swaragini ff: will you forgive me? (Episode 2)


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laksh curse himself for swara’s sitation..

laksh: this all my mistake.. I couldn’t understood my sister.. I’m not a good brother..
he weeps silently..
ragini console him..
ragini: laksh it is not your fault.. nobody notice that shona loves sanskar bhai.. I used to think that shona had a crush for sanskar bhai.. but i never thought that it was such a deep love.. we all failed to understand her..
shomi: I’m the worst mother in this world. my daughter.. my angel she was always a kid for me.. i never find out that she is in love.. she even tried to suicide.. how can she.? she don’t thought about her maa baba once.. if she want to die why shouldn’t she give some poison to us first? how can we live without her..
shomi cried ..
” maaaa”
they hear a weak voice filled with sorrow.. all looked..it was swara.. she was really weak and dull.. her eyes were red due to continues crying.. her face was pale but there was a sort of determination ..
shomi: swara beta why did you came out take rest..
shomi tries to hide her tear.. ragini comes towards swara..
ragini: shona.. come with me.. you have to take rest now..
swara: no ragini di.. I’m alright.. i have to talk something..
shekhar: beta we can talk later.. better you take rest..
swara: no i want to talk now.. first of all i want to ask sorry.. i now one single sorry will not make any sense to my foolishness and mistakes..but please forgive me for my mistakes please maa.. baba, bhai, ragini di.. i’m asking sorry for my immature behaviour..
laksh: doll i will not forgive you for the thing you done.. you try to commit suicide.. how can you doll? without you how can we live? you are our jaan.. you try to do this for a person who don’t care a bit about you.. this is a sin .. i can’t forgive you..
swara: i know bhai.. I’m not a good daughter or sister.. but please bhai.. i will not repeat this.. please..
laksh emotionally hugged her.. all bit relaxed..
swara: maa baba , bhai i understand my mistake and I’m promising you that i will not cry anymore.. i heard what all sanskar said.. i know he will not marry me.. I’m okay with it.. i don’t want a person who can’t understand me.. who can’t respect my love.. i want to move on.. i will study well and i have a good future.. i will not give any pain to my dear ones.. I’m a new swara now..
all were happy..
shekhar and shomi hugged her..laksh and ragini smiled at each other..
swara: but i have to see Mr. sanskar maheswari for once..
laksh: for what swara?
swara: for saying a good bye.. don’t worry bhai.. I’m not that weak lover.. I’m a strong daughter and confident sister now..
shekhar: okay beta.. you can see him only for a gud bye ..
swara: thank you so much baba..

so guys how was it? will swara and sanskar unite by any chance? what will be the fate of raglak? will swara able to move on?
new readers don’t get confused swalak are siblings.. as well as ragsan.. this is a complete swasan raglak ff.. swasan will not unite easily . sanskar doesn’t love swara… please give your valuable comments..one more thing did you want raglak union easily or troubles like swasan? please comment that also

Credit to: Ami

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