Swaragini ff (Swasan-Raglak) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Suggestions Required


Hello friends ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u so much everyone for loving this story….i love u all soooooooo much….ur comments made my day…i m glad you all supported me in my this ff journey…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank u so much for wishing me for my exams…


Thank u so much all of you for giving me your valuable feedback about last part…i m sooooooooo sorry i can’t reply you all individually due to lake of time…but i hv read your all comments…& it means alot to me..Sorry if i hv skipped anyone of you…

i hv also missed few of you in comment box of last part…


Link of Ch-28 :




Today when i got few time i thought to write some scenes of grand finale epi..but its becoming very difficult for me to write it…

bz i m confused in which way would u all like to read it.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


My points are :

1) i hv to write many dance performances as it is grand finale..but there will be few readers who dose not like to read & used to skip dance part in this story…

2) As it is finale so i could not include much comedy & romance in this part.. Even friendship masti will also be lil less…

3) I can try to write some fun which generally happen in finale of every show…but i m not sure that just like in watching on TV, will it be effective in reading or not…

4) It will be long part but covering many dance & songs…

5) I want to include 10 songs… (off course i will not write full songs )

6) there will be 2 group dance, 2 dance with judges, 1-1 dance of swasan raglak on romantic song, 1-1 dance of swasan raglak on rocking song, 2 dance of four of them together….in this way 10 songs..

7) I hv also thought some theme like pole dance, leser dance, rope dance etc…


As i m writing this ff for you all…so i want to write it as per your choice…so plz tell me how will you all want me to write grand finale part…

After considering all my points above…Plz chose any one option from below :


A) u want me to write songs & its dance steps & style just like i hv written till now :

ยป I will write the theme & only few steps according to the song nature just like i hv done till now…from my above point list… 5,6,7 will be applicable…


B) u want me to write only songs & its dance style…not steps :

ยป I will write songs & only dance style name…so from my above point list…5,6 will be applicable…7 will not be applicable…


C) u want me not to write even songs also…just give one performance of swasan & raglak each….nothing else…

ยป Simple i will not include songs just write some descriptions & comments…i will just write 1 song for each couple…& will declare winner…..so from my point list 4,5,6,7 will not be applicable…



One more thing….as i m here asking for your opinion…i wanna ask you 2 names again whom you wanna see as winner from ;

Shona, sanky, Lado, lucky

Off course winner will be one only but still i m asking 2 name just to know your choices…


Friends ;

I can write only half n hour per day…nd i will start writing after reading your opinions…


So plz plz plz friends do comments… And tell me how u want me to write finale part…i m waiting for your comments…

Plz i wanna request silent readers also to plz give your opinions through comments…


Ohh yah i forgot to tell u that…i hv one Surprise for you in grand finale…i hope you will like it….

Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to: Namrata

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  1. A…..shona nd sanky narmata….

  2. Write as always u write..
    I want sankar to win as he wants to prove to his dad


  4. sanky should win

  5. I choose option A.
    The names r Sanky & Lado(I love teja & varun very much).
    Advice : If u r confused on getting different types of comments, choose the majority. Majority always wins.

  6. sanky n swara

  7. It’s ur choice di i like how u write so for me is indifferent and about the winners i prefer SWASAN…and ya take ur own time ha u also have to concentrate on ur exams..best of luck di

    1. And I didn’t take raglak name for the winners coz they can also improve themselves in cricket and singing

  8. Rags and sanky

  9. hey!!!! dii…..
    u r confused so much
    relax wat u write its always means always amazing, awsm……..
    i will choose d 2 option
    otherwise ur wish ……….
    u know better dan me………
    & i really want sanky & shona to win…..

    ya luv u dii………tc….

  10. Rags and sanky

  11. Sanky and ragini

  12. Ragini and sanskar

  13. As ur wish dr I want sanskar and laksh to be win..

  14. I would like opt. A n i think winners
    Sanky n Sawra…..but pls. Dr don’t comprise wid ur study take ur tym n write this ff …as i said befor this tym is vry percious for u..as u r doing CA ( actually mn ek comment m pdha tha ki tum k CA student …) so do well preparation for u r exm dr…..tc…..

  15. I choose option C
    I want sanky or laksh to b a winner…
    pls update sooon
    eagerly waiting
    n all the best for ur exam

  16. I like 6 option 10 dance performance .
    I think u should divide finale episode in 2 parts. In each part u disclose one name that could not be winner. And finally then 2 finalists left.
    i think SANLAK should be finalist. Because ragini wants to be a singer and swara CA. So they won’t be much hurt and become happy that there love of life become finalist.

  17. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Di I choose option b and for winner I choose swara and ragini and di pls update soon luv u di ?

  18. Dear we love the way u write so don’t get confused….write as before only …..we like your as you include songs n dance style n others n I am eager for grand finale surprise n sanky shud win n other name my vote is your choice……so all the very best prepare well for exams?? n don’t take too much stress about what to write n good luck…???

  19. I want either sanky or shona to win.its your wish dear.

  20. make a sanky win plzzz..

  21. Sanskar should win the finalle or Ragini……because they both had a much valid reason to win from my pov but as sanskar’s father forgave him so now u should go for Ragini or laksh
    Nd in dance don’t describe becz I’m also the one who skip dance performances part so no need to describe dance only u can describe the romantic dance of both the couples ????. …….other ur wish

  22. Di make any1 4m Rags& sanky win plzzzzzz

  23. I suggest tht u only write the song nd Dance styles not steps. For the top two I suggest sanky nd I’m confused bw shona nd lucky.

  24. Sanky FTW

  25. Rags and sanky plsss

  26. A nd for winners swasan

  27. option B….
    Plz make Shona winner ๐Ÿ˜‰
    All the best dear for your exams… ๐Ÿ™‚
    missing your ff ๐Ÿ™

  28. B….Shona & Sanky…all the best for your exams…

  29. I will chose option-B, and i want Shona or Lucky as winners, i m commnting for 1st time but i just loved your ff dear,all the best for your exam.

  30. Swalak as winners plz

  31. C..Swasan

  32. i would like swasan becasue lado is a singer and lucky cricket.
    and i woul choose option A

    1. And best of luck for your exams (:

  33. I would say adding pole dance,rope dance would not be the perfect choice. If u wanna add a couple dance you can use aerial dance, or a dance in water would look very romantic…..
    Coming to songs… if u dont choose songs which suit the situation .. it would be hard for readers to get into it……….
    The dance of 4 could be a lasic dance… it would be perfect….
    And u can add 1 swarag dance and 1 sanlak dance too…..
    Like starting of show could be doje on any worshipping song…
    And ending on a good fun song.
    And as swasan and raglak r pairs u can add a swalal and ragsan dance too for jealusy sequence …. or add some jealousy track…..ur choice…
    And want u to write the dance steps with grace…. i am a dance lover. Its my passion. So all this comes from my heart…..
    And i choose option a. As that would add efficiencey in ur work… at last i would like to ask r u a dance lover like me…….

    1. Plz reply namrata .i am waiting since morning..

  34. I would like to go with option A…it really felt good reading the song lines and dance steps….it ease the imagination and gives a perfect picture in mind…it is one of the jwel part of every chapter…..so acc to me u should continue it….and for winners I my vote goes to sanky and shona….as ragini is awsm at singing and lucky have two options…He can make a move towards cricket or he already have his own dance institute….so his future is already secured…As they are already in grand finale their dream of becoming one of the best dancer is completed…and plss dont end this ff after grand finale…its a humble request…
    It was just a suggestion….whatever u will choose will be amazing and will be welcomed whole heartedly…bz there would be some reason behind that too…keep writing….loads of love…. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope ur exams are going gud….best of luck for rest…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. I completely agree with suraksha….like instead of giving 2 group dance and 2 dance of swasanraglak u can add 4 dances in such way:-
    1) a worship dance of all the girls of nach house…(u can lead swaragini)
    2) A grup dance of all contenstants.
    3) A dance of swasanraglak
    4) A group dance of all boys with some tapori or free dance style.
    U can also add a face off between girls and boys giving their signature steps(steps in which they are masters)
    So sis this was my suggestion, rest all depends on u…

  36. Swasan. … I wanna c swsan to win…n write as u lyk… I m fine with alleged of thm

  37. Di …. write it in any way… I’ll enjoy it….
    …. write it in the way u used to write ….. then it will be easy for u….
    But u must choose the way which is less time taking. ……….. and easy fr u … as u have to study for yr exams….. I will like anything u write….

    And u must make shonq and sanky win…. as ragini can show her talent in singing…. and lucky in cricket….. but its yr wish…..
    And di BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS….study hard and score good marks… and I knw u surely will…..
    Keep smiling….
    Love u di

  38. Swasan should win.

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