swaragini ff (swasn-raglak) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-6


Thank you so much all for liking my story…u know i thought to do something Tufani and now i am here writing a story…i don’t hv any kind of knowledge about writing n all..its just i am expressing my imagination in simple words..and i am glad to receive sach kind of support for you all..thank u for encouraging me..

Divya, anusha, Renu, ammu, naimi, Ani, illena, Ginni, Adi, dafsi, pooja, sindhu rm…L khan, Bhargavi, Kriya, Jwala,Suba,Shan,sweetie pie..

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Recap : Swasan first meeting…raglak cute scene..swasan selection..

Sanky come out in the hall after and run towards raglak..ragini saw him and hug him tightly..

Ragini : Congratulations sanky..i knew you will defiantly get reward of your hard work..i am so happy for you..

Sanky : thank u so much Lado..i am feeling like flying in the sky..i am soooooooooo happy..

Lucky watch ragsan and smile seeing their bonding..both ragsan were having moist eyes..

Lucky : (hug sanky) congratulations dude..you are outstanding dancer..very well done dear

Sanky : Thank u so much lucky..we need to do hug out soon, after all i want to know more about my friend..and..

Ragini : (interrupt) not only him..but also Shona..she is lucky’s best friend and my new friend..

Sanky : (pretend to be unknown) Ohh ohhk..we will…

b4 he could say anything his phone start ringing and he lift the call..His friend Jay was on other side..

Sanky : hello..Jay..(excitedly without listening to him) i did it man..i am selected for next round.

Jay : (become happy but still in sad tone) wow..congratulations sanky..(he make excuse to end the call as he didn’t want to ruin sanky’s happiness) ohhk i call you later..bye..

Sanky notice his upset tone after hearing this awesome news..and he smell something fishi..

Sanky : wait Jay..tell me what’s the matter..y r u sounding so low..

Jay : nothing dude..u enjoy..i will call u latter ok..n don’t forget our party..

Sanky : (angry) Jay..tell me dam it..

Jay : wo actually..Sahil met with a small  accident..he is admitted in the ABC hospital..

Sanky : (Shout) What..??? Ohh god..i am coming there..i am leaving from here now..

Jay : (interrupt) listen sanky, he is out of danger and now unconscious..Dr told that he will wake up after 1 hour..so u took your time and come accordingly..no need to hurry..and don’t worry he is fine..

Sanky : (take a sigh of relief ) thank god he is fine..i will reach there soon..bye..tc (end call)

Ragini : (worried) what happened ?

Sanky told everything to raglak..Sanky was in confusion to go leaving ragini alone there bz her turn was suppose to come after 1 or 1.5 hours…

Ragini : hey Sanky..don’t worry i can manage..you go and meet Sahil.

laksh : (assure him) i and Shona will be with her and drop her home..(teasing tone) and y r u worrying about her,she can manage herself after all she is jahsi ki rani..

Ragini give not-again look and both sanlak laugh seeing her expression and finally sanky agrees with them..

Sanky : (hug lucky) Thanks dude for your help..all the best for your performance..(lucky thanked him)

Sanky : (cup ragini’s face) Lado..i know you are the best dancer..you will defiantly going to clear this round..be confident..give your best..(hug her)..i n my wishes are always with you..

Ragini nodes and thanked him..Sanky left from there..


Sanky come out to the ground and was going towards parking area..he see his Miss.Show off (Shona) sitting on bench..he check the time and went near her.

Shona see him coming towards her..she don’t know y but she was waiting for him to come out soon so that she can meet him..she become very happy..but pretent to be normal..

Sanky : (with attitude) hey Miss show off..have you seen my performance ? (raise his brow) what do you think about it ha ??

Shona: (control her emotions) Ohh hello Mr. Oversmart..ya i saw your dance..but you need not to show me attitude ok..it was ok ok performance..

Sanky : Ohh really..only ok ok ha ?? (teasingly ) Ohh so you are lieor also..

Shona : (fume with anger)  huh..how dare you call me lieor..i never lies..

Sanky start at her without speaking anything..

Shona : (look him staring) what…ok fine..your performance was nice..

Sanky smile victoriously..Shona look in other direction to avoid his gaze..

Sanky : (wink at her) I know..thank you miss attitude..

Shona : its enough now..don’t call be by that name..you Mr. Oversmart..

Sanky : arre wah..u can call me Mr oversmart but i can’t call you miss Show off..that’s not fair..

Shona : (point her finger towards him) everything is fair in love and war..understood ?

Sanky : (hold her hand which was pointed towards him and drag her lil close ) (speck in Low tone) and what is there between us..war or Lo…..

He left his sentence incomplete..Shona look at him..they both hv strong eye-lock..she was getting affected by his touch and closeness..Sanky was also feeling like not to leave her hand ever..both hv started liking eo but unaware about their feelings..Shona compose herself..

Shona : (released her hand from his grip and move lil backword ) (in firm tone) not only war but A WORLD WAR..u get it..Mr Oversmart..

Sanky : (unbelievable expression) y you want to fight with me everytime..(firm tone) ok fine..we will maintain this world war miss show off..

Shona : whatever..

Then he left from there angrily but feeling very much satisfied after talking with her..Shona took sigh of relief…she was also happy inside..


It was raglak’s batch turn..ragini went and changed into white and maroon anarkli as she was going to perform a pure classical act..lucky was mesmerized by seeing her beauty..she look at him staring and blush a lil..soon they were sitting on the chairs in that waiting room..both were very excited..

Its lucky’s turn now..ragini wish him all the best..he smiles and nodes..he went in to audition room and took his position..Shona watch lucky on projector..she was dam confident about his performance..she fold her hands and pray for him..

Marzi sir : ready..?? (lucky nodes) music..

Song : (movie : Bombay)

” Ek Ho Gaye Ham Aur Tum
Tu Ud Gayi Nide Re
Aur Khanaki Paayal Masti Me To
Kagan Khanake Re
Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa,
Heyyy Hammaa, Hammaa, Hammaa…”


All the judges clap for him..they were shouting awesome..mindblowing..etc

Marzi Sir : hey..you are king of locking popping man..to good..

Geeta ma : i loved your dance very much..you blast the stage..
Keep it up..

Remo sir : it was fantastic..your hand movements, your hand stand, your expression everything was just perfect..i wanna perform with you now…

After hearing this lucky start jumping..Remo sir stand up and went on stage..music plays.. Both lucky and Remo sir dance for while..then lucky shake hand with him and took his blessings..

Geeta ma : you are selected beta..come take your certi..

Lucky run towards them hug them and take blessings..he jump taking certi in his hand and come out of audition room..

Everyone clapped for him..he thanked them and went near ragini..

Lucky : (hold her hand) ragini..ragini..i am soooooooooo happy..i got it..i got it..yehhhe..

Ragini : (happy seeing him) congratulations lucky..you are amazing dancer..(teasingly) wese..i hv not thought that Mr. Flirt can dance like this..

(ragini hv seen lucky flirting with the girls who tried to flirt with him when they were waiting in hall..that’s y she call him Mr flirt..)

Lucky : (smiles )Ohh so miss jahsi ki rani also knows to tease other ha..not bad..(hold her hands and in serious tone) ragini all the very best dear for your performance..i know just like Shona Sanky and me you are also going to clear this round..good Luck..

Ragini smile and nodes..she was very happy seeing his concerned and care for her..lucky left from there and ragini waits for her turn.

Lucky come out to the ground and run towards Shona..both hug each other tightly and shouts..we did it..we got the certi..woho..yahoo..they sat on the banch and were waiting for ragini’s turn..lucky told her that ragini’s friend hv to leave from here due to emergency..and they were suppose to drop her at home..Shona nodes..

Lucky : you know what Sanky is very nice guy..both ragini and Sanky’s nature are like us only..i am happy to befriend with them..

(neither lucky nor Shona knew that Sanky’s original name is Sanskar)

Shona : ya..i am also happy to meet ragini..i also wanna meet Sanky as well..

Lucky : ya we are going to meet him soon..he told that he will inform time and place to us..

Shona : good..(thinks about sanskar) hey lucky you know today i met a guy..

She told about all her encounter with sanskar…lucky notice some kind of happiness and excitement in her eyes while she was taking about him. He thought that may be he is my Shona’s price charming..

Lucky : (teasingly ) Ohh wow…i wanna meet your Mr Oversmart soon..after all except me he is the 1st ever person who dare to fight with you and irritate you..

Shona start beating him playfully..they hv fun..Soon both swalak start watching on projecter bz ragini’s no was announced and she went to the stage..she took her position.

Geeta ma : ready..?(ragini nodes) roll sound..

Song : (movie : Bhulbhulaiya)

” Mere dholna…sun..
Mere pyar ki dhun…
Mere dholna…sun…(2)
Meri chahatein toh…fiza mein bahengi…Zinda…rahengi…hoke fanaah…
Tana na na tum…Tana na na tum..
Tana na na tum…Tana na na tum..
Tana dere…Tana dere…dere na….
Mere dholna…sun..
Mere pyar ki dhun…
Mere dholna…a..aaa………”


Geeta ma stand up and went on stage and huge her..Ragini was feeling very happy..she was crying…she take blessing from Geeta ma…music plays again and both she and Geeta ma danced for a while..

Remo sir : what to say dear..i am speechless seeing your dance..it was beautiful..

Marzi sir : i loved your dance..it is the best classical dance of the day..very well done

Geeta ma took her towards judges chairs and GIVE her certi for next round..she take it..she also take blessing from both other judges..and went out side with tears and smile..

There on the ground, while ragini was performing..Shona was watching ragini’s performance with wide smile..

Shona : wow..lucky..she is dance so beautifully..hena..?

She got no response from lucky so she look towards lucky who was lost in watching ragini’s dance with small smile on his lips..Shona shake him a bit but again no response so she thought not to disturb him…she will find out about his feeling later..he come in to his senses when ragini left the stage..

Lucky : (monologue) she is so beautiful yar..(shook his head) lucky beta..what are you doing..how can you start her..that to when Jasoos Shona is sitting next to you..hope she has not noticed me..

Shona pretend that she has not notice him and lucky pretend to be normal and complement ragini casually..

Ragini changed into her skirt and t-shirt and left from there..she come out near Shona and lucky..

Shona : (runs and hug her ) wow..wowwww..ragini..your dance was as beautiful as you are..i wanna learn this dance from you..

Lucky : (do handshake with her) congratulations ragini…your dance was mindblowing..(teasingly just like she hs done with him) wese..i hv not thought that jahsi ki rani will perform so sweetly like this..

He wink at her..they laugh..ragini called Sanky and inform him about her selection..Sanky was very happy with this news and congratulate her..he will call her at night..

Swalakrag exchange their numbers..till now they are knowing only basic things about eo..mostly about their passion for dance..swalak drop ragini to the orphanage..ragini told them that she will inform them about sanky’s hang out plan..they wish eo good night..swalak went to their hotel..

At night Sanky called ragini and they were talking casually…Sanky remember about swara and tell ragini about his all encounters with swara…his tone become excited while talking about swara..it was notice by ragini…both Sanky and ragini talked for sometime and then hung the call..

Ragini :(thinks) interesting..it seems i hv to meet sanky’s miss show off soon…

All swaragsanlak inform their parents about their selections..their parents were very happy for them and blessed them..(except sanky’s dad) they also told about their new friends..all were very happy for their children..

Swasan and raglak has found their better halfs today..but they hv not realized it yet..They were happy due to their selections and also due to their meeting with their sole mates..

Screen split in Swasanraglak smiling faces..

Precap : Swasan come to know about eo..Swasanraglak hang out after selection in form of one day picnic..

The end


Guys sorry for same Precap…i hv written this part in so much hurry to post it by 2night..to make it more interesting i planned to revile their identity in one day picnic..there will be lots of swasan raglak scenes in next part..i hope i hv not made you all disappointed with this part…sorry if i hv bored you..plz plz plz do comments friends…


please note:-

Friends i hv shown all four of their audition dance performances in detail..but now onwards i will not write much about their on stage dance…

The story will be full of their off screen masti…their cute fights…their dance rehearsals..their bonding…their jerny in this show..


Specially and mostly swasan and raglak’s love story…

N ya definitely there will be some small small twist and challenges with related to show..

Do you want any changes ? Plz give your suggestions..i will try to follow them..

Credit to: Namrata

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