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Recap : Raglak audition, swasan fight, raglak teasing..friendship bonding


Ch-7 :

Next day after audition,7 o’clock in the morning…

Sanky wake up and smile remembering about swara…then he thought about lucky…and he planned to go for 1 day picnic with Shona and lucky…he called ragini and inform her about his plan..ragini become super duper happy..she told him to reach by his own and she will come with swalak as they might hv not seen the place..they hung the call..

Ragini call Shona and inform her about picnic plan..she become happy and told her that she and lucky will reach her orphanage by 8:30 am..they end the call..

Shona went to lucky’s room and inform him about picnic..then they both get ready in their respective room and left for orphanage..

Shona was wearing Sky cappery and slivless black t-shirt..she left her hair open..she was looking very pretty and cute.. (Shona usually don’t wear girlish cloths like dresses,designer tops,skirts etc..and also not colors like pink,red,purple)

Lucky was wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt..he was looking dam handsome..

Shona and lucky reached orphanage..they meet Ap,rahul,Roshni and other peoples..they were waiting for ragini..

After 5-7 min, ragini come out wearing yellow skirt and pink half slive top..she has also left her hair open..she was looking very sweet and beautiful…

Lucky felt something different looking at her but he is not ready to accept it..swaragini hug eo..raglak smile at eo and greet..ragini has packed food basket and other necessary picnic stuff..then they left for picnic spot in Ap’s car…

There Sanky also gets ready and left from his home..

Sanky was wearing black jeans with blue t-shirt..he was looking extra cute and handsome..

Sanky reached that spot first..its park which is looking like men made jungle along with lake in middle of park..it was beautiful place..there were very less people due to week days..so the atmosphere was very clam and peaceful..

Sanky went inside to reserve their favorite place of park near lake as per decided by ragsan on phone..soon swaraglak also reach the spot..

Shona : (excited) wow..ragini its so beautiful place…hey..i am going inside..i will find that lake side place which you hv told me..you both come after taking all stuff…(she runs from there)

Ragini was shocked as Shona went without offering help to carry all things..she look at lucky..

Lucky : what..? (laugh) She is like this only..whenever i am there she will never offer help..and i also don’t let her to do anything..

Ragini : (nodes and smile) She is so sweet..it seems you both are very close to eo..

Lucky : (smile) ya..she is..hmm..we both are togther from last 16 years..she is everything for me..we both can’t live without eo..

Ragini :(felt very bad) (finally asked him) So..you both are in love with eo..???

Lucky : (look at her & smile) ya..we both love eo so much…

Ragini felt like her world ends..she wanted to die at that moment..but she was interrupt by lucky..

Lucky : (continue further) i love her as my best buddy only..its not that type of love which you are thinking…its like above friendship below love relation..

Ragini : (become very happy) ohhhh i am sorry…i thought..

Lucky : (interrupt ) its ok dear…actually its not your fault each and everyone who see our bonding thought us as couple..we are used to this..its does not matter to me or Shona..

Ragini : (smile broadly after confirming that swalak are not in love) your bonding with her is really very different..i m glad that i got you both as my friends..

Lucky : (smile) we are also very happy to befriend with you and Sanky..

Ragini : (gain courage and ask) lucky..do you love anyone ?

Lucky : (laugh) ha ha ha..ragini are you kidding…love and that to me..???

Ragini : (confuse) what do you mean ?

Lucky 🙁 control his laughter and in serious tone) i don’t believe in this stupid thing call love..i don’t want to be in relationship with anyone..

He went near car to take their stuff..Ragini become upset after hearing this..but compose herself and went to help him..things were lil extra as its full day picnic so she called Sanky to come out and help them to carry stuff..


Meanwhile when raglak were talking Shona find that lake side place which ragini has described.. She found one guy sitting there..she went near him..

Shona : (from behind) excuse me..if you don’t mind me and my friends wanna be at this place..( extra politly) will you shift at some other place please..?

Sanky turn and both become shocked to see eo..they were happy but show against it..

Shona : You..what are you doing here..? are you following me ??

Sanky : (unbelievable) are you crazy..? This is public place..anyone can be here..and btw i hv come here before you come..so logically i should ask that question to you..

Shona : hey..don’t try to be over smart ok…i hv given you the correct name..(make faces) Mr. Oversmart..

Sanky : (irritated) whatever it is miss show off..but one thing is final that i am not going anywhere from here..my friends are coming and we will be at this place only..this place is very big find some other place for you..

Shona : (angry) no ways..my friend told me that she like this place so much and i also like this..(cross her arms) so this is final that we are going to be here..n you need to find some other place..

Sanky : arre…i come here first so we will be here only..you..(he was interrupt by ragini’s call)

Sanky : ha Lado..what you need help..ok i am coming in 5 min..(he cut the call )

Sanky : hey you..miss show off..i am going for 5 min..i will be back soon and i hope you will be gone from here by that time..

He start leaving..Shona shout from behind..

Shona : i am not going anywhere Mr Oversmart..you better don’t come here and find another place.

Sanky : (shout back) we will see after some time..

Shona sit there smilingly..Sanky was also thinking about their latest fight and smile..both swasan were very happy with this unexpected meeting..


Sanky reach near raglak..they carry all stuff and went inside..ragini was going ahead as she was having less things while sanlak were lil far..ragini reach near Shona..Shona smile seeing her coming b4 that Mr Oversmart..

Ragini was arranging things..Shona see something near lake and went there..meanwhile sanlak come there..Sanky become lil sad not seeing swara there but happy also bz now they can hv that place..lucky ask about Shona..ragini told that she has gone near lake and will come soon..they start arranging stuff..

Shona come back..see Sanky from back talking with raglak..She went near them..

Lucky : arre Shona..where hv you gone..?

Sanky turn and both see eo with shock expression..raglak introduce them..

Ragini : hey Sanky she is Shona.. Lucky : and Shona he is Sanky..

Shona : (shout) what..????!!!! Ohh god You are Sanky..

Sanky : (shout back ) what..???!!!!! Omg..You are Shona..

Raglak: (confuse) do you both know eo ??

Shona : lucky..he is the one about whom i hv told you yesterday..

Sanky : lado..she is the one who fought with me yesterday..

Raglak : (shock and shout) What..?!!

Lucky : (to Sanky) So…you are Mr.Overamart

Ragini : (to Shona) and you are Miss show off..

Raglak : (smile at eo) Interesting..we are going to hv lots of fun..after all tom and jerry are with us..(they exchange hi fi and laugh)

Swasan : (angrily ) whatever…

Shona : i hv not fought with him..he was the one fought with me..

Sanky : but she wa the one who hv started fighting with me..

Both swasan start fighting again but raglak make them calm down and forced them to do friendship..

Raglak: (angry) Stop both of you now..finger on your lips..kids are better then both of you…

Ragini : Sanky..you used to avoid fighting with anyone na..then y are you fighting with Shona…Shona is very sweet…now stop fighting with her and befriend with her..

Lucky : Shona..Sanky is very nice person..now be a good girl and stop fighting with him..now common do shake hand with him ?

Swasan : (together)what friendship..that to with him/her..no ways..

they saw raglak angry faces and then look at eo..they make faces and do handshake unwillingly..

Swasan: friends..(spichisly) nice to meet you..

Both were showing as if they are angry but they both were dancing inside knowing that they are friends now..

Raglak smile looking at them..both were very happy.

Ragini : (monologue) Ohh wow..Shona is Sanky’s miss show off..he was very excited yesterday while talking about her..i think he has started liking her..Shona is very nice gril.and both of their thoughts are also same..they will form a perfect pair..wow..

Lucky : (monologue) Ohh tho..Sanky is Mr Oversmart about who Shona was talking with lots of excitement..she must hv started liking him..and Sanky is nice person..i think he will be perfect partner for my Shona..

Shona : (monologue ) ragini is very sweet girl..she is in love with lucky..lucky is also having some feeling for ragini..i think Sanky will help me to get them close..

Sanky : (monologue) ragini is in love with lucky..he is very nice man..so I think Shona will help me to find out about lucky’s feeling..

Swasan were still doing handshake and raglak were lil far from them..All of their thoughts were broken by dogs who were coming towards them barking loudly…

Seeing that Shona shouts and in fear HUG Sanky tightly…there ragini clutched lucky’s hand tightly and close her eyes in fear..before that dogs come near, a security guard come there and take that dogs away from them..

Swasan and raglak were still on same position..lucky saw ragini..her eyes were close in fear..he was feeling like to be there in the same position forever..but he don’t know y he was thinking like that..he pat ragini’s check…

Lucky : ragini..clam down..that dogs have gone now..open your eyes..

Ragini : (open her eyes) Ohh thank god..i got bit afraid by its barking..

Lucky nodes and ragini see herself cluthing on his hand tightly..she release his hand..she was blushing and feeling extremely happy..

There Sanky was feeling thousand volt current by his closeness with Shona..he was very happy…he felt his t-shirt getting wet so he place his hand on her back and caresses her hair..to calm her down..

Sanky : (softly) Shona..its ok…that dogs have gone..relax..

Shona open her eyes and found herself hugging him tightly ..she immediately move backward..feeling shy and embarrassed..Sanky look at her shy face and lost in her beauty and cuteness..

Shona run towards lucky and cry hugging him..lucky take her in his embarrass and start consoling her..

Lucky : (console) Shona its ok dear…they are gone..nothing will happen to you dear..(cup her face) now stop crying..

ragsan were confuse seeing her crying this much..and feeling bad for her state..they look at lucky..

Lucky : (sad tone seeing Shona’s state) actually she is afraid of dogs..she don’t go near to small puppy also..in short she have dog fobia..that’s y seeing that dog coming near us and barking loudly..she got afraid very much..

Shona was still crying..ragini went near her hug her and make her clam down..she give her water..Shona drink it and stop crying…lucky was happy to see ragini’s concern and care for Shona..Sanky don’t know y but he was having small tears in his eyes seeing Shona crying so badly..to lighten the environment..

Sanky : (teasingly ) Ohhoo..my god lucky..i hv not thought that RIVOLVER RANI will cry like this..

Shona look at him angrily and then all four of them broust out laughing..then after sometime lucky ask..

Lucky : (confuse) hey Sanky..how do you know about revolver rani…

Swaragini also ask him that..then Sanky smile and told them everything..

Ragini : Ohh Okk..but i wish you could hv seen Shona at that time only..so that..

Lucky : you both would not hv fought like this..

Swasan look at eo..they were not thinking like that..infact they were happy with their cute fights..bz their first meeting and every fights were very interesting and memorable for them..


They sit on carpet and start talking with eo..ragini told everything about her..her study..her music and dance..Sanky and her meeting and how he help her to chose correct path..etc..swalak were happy for ragini and knowing about Sanky’s kind nature..

Then swalak told them everything about them…how they become friend, some moments of their friendship, their masti..their pranks..their hard work and passion for dance..about their family bonding..Shona’s dream of becoming CS..lucky’s interest in cricket..etc…after listening to them both ragsan understand that swalak love eo very much but just as best buddies..they both were surprised and happy with their friendship bonding…

Then Sanky told them about him…his dedication to dance..his MBA…his mom’s support and his dad’s thinking about dance…etc..he become lil upset thinking about his dad..swalak felt bad for Sanky and thanked god for giving such a supporting parents to them..ragini console him..

Ragini : its ok Sanky..everything will be alright..you just need to prove yourself and uncle will be the most happiest person of this world seeing you achieving your dreams..

Sanky nodes and compose himself..swalak also pray god to give father support to Sanky..

By this time it was 3:30 pm..it was jungle like area so atmosphere was cool and clam..they complete their lunch…then Shona asked..

Shona : Okk guys…(excitedly) now what are we going to do next ????

Raglak : (together) having short nap..

Raglak both look at each other surprisingly..swasan give shock expression..

Swasan : (together) lazy birds…

Now it was swasan look at eo in surprise and raglak look at them with shock..

Then they all start laughing loudly…

Ragini : (to swasan) must say from yesterday i am observing that your boths thoughts and liking are same to same..

Both raglak start laghing and exchange hi fi..and tease them..swasan look at each other..and smile naughtily…

Shona : Jiske ghar shishe k ho..(the one whose house are made of glasses… )

Sanky : (complete her sentense) Wo dusro pe pattthar nahi fekte..(they should not through stons on others..)

They smile and start laughing…raglak stop laughing and feel embarrassed..they start looking here and there..

Shona : yar lucky..ragini..we are here to have fun and you wanna take nap..?

Lucky : what to do Shona..? You know me na..i hv a habit of taking nap in noon after my cricket practice…

Ragini : Shona actually i am also having habit of sleeping in afternoon…

Sanky : ragini you also wanna hv nap now..you both are crazy..

Shona : (make a pout) (childishly) but i wanna go to visit mini zoo of this park…

(Sanky smile seeing her childish act)

Lucky : Ohh my kiddo..its on the other end of this park and far from here..so i will take you there after 1 hour..lets we all hv some sleep..

Sanky : lucky..you are unbelievable..i don’t want to sleep now..

Ragini : so do one thing na..you take Shona to mini zoo…

Swasan : (together) no ways..

But suddenly Sanky think something and agree…b4 Shona could protest, he hold Shona’s hand start walking in the direction of zoo…he gestured her to keep quite and take her from there…raglak looks them going and then look at eo..

Screen split on swasan going towards zoo holding hands and raglak looking at eo..

Precap : Swasan planning to unit raglak..there raglak talk about swasan..Swasanraglak’s dance face off in park..

The end


Sorry if you find it short..i promise next will be longer one…excuse me for grammatical and spelling error..i hope you will like this part..and i hv not made you disappointed…plz do comments whether it is positive or negative..it will encourage me..i wanna silent readers plz do comments..

Credit to: Namrata

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