Swaragini ff: It was u Part-6


Hlw guys thnx for ur comment and support so guys without wasting a single .mnt i start the chapter i hope u like it

episode start with ragini and maan conversation she said maan i want to tell this to nanu he will be so happy bcoz he also like u so from my side there is no one has any problem about it what abut ur family is they like me? Maan said my family loves u more then u know what what my moms say she says i wish i hve a daughter like ragini rather than son like u. I wish god give an exchange to me then i exchange u with rags. And my dad, he called u girlfriend he play tennis every sunday with u he always call me useless and u u r his luck to restart a any new work he always ask ur opinion. So now u tell me do u really think they hve any problem with our relationship.now they both go there home and ask there parents about it and as expected no one hve any pblm about it nxt day maan parents go to rags house and ask rags hand nanu had no problem with it so he say i don’t have any problem with it but ragini grandparents has alsoa right on her so i can’t take this descion alone

i hve to ask them abut it ragini is also present there she refuse to take permission of it to there grandparents nanu try to convince her but she wasn’t ready to listen anyone so at last after lossing all hope her nanu was agree with rags descion and says yes for mrz. both family fix the date of mrz after 2 weeks this..
After two week day of there mrz come :
Everyone are happy specially ragini bcoz it was her dream weading she always want her mrz in church a christen type weeding and maan know it so it was maan who convinced everyone after so much struggle.

RECAP : End of past

gys i know today episode is too short and late but i promise nxt chp will be long and guys plz give ur view about this chapter.

Credit to: Anshu

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  1. Megha123

    Awsm plzz continue

  2. Sindhura

    U left in middle yar

  3. Akshata


  4. awesum yaar maan and rags understanding such cute and maan’s parents seem to b gud
    update nxt asap

  5. love rags
    love ur ff
    but who is playing maan?

  6. Nice…

  7. Superb episode??

  8. Thnx everyone for ur comment and lisa maan character is play by gurmeet chaudhary.And everyone i don’t left in middle may b it take time but i surely complete it.

  9. Nice

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