forced to take down Angel due to plagiarism. And what happened? Readers like us lost the opportunity to read those wonderful work again and again. I won’t blame the writer for that. She has every right to do that to safeguard her work which is the result of her dedication and hardwork. Every piece of writing is the sweat and blood of the author. They spend hours in drafting, reading, editing and re-reading their article before submitting it in front of the readers. For all writers their works are special and pious. But cheaters can never understand that. From what I read from Ayesha’s message board on Wattpad, that shameless girl first copied, then apologized. Then again she started copying. Seriously??? What does she think of herself?? If Ayesha makes a copy write claims ever, this can even lead to a legal battle. Yeah I know, girls like Bushra used to copy paste works here. But they all stopped when they were warned. This girl copied almost 3 or 4 works. And I came to know from Ayesha’s message board that she even accused her sister for giving her such nasty ideas. Duh!!! Can anyone stoop low anymore? I don’t think so.

After reading this article if anybody of you want to bash me for criticizing your favourite reader, then go ahead. I don’t give a damn. This is my grief, I had to let it out. Because I loved that Anu that much. Not only as a writer, but I loved the human being in her. Not anymore.
I don’t know how many stolen works are being posted here now also. But if ever I come to know about such a work again, then my stand will be the same. I have no regrets while drafting this article.

And, Miss Anu/Nisha or who ever you are, if you are reading this, I just want to tell you that I HATE YOU. Not only me, but so many readers here HATES YOU for your foul play. What did you get from all these? Praise from the readers? For your kind information lady, it was all meant for Ayesha. It has nothing to do with you. You got nothing other than our grief, disgust and hatred. If you still have some humanity and shame left in you, then please apologize to Ayesha publicly by posting a message on her wall on Wattpad. That will make you some of us happy and maybe readers like me may forgive you. That will serve as your act of atonement if you’ve ever felt guilty about your actions.

I don’t know if tellyupdates will publish this article. But I want them to. If they publish this I want to request all the writers to be truthful to readers like me. We can atleast expect genuinity from you guys, right? We spend our precious time reading and commenting on your stories. Consider that, at least.

Thank you for reading this. And share your opinion with me… Once again, thank you all very much.


    • Hely

      |Registered Member

      Anu (Nisha)’s ffs:
      Swasan destiny
      Fix you
      Fixing broken souls
      Arranged to be his
      Childhood sweethearts
      Anonymous (or something like dat, I don’t remember d name exactly)
      Fitoor (by Nisha n Naina, her sister)

      Dats all I guess….. I don’t think I have missed out any of her ff, n if so thn I don’t remember

  1. Crazy

    |Registered Member

    Yeah just tell me d name too…
    Atlest my knowledge f CSE ll help me n blocking that idiot from publishing such thongs…
    n yeah each n every word mentioned here z fully true…

  2. stranger

    oh my god even Anu was one of my favourite writer and i was perplexed when i couldn’t find her works but after reading ur post i surely hate her bzc i am just against any kind of plagiarism or cheating whoever u are thanks to u for sharing this

  3. RiSha

    |Registered Member

    Who ever you are Anonymous!!!

    Thank you so much… 😘😘😘
    For opening the eyes of thousands of readers around here…..
    I liked Anu’s ff so much… That I used to comment in each & every episode… But today I’m feeling hatred!!
    Stupid girl! She is so disgusting that she had deleted her works on wattpad once because someone bashed her…. It was because she was caught!
    But still no guilt??!!….
    Then again she used to say that some stories were posted by her sister….. I really guess she has a sister Or not??….
    It was she herself!!…
    I swear Anu if you are reading this comment, then please don’t ever write again!!!…. You aren’t worth of the praise even…. I guess whether you know to write English or not!!

  4. Lol

    Hi Anonymous
    You r right !! Plagiarism is a serious matter . In my school we r not allowed to do copy other’s work otherwise u get severly punished. The teacher r really strict about it. When i just read what u wrote about Anu or Nisha’s ff i was shocked coz i really love their ff . I find them awesome. (A silent reader)

  5. Julia

    |Registered Member

    Yeah…. Evn I have noticed a story, it is present both in this site and also in wattpad. I exactly don’t know whether both the authors are same or different. It’s really bad to steal others’ story. Even I’m a writer both in this site and also in wattpad. So I can understand what it feels like.

    I would like to say just one thing, if any of us find such plagiarism anywhere, I think the first thing we have to do is to question them openly and have to inform the real author of the story about the happenings.

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    |Registered Member

    That cheaters shout get punishment … I am a writer n I know the pain writer takes to write and draft an ff … salute to all the writers…. they doesn’t get any money or profit from writing ff but they write it for their fans …. managing their personal work …

    once again hats off to all the writers ….

  7. anu

    hey my name is also anu… here so many anu name people here i dont know who is she.. i am not that one.. please give which ff anu/nisha posted.. name the ff..? tel me ff name..

  8. Isabel

    |Registered Member

    I know what it feels like, Anu Di is my favorite.. I know this is wrong but please don’t hate, hatred is the worst and strong feeling ever, you’ve got to give Anu Di a chance, she’ll apologize for the mistakes but please just don’t hate people, I’m sort if you don’t like what I’m saying… Thank you
    Keep smiling 🙂 and have a nice time ahead..

  9. Vidhi

    Ya can u plz tell her ff name plz…. Coz now I m confused so…. Plz if u can 😌😉😊😊😊

    • Anonymous


      Fix you
      Fixing broken souls
      Arranged to be his
      Childhood sweethearts
      these were her copied works…
      Fitoor (by Nisha n Naina, her sister)

  10. G.Chandu

    |Registered Member

    Destiny, Fix You, Fixing broken souls, Arranged to be his, fitoor, Childhood sweet hearts, Anonymus…!! All these are the works which Anu/nisha copied and posted here..!! Even I hate her like anything..!! I really felt heart broken… when I came to know about this truth at that time..!! My first comment on telly updates was on her copied works only..!! I am feeling shame on myself for encouraging her through my comments..!! I posted her soo called works names which she claimed as hers… so that all people who don’t about it will come to know…!!

  11. Paru

    Oh no really.. She did this….
    I didn’t read her work fully but some of them…she had a good language.. High school girl.. I think 8 the grade.. Omg now I came to know she is copying someoneelse work..

  12. Pammy

    |Registered Member

    Wt?!!! Wt r u saying dear….. I cant believe…when i was a swasan fan(longg ago dat too jz fr 2 months) i used to read her ffs like mad…..evn aftr shftng to ragsan nd temishvar fan i never stopped reading her ffs….nd hw can she stoop so low dat she accused her own sister…I HATE U nisha or watevr u r….nd yaar uk whn someone like u posted an article on bushra she was like yeah ppl her like shld deserve da only hw can she steal othrs work nd all….bt reality z she evn belongs to same categry… yaar its jz unbelievable……i jz wanna say somethng dat my dear writers if u r copying someones work it wont give u anythng nd or else if u wanna share it with u jz tame their permission nd give them credit then it will nt create any such issues…

  13. Anjali

    Hey please tell me her ff name yaar. And yes you are absolutely correct . I appreciate all writers.

  14. lohitha

    Can anyone plz the names of ffs in wattpad from which she is copying i checked all those ayesha’s ffs but none of those matched with the childhood sweethearts and fitoor which anu posted here if anybody knows the exact names of these two ffs plz tell me i am literally dying to read complete story of those two ffs i really hate this nisha/anu for making me like this plzzzzzz if anybody knows the exact names tell me plz

  15. Sammy

    |Registered Member

    Oh my god I can’t believe this she used to get comment on her fffs around 150 …though I never red her ffs …but I can’t believe that she copied all …I mean bushra do it only on one ff buy she copied so many ..I still can’t believe this ..and here some people are saying don’t hate her . Really she got appreciation and so much love on someone else’s hard work is the worst thing for me ..and I am Also a writer here ….when i used to uodays one ff …my readers quickly demanded another one .. even they ask me to update ….in someone’s else ffs page too….I know how my fingers badly ached while writing an update …and she did the worst job ….even she dragged her sister too …initially I felt bad when I listened that she got bashed by a reader .. but now knowing the truth .iam so happy that at least manmarziyan page had no war and negativity …though I am writing here too stolen world (ragsan and swalak ) ..but still god this girl just play with the feelings of her readers 🙁 🙁

  16. Soumya27

    |Registered Member

    Its good dear that u posted n created awareness among us… M also a writer n only a writer can understand how much pain n dedication is needed to write a good ff…. N dese so called anu or naina or nisha or whatever Des people must…. I don’t have words to explain my anger…. Once again thx…

  17. sara

    i didnt expect this. anu is one of my fav writer but she cheated us. if she copy other one story she must give credits to that writer. being a writer i know that how much difficult to find a base story line and defining each and every characters. i felt that i am cheated..please dont do this and if you copying other story inform us before and give credits to that writer

    • Hely

      |Registered Member

      Anu’s ff names↠ayesha’s ffnames(original)
      Destiny ↠ Childhood sweethearts + memory jar
      Fix you ↠ fix you
      Fixing broken souls ↠ the broken souls
      Anonymous ↠ fangirl
      Arranged to be his ↠ arranged

      All Ayesha’s ff are virat Kohli ff..
      She also used to write 24 hours in London BT nw she has unpublished d story n vl b writing later on….
      N abt d childhood sweethearts which Nisha used to write z nt written by her.. so no idea abt dat..
      Dats it.. I Hope it vl be useful

  18. Hely

    |Registered Member

    Like many of you, evn I used to comment on her each n evry ff n dat too everyday… I was a silent reader BT started commenting on her ff.. I don’t believe how people do such things… BT I don’t hate her or something, we don’t knw y she did all diz… Der can be some reason.. u nevr knw…. So I don think

    • Hely

      |Registered Member

      We shud blame smone without knowing their perspective… diz z wat I think… Rest, everybody has a different POV

      • Anonymous


        Hely and Isabel, I am not being rude here, but tell me one reason why you would do such a thing if you were that girl? See, if she wanted to share the story she read, then she must have given credit to the original author. Instead she kept on weaving lies to make us believe that it’s all her work. If you have ever read her ffs you may know that she used to add foot notes stating how busy she is and all. So do you think that she still deserves a chance? She must have stopped it once she got caught. But again she did that. I have no reason to justify her actions. Sorry if I sound rude. But every work is the sweat and blood of the writer. So what she did is unforgivable for me…

  19. Aarti

    God..people are really disgusting..I am a sikent reader of almost all swaragini and manmarziyan ff and i really feel disgusted at this…copying works of other is really shame full act..if u r so desperate to write an ff then go foe honesty..even if ur ff is not upto the mark atleast u will get comment on ur honesty and they will encourage u to write more better in near future…but copying really disgusting..these days I m really fed up wid swaragini ff page..I appreciate all manmarziyan writer ( Rosie, Gianna, Sv, Sathya, Ritu, Farha Ritum, Sammy, Gauri, Thena, and all mmz writers) for their honesty and hardwork..and all swaragini writers who write honestly wid dedication and these cheaters…disgusting

  20. Simplesweety1

    |Registered Member

    Hey Anonymous And Hi Everybody! Actually I Also Write On Wattpad,Indiaforums And TellyUpdates! And Sabhme Me Alag Alag Episodes Pe Hu! Sabse Aage Mein Tellyupdates Pe Hu And I Copy Paste My Stories From Here To These Websites And Let Me Clear One Thing Ki Pehle Mene Apna Username TanviSood Rakha Thha Wattpad Pe Coz Its My Real Name ! Mene Apna Username Change Karliya Taaki Kisi Ko Ye Na Lage Ki I Copied Stories! Lol! Isme Kuchh Galat To Ni Hai Na! I Wanted To Clear All This Coz I Don’t Want To Be Blamed With This Kind Of A Thing! Kyuki Mein Badi Mehnat Se Likhti Hu And It Hurts When Someone Copies Your Work .. My 1st Story Is On Devakshi! Its Name Is Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF Please Read If You’re A Devakshi Fan!
    Tanvi .. Whoops! Simplesweety1 😉

  21. Isabel

    |Registered Member

    Anonymous, you’re not being rude, it’s that different people have different pov, I’m the kind who not just only give second chances but infinite chances for everyone, and Nisha is a dear one to me, I’m not ashamed to say it, what Nisha did may be wrong but she’s still a human being like us, suppose we had a dirty mind and did such works, how would we feel? I’m sorry to hurt you but I support people, because they’re human beings just like us, as I said

    • Anonymous


      See Isabel, you may have a huge heart. But not me. What she did was wrong. You are thinking about her. What about Ayesha? And you must not be ashamed to call yourself her friend. But you are her friend doesn’t mean that you must support her blindly. A true friend is one who criticizes their friend without mercy. If she was ever guilty, she would have apologized to Ayesha and her readers. She didn’t. She continued her nasty act shamelessly. I believe that chance can be given once. Not endlessly. As I stated, I do not regret any word I used. She must apologize to Ayesha and her readers who had showered their love endlessly on her. You will understand that only if you ever write something. Ask those who write. They’ll know how it feels like when somebody else is being appreciated for their work in front of their eyes. While it is always them who need to be appreciated. Nisha or anu – that girl must apologize. If she ever felt guilty about her doings, she’ll surely do that. I do not regret even a word of mine. Sorry to hurt you too.. but for me what she did will always remain unforgivable for she played with the writer’s as well as the readers’ feelings…

  22. saya

    It is really shocking to read this. I never read her ff’s but i know how much she was appreciated, through various analysis.
    It’s really sad to know that she copied stories.
    @Isabel- First i would like to say that, i agree that everyone has a different perspective and don’t say that she may be wrong. She is definitely wrong. Try thinking from the writer’s perspective. How would you feel if you wrote something and someone blatantly copied your stories and indulged in plagarism? And to top it, she repeated her mistakes. Why on earth would someone repeat their mistake? You might not know this but there are writers who sometimes don’t publish their works fearing plagarism. For me, no reason from her side can justify her acts.
    A writer takes in a lot of effort to write a story and issues like this only demotivates a writer. If you are thinking about anu or whatever her name is, then think about ayesha also.

    • Anonymous


      Exactly. I don’t know why they don’t understand readers’ as well as Ayesha’s feelings. I really feel that prople are being biased towards that girl, considering the fact that the girl is friends with them.

  23. Anonymous

    See Isabel, you may have a huge heart. But my heart is not that warm and compassionate. I normally give people a chance. But one chance is all that they need if they want to change. What about Ayesha? What was her fault? Just because you are a good friend of that girl, you can’t justify every action of hers. You must not be ashamed just because you are her friend. If you are a true friend, you must stand with her. But at the same time you must criticize her. A good friend is not one who supports everything the other does. You cannot become biased. Set yourself free and think in an unbiased way. She must have understood her mistake once she got. If she ever felt guilty, she would have apologized. She didn’t. Do you think that it is right? At least Ayesha and the readers who trusted her deserve an apology from her side. And as I said, I don’t regret any word I wrote. I’m sorry to hurt you too, but I can’t forgive her.

  24. Isabel

    |Registered Member
    I hope you do take time to read this and understand something by your heart and mind, Man makes mistakes, they’ll repeat the same mistakes but beautiful people like Anu Di repent their mistakes by feeling guilt, and terrible and all negatives!! You just discouraged her and I feel bad about it, she’s my friend and friends stand for each other at all times, good and BAD, And that’s exactly what I did.. Please stop killing people, your words and most of the commenter’s words here must have killed her like hell, do not judge others without trying walking their journey on their shoes, you never knew if there was a explainable reason, though she did it several times, I guess you never have experienced living in guilt, pain, and hatred of world, thinking the whole world hates you, making one feel like orphan, suffering loneliness, no supporters.. That hurts like hell, I just really really wish if no one would insult people without knowing those explainable reasons.

    I know I’ve surely been too rude here, and I also know you won’t accept my apology, but still I’m sorry, I really am, I don’t like to hurt people or be rude.

    Keep smiling 🙂 and have a real blessed beautiful life ahead..

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