Swaragini ff: It was u Part-4


Hlw guys i m back with new chapter i hope u like it and u will give ur view about it and thnx to all who commented in last chapter and also the silent reader.
So the episode start with everyone confused come shocked face.but there is a one person who is not only shocked but for whom his whole life are changed ya ur gusses is right its none other than laksh. Everyone want to ask question from dadi but no one has guts.but after so many silence it was laksh who ask dadi to tell everything due to ragini health bcoz doc word are also running his mind.so now due to ragini health and laksh without any choice dadi start to narrate ragini past.now its time to dadi flashback :

Dadi says As u all know ragini is ten month old when her mother janki dead after her death atmosphere of our family completely changed shekr become drunken there is no day happened when ragini’s dada nd shekr have no fight this is the time when sumi get married so they don’t know about this.after 2 year when there is no changed happened in shekhr behaviour so i decided to send ragini to her nanu house she completed her schooling and graduation there.in that time no i m go there to meet her nor she came here to meet us the one thing which we know about is she hate us .those time she was a very carefree very modern,ambitious a very stubborn girl. bcoz her nanu love her alot he see janki in her. He never stop her do anything whether its right or wrong. In clz maan was her best friend they share everything maan all the time they Live together everyone think them a couple But they r not at that time.but when there clz get completed they became apart then they slowly realise how much they love each other.so they decide to tell other their about their feeling so one day they decided to meet each other..

Recap: Maan-ragini proposal..

Guys i know its very short but i m busy today but i promise nxt chapter be long and interesting.
Nd sorry for grammatical mistake

Credit to: Anshu

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  2. Nice……plz make it long one

  3. Nice, make it long

  4. Nyc. Who is acting the roll of maan? Update asap

  5. Anjaly

    nice episode.can u pls provide previous links of ur episode

  6. Nycccccc☺☺????

  7. Ragz_teju

    Interesting make it long

  8. Megha123

    Interesting plz continue

  9. mridula krishnan

    awesome..but too short…

  10. awesum yaar
    wish to see this rags soon

  11. Thnx all i m glad u like it. and maan roll played by none other then gurmeet chaudhry.

  12. Thnx all i m glad u like it. and maan roll played by none other then gurmeet chaudhry.and archi u will see this ragini very soon .

  13. Akshata


  14. love ur ff love rags
    but who is playing maan ?

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