Swaragini ff: It was u Part-2


Hlw guys thnx for commenting in last chapter so here the nxt chapter start
Laksh flashback continue:
Laksh and ragini are going for a long drive on bike its a rainy night so both love birds are very happy they discussing about their like dislike(as we know cv doesn’t give to understand each other) their dream their future everything. LAKSH ask her about her dream before marriage her clz life her friend but ragini doesn’t give any answer of any question she lost somewhere.laksh call her name again and again but she doesn’t reply so a naughty idea come in laksh mind he goes close to her in backward direction(bcoz they r on bike nd laksh didn’t take her silence in serious he think she think about her family or mom) nd free his hand from handle as he move backward ragini come into senses and ask the laksh drive seriously but our laksh is full of romantic mood so he doesn’t listen her nd suddenly a truck come from opposite direction nd they collide nd nxt think he remember he is in hospital bed nd everyone from mm nd gdodia family r around him he ask for ragini but everyone r quite so he try to pull from bed but sanskar stop him bcoz he is also weak but suddenly they hear a voice from nxt room(ragini room) so in hurry everyone go there.nurses and doc try to calm her but she doesn’t listen anyone she ask only one question where is maan where is maan. is he find i want to meet him. She became unconscious aging.Everyone r shocked many question r running in their mind. But there r two Person jinke lia shayd unke paron k niche se zmeen nikal gyi ho.just then doc came everyone r rush to him. and ask him abut the reason of weird behaviour of ragini. But the answer of doc make them shock like hell . And answer is she gain her memory.
PRECAP: Maan mystery.
guy’s plz give ur views about it plzzzz

Credit to: Anshu

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  1. AwesomeAwesome episode dear…. ☺

  2. so she lost her memory yrs back interesting yar continue..

  3. Akshata

    gain her memory back? sounds interesting. make it longer.

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  5. Superb episode and plz make it long

  6. nice awesome next part soon

  7. Megha123

    Awsm part loved it & nxt part soon plzzz

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    Ohh dear…its awesome….&&&..??????

  9. awesum dear anshu
    i m so excited to read nxt
    upload asap plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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