Swaragini ff: It was u Part-3


Hlw everyone i m bck again nd thnx everyone who comment in last chapter and silent reader.

So the story start with continue flashback of laksh:
When doc said she gain her memory. Dadi nd dada of ragini are shocked more then everyone( yes u r thinking right these two person are dada nd dadi ) dadi immediately said its not possible how its possible dada try to stop her but she is not in her sense due to tension(bcoz her past deed) she said how its possible how its possible she complete her medical course how its possible if she remember everything she will not forgot us what ans we give her Question how we face her she will destroy everything no its possible doc plz do something plz doc do something plz.dadi one one word make everyone shock.many question are running in everyone mind like what mistake nd when she lost her memory and specially who is maan what is their relation.dada for stopping dadi take her outside.after so many try he calm her and dadi come into sense.

Inside the hospital : Everyone are shocked But after some time sumi goes to shekher and ask abut dadi word but as usual shekher is quite he has no answer of sumi question(bcoz after death of janki he is lost in his world ) so now they know the ans of their que is only has dadi and dada.after sometime ragini again open her eyes and she ask where is maan. Is he fine . I want to see him she try to stand up but nurses not allow her to stand so she becme violent nd throw all nearby things on nurses and ask for maan after so many struggle when she is not ready to listen anything so without any choice doc give her sleeping injections.hearing so much of noise from ragini room everyone rush to her room and ask doc about her health.doc ask them about maan and say try to contact him and ask him to come here as soon as possible becoz if he not came here may b she lost her mentally blnc. Doc goes from there..now everyone goes outside and ask dadi about maan but dadi refuse to tell anything. But after so much pressure from family she say only one line which not only shocked them but also raise the que of all relationship related with ragini specially laksh and ragini and the line is maan is ragini husband.

Recap: Ragini past

guys i hope u like it and gys plz comment whether positive or negative plz give ur view about it and sorry for grammatical mistake.

Credit to: Anshu

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  1. SPP

    Now what will happen to Raglak
    Waiting for Ragini’s past ……..

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  3. Interesting Dear and plz make it long

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    Waiting for next one

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    Really awsm & interesting plzz continue further

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    dear wat a suspense
    pls if possible update today itself
    sorry for asking too much

  7. amazing ff
    love rags

  8. mridula krishnan

    nice track dear…i am a big fan of maan aka gurmeet ..so thank u so much for including him in this ff …….

  9. Ragz_teju

    Can’t wait for raginis past..

  10. Akshata

    really interesting. Waiting for Ragini’s past

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