Swaragini ff: It was u Part-8


Hlw everyone firstly i m so big wala sorry for late update but i hve some eye infection so my parents didn’t allow me to use my phn nd i try to update one time but this site doesn’t accepted the ff. I hope u forgive me nd also i just hope u didn’t forget me and guys plz comment this chap will be short bcoz still i m not fully recover.and one more think plz do comment plzzzz

so guys today chap start with dadi flashback end and everyone angry helpless nd shocked face everyone just staring at laksh to know what’s going on his mind but before laksh could speak anything they hear some voice from ragini room so they all rush to her room and the scene of room give shocked looked to their face ragini is out of control from doc hands she is just asking for maan when doc try to give her medicine then she throw all nearby things to nurses and doc due too which a nurse got little injured then suddenly laksh come in front of her and say maan is out of country he will come here after two week bcoz he didn’t get any flight due to bad whether condition to listen this she became calm then she ask where is she and who r u before laksh reply anything she suddenly see dadi she didn’t say anything but go nd slap her and say call the police what the hell is she doing here why is she not in jail

she is a murderer she try to killl me but then swara say i know i don’t hve right to talk in between u but u know she loves u alot and she is very guilty for her deed u know when u was on hospital i saw the pain on her eye and u know love is important then anything else and she love u alot to listen this ragini became normal and say leave i m not going to complain the police but i can’t give u a sorry u know if u try to hurt then i will surely accept ur sorry bcoz u hve right on me but u hurt that person who i love most in this world my maan u try to kill him so u plz leave from here until i lost my patience.

Recap:ragini reaction on Sumi nd shekhr relation..

I hve a question for al of u who will u like to see ragini with maan or laksh i just want to know ur pov plz give ur suggestions silent reader too plz give ur view

Credit to: Anshu

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  1. Get well soon,

  2. Megha123

    Get well soon bt raglak plzzzzzz

  3. mridulakrishman

    Pls maan aur ragini ko ek kardho…?????

  4. Akshata

    Ragini truly loves both Maan and laksh in her life. They both are her husband. if we go through the entire life of ragini then maan is really deserve her instead of laksh. becoz he never betrayed her, but i dont mind raglak also.

  5. Raglak plzz

  6. Ragini and Maan please

  7. nice ff
    but itne dino baad or wo bi itna chota sa not fair

  8. missed u a lot dear
    happy to see u bak
    and rags slaping dadi,woah unexpected
    nyc epi
    raglak will b best but make maan’s entry too
    wud luv to luv ur nxt chappy
    take care dear ,get well soon

  9. Nice.ithere are many raglak ff.so ragini & maan plz & get well soon dear

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