Swaragini ff: It was u Part-7


Hlw everyone thnx for commenting in last chapter and also a thnx to silent reader.so guys today chap start with :

Ragini is standing in her room she is little nervous and so much excited. Then she heard a sound on window. She sees maan is try to climb the window but fails so rags give her hand to him and pull him to room. She say wht r u doing here if nanu see u wht will u said to him in a very dramatic way. Then maan say shut up dramebaaz what msz u send me if i m not came here in fifteen mnt u will cancel the mrz now will u plz explain me whats that means. She say shut up Dumbo i need a drink l want to spend some time with my bst friend or mujhe apne bachelorhood ki last drink apne best frnd k sath share krni thi that’s why i snd u that msz .then they both seat and drink a one glass of wine bcoz maan say no for drink.after drink,maan ask so now tell me what happen and plz don’t say lie to me bcoz u cant. So rags say actually i was a little nerves and i want someone who give me courage and i don’t remember anyone then u so i called u . After some time nanu called rags for go on venue.so maan go from there. After some time, both the family reach there after some time they kiss each other and say yes for mrz to father. In that mean time somehow ragini grandparen grandparents get to know about mrz and also that maan is Punjabi sò they sent some goons to stop this mrz but before goon reach there mrz get completed then they informs us then ragini dadu give them order to shoot groom bcoz we know our society will never say yes for this relation they bycot us to think we take this decision nd i don’t think there is anything wrong in it but i don’t know how ragini nanu get to know about our plans so he call us to stop us but he has no idea that the room im which he call us ragini are also present there so she listen all of our conversation and she ran to save maan in that time goon also fire the bullet and ragini come infront of maan so bullet hit ragini instead of maan.so in hurry they go on hospital but in mid a truck hit their car.some other people take them to hospital. And there dr inform us[after knowing the news of shoot they also reach there] her nanu dead at the spot . She lose her memory and maan goes on coma so we take ragini here without informing maan parents.after six mont maan came here at that time ragini trust us alot and we show him her report which show if She get any stress she m ay loss her mentally blnc and due to ragini health he left this country.

Recap: Story in present.

Credit to: Anshu

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  1. Sindhura

    Oh shoot
    Maan loves her alot

  2. Megha123

    Oh no!! It really ended in a drastic way !!!

  3. I lyk it..???nyc dear☺

  4. Akshata

    poor ragini, maan and dont forget laksh too. what will laksh do now?

  5. nice ff
    love rags
    but who is playing maan character

  6. awesummmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    dear pls update asap

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