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Her first ff was-I am yours. I just love this ff. Swara falling for Sanskar without even seeing him. Sanskar marrying Swara for revenge from DP. Sanskar’s hidden pain. Swara,Ragini n Laksh’s plan to change Swara. Swasan moments.Ragsan’s romance. Sanskar falling for Shona. Sanskar knowing that shone is none other than Swara. Raglak’s cute fight over child. This all sealed my heart. Morever I loved the ending when Laksh said-Will you be the mother of my child Ragini??!!!
Her second ff was-A path hate to love. A very emotional ff that I have read till date. The first epi was horrible. It made me tremble in fear. what pain Swara have gone through!!!! Sanskar as a ruthless man. Swara, a simple girl who can do anything for her family. Shanaya supporting Swara. Sanskar and Shanay;s dark past revelation. Swara falling for Sanskar. Sanksar chaninging for Swara. and mostly the end!!!! I loved the tragic end more than the happy ending!!
This girl is blessed with a great writing talent.

I have read her ff MR. Maheswari and I. I started it reading from the chap 10. But then I got back and read all the chapters. woooww. I love it. Mostly I love Sanskar’s character here. Swara, a strong n bold girl. Swara’s love for her sisiter. Mostly. Anjali’s grammar and vocubulay are just perfect. I hope she writes 100 chap of this ff. she is very strong and somewhere I am inspired from her.

The most controversial writer of this page. She was bashed many times. But she never lost her cool. even she prevented her friends from bashing the real basher.
Sanskar.. Zindagi meri! This was her first ff which I read. The tile itself indicates Swara’s love for her husband. it is one of the most beautiful ff of this page.
Samjhota!!! I love both its season and want its third season. The pairs were uncertain but the story was brilliant.
Rishton ke datan- A story about complicated relations!! Earlier I was confused about the pairs but now m sure.

Personally I love this girl. Not just because for her writing skil,because she is always calmed. Some people said her comment digger but I never got the logic why. There were times when she got 3-4 comments but she never stopped writing for comments. I love her because eshe never cared about comments.

A journey from revenge to love. I love Swara in this ff. Her childish behavior and crush on Shanhid kapoor. Sanskar married Swara for revenge. Swara after knowing Sanskar’s truth did not leave him but instead stayed with him intending to change him. Later Sanskar realized his love for Swara. And the end was beautiful.
An incomplete love story. Tough it was short but the end made me cry. Truly awesome.
The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn- This ia a feminist ff on Swara. This is the first f without any pair. This ff is a insipiration for many girls. But sadly here also she got bashed because she wrote about Swara and not Ragini. Like seriously!!! Who the hell does this!! The writer have the full right to write on their own choice.

I am not comparting any wroter woth the other. Each writer have their own speciality. But I just wanst to say that these 4 are my fav. There are many ff which I read and I like a lot of otherffs.

Credit to: Silent Reader

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  1. Thank you sooo much Dear!!!

    100 episodes 😮 😮 😮

    Woahh… .I never expected that… But this is an immense honour!!! 🙂 🙂

    And i agree about every other author here… Though i haven’t read an incomplete love story….

    Plus some of the others that i read : Sree, anu, meher, alahna, sethoo di (sethooty), vini di, bisha…
    Just a few mentioned here… 🙂 🙂

    1. hey anjali when are u going to post next chap I just luv ur ff …. though a silent reader but couldn’t stop myself ….plz post soon and ya I completely agree with u they are actually amazing writers

      1. Sorry Asha!! Am trying to write from that time… But writer’s block!!!

        Soo stuck 🙁 🙁 Will try to post asap

        And am glad you came forward and commented!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Woaahh!! Me calmed!! 😮 :O
    Thank uh very much. You love all my ffs. Thanks.
    And what you said about Saba,Anjali nd Eva is correct. I too love their ffs! But there r many writers whom uh have not included like-Kritika,Sindhuja,Sujata,Duggu,Neha,Vini di,Seethoty n many more!
    Atlast Thanks again for such honor!

  3. I agree with u silent reader.
    But still many ffs r missed by u. :mrgreen:

  4. U did nt add Tujme Rab dikhta hai dea

  5. I read all the writer’s ffs except for Eva’s…but after what u wrote about her..I’m definitely going to try her ffs…

  6. I don’t know about Jyoti’s ff….but yap..i read Anjali,Eva and Saba’s ffs…..they r the best writers for me too….i also like Vini’s ff…Anjali and Eva…both r awesome people…though i don’t know them personally…but their comments reflects their personality….which is amazing..Evu and Anjali…u both inspire me…..Anjali…my favorite ff is Mr Maheshwari and I….and I’m waiting for its next episode….and Eva..your Rishto ke dastan too….

  7. Saba and Vini di’s ffs r incomparable..among these writers…Saba is my fav..but i also love Eva and Anjali’s ffs….whatever u wrote about Eva is true…she has many haters…but she has many supporters…only couple freaks bash her…her ff changed many people’s mindset…like mine…i was a swasan fan..and i used to read swasan ffs only….but now i go for stories…not couples….and Anjali….she is strong girl…she has an awesome personality….love u both….

  8. Wow!! This ws so goddamn perfff…

    Saba di si my fav. But I also love Vini di. And Sindhuja di and the my own sister Anjali <3<3

    And Sree, Sujata have also won my heart with their stories.

    And I haven't read Eva's story yet cause I'm q stubborn Swasan lover but I'm so sure she must be doing great job and i respect her spirit cause people here have been so cruel but she's really strong Salut!

  9. Controversial writer? Perfect name for me…i always end up getting bashed…I have no problem with that…i laugh at every bashing comment..they r so childish lol…someone asking me to die and all that….the bashing comments I receive has no seriousness in it..so its very easy to ignore them and go on….anyways..thank u for this….??

    1. That’s the spirit dear..?

  10. i startd to read all d ff bcz of saba…the 1st ff dat i read ws saba’s i m yours…such an amazng ff..frm dis i strtd to read othr ff…den she strtd othr ff a path of hate to love i m madly lv with dat ff nd her way of writng bt suddenly she disappeared….i m really disappointed hw cn she suddenly disappear bt evryday i check for her ff..bt such an coincidence 3 days ago i read all d chapters of her ff…really it ws just an coincidence i ws searchng for nehas ff in swasan os page nd i got d link of sabas ff….truly saying she is such an amazing writer….
    d nxt writer i lv most is neha…i read all of her ff…true love nevet dies,d hug fat changed me,frm darkness to light she also wrot a os dat too ws awsm…yestrday i saw her anothr ff in tu.. mr.perfect..superb ff ahe said dat she will post allchptrs ystrdy bt she didnt…i m waitng for dat..plz neha plz post mr.perfect, tnld s2, fdtl….plz..i also want to thnk arohi for postng tnld instd of neha..pls arohi pls post tnld s2 asap….in nehas ff i like shona vry much her innocenc childish act cutness evrythng…u knw wt only for readng nehas ff i creat an accnt in fb..so mad me….i m a die hard ff of saba nd neha…dey r fab wrtrs…

    nd i also like aishus anokha bandhan..bt it ws incmplt

    my nxt fav wrtr is angel goldie..i read her ff whn i m searchng for nehas ff…tu mera humsafar such an amazng swasan ff..nd also i lvd her anothr ff beauty nd her beast..i thnk jaf is postng dat ff in tu..guyz plz dnt miss dat ff..nd dnt miss jafs ff hurdless to lv its also a superb ff..d intense lv btw swasan ws amazng… one day she suddenly stp it bt nw again she startd

    i forgt d authr name of d ff tere ishq mein..i thnk nandhana srry if itz wrng…bt day ff ws awsm d bond btw krishna nd sanky ws fantastc nd also swasan naughty childrns…nd also d math prblm 344×4
    i also lv othr beautiful ff include d way u r,mileya mileya.falling for u,do jism ek jaan,u. expectd relation,kabi door kabhi paas,swasan destiny,kuch iss tarah,love is painful nd complicated.,meri aashiqui,a moder tale of love, mr.mahaswari nd i etcc…etc…hats off u guyz for giving such a wndrful storie…nwadayz i really cntrl myself for reducng read d all ff…bcz my mamma always scold me for being sitting infrnt of mobile nd lap to readso i didnt read any new ffs….
    so currently i m readng a beautiful emotion by zaimal nd bushara’s swasn u r mine nd othr include anjali,bhanu,jaf’s ff….nw dese 2 r my fav..i m waitng for dese ffs…nd i also read all swasan os…my os queen is meher…meher lv u dear.

    i didnt read eva ff…. bcz me too d one in d list of eva bashers…i m read only swasan ff..i read on d basis of pair so in d samjotha time i had a hope of swasan nd she also done votting drama…so atlst i m really feel angry for readng a ragini – sanskar ff..so i give my opinion of hatng her nd leave dat ff…dat is d only one ragini sanskar ff whch i readed…dats why i hate dat…bt one day when i was searchng some othr ff i saw so many cmnts in a ff risthon ki dastan when i entet dat page i really felt bad for her…ppls bash her vry badly..really feel bad for her…i also feel sorry for bashng by tellng her dat she is dng dis only for cmmnts in d time of samjotha…really feel sorry…bt evn nw i didnt read her stry bcz i dnt wanna to again bcm a fool…bcz.i am swasan fan ever…bt i cn tell dat she is a gd writr by my experinc of readng samjotha..pls yaar write a ff on swasan..i knw u alrdy wrote bt again write anothr one without any controvrcy

    nw i m madly waitng for alahna’s REA, neha’s mr.perfect…plz yaar plz post ASAP…befor i gng for a study leave plzz…. lv u all d writers…a big big nd swt kiss nd hug frm my side…hahah lol…hats off u guyzzs

    1. such a big comment…so many mistakes….oops srry for da…bt iforgot some othr ff d curse or paheli, limitless of love, etc… bti forgot d name of dis stry in dis ff ragini sanskar nd laksh swara were bro nd sis….here sanskar love swara for takng reveng of laksh…sanky thnk dat laksh ditchd ragini so he want to take reveng frm swara…i thnk dat ff name is smthng like a hate stry…pls anyone remember dat ff…
      nd i also like anu’s all ff nd sree harinis acceptance……

      nd i also like sujathas ff stay away i m nt ur husband…bt i try to leave dat ff…srry dear for dat..bcz once u said dat dat ff is swasan as well as ragini sansakr ff…so i dnt wanna to read furthr…bcz i hate ragni nd sanky as a pair…bt nw i read all ur swasan part..i lvd to read dat…bt i dnt knw wt hppnd if swara gain her memory…actually i attrctd to dat ff bcz of name …nice name deàr…u r an amazng writr….

  11. All r my fav…i read Eva’s rishton ki dashan … Really feel bad for she got such hatred comments.. But she handled them in a cool attitude…

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