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Ch-4 link :

Recap : Swasanraglak @ audition center..raglak first meeting..swaraglak convo..

Ch-5 :-

Swaragini were talking with each other..soon lucky join them after attending call..sanky was about to go near them but his friend again asked help from him..so he glance at swaraglak and went with his friend..

Swaraglak were casually talking about theire dance styles, their performance and all..ragini also told them that her best friend sanskar is also there to take part in this show..swalak like ragini’s nature very much..whereas ragini was feeling so much happy after meeting swalak..

Soon they heard announcement of next batch..it was Shona & sanky’s batch so..Sanky come there to meet ragini b4 going for his performance but again unknowingly stand bit far seeing them..

Shona : (excited & jumping) wow..lucky..my turn will be come soon..wohho..(relax lil bit) now i need to go and change into my dance costume..bubye..

Raglak smile at her excitement..there sanky also smile seeing her jumping..

Ragini : all the best Shona..

She hug ragini and lucky and about to leave  when lucky hold her hand..

Lucky : (cup her face ) Shona..i know you are the best..judges are going to give you standing ovation after your performance..(kiss her forehead) all the best dear..(wink) go & rock the stage..

Shona : (smile & hug him tight) ya i will..thank you dear..

Sanky and ragini both watch this and again become confuse about their relation..Shona run from there..lucky smile seeing her running..sanky try to see her face but she has already gone..then he come near raglak..ragini watch him..

Ragini : (hug him) Sanky its your turn..i m sure you are going to steal hearts of all judges..all the best dear

Sanky : thank you so much Lado..i can’t wait now..(excitedly) its first step toward my dreams..

Lucky watch both of them and smile..then ragini introduce lucky and sanky with eo..sanky didn’t tell ragini that he has heard them..

Ragini : lucky..this is my best friend sanky and..sanky he is lucky..my new friend( smile) i will tell whole story after audition…

Sanky : Hii dude..nice to meet you..( they do handshake)

Lucky : same here..ragini has told about you..(hug him) all the very best for your performance..

Sanky nodes and leave from there…Raglak both pray for their best friends..and also for their new friends..they set in front of tv and wait for their performance..

In the room next to audition stage…sanky and Shona were sitting on the chairs which was arranged row vise along with other 40 contestants..and excitedly waiting for their turns..

There on the stage a girl was  performing on hiphop style..it was ok ok performance..

while performance was going on a girl stand up and start arguing with a guy sitting next to her..all watch them but ignore and continue their work..but our extra sweet swasan can’t tolerate their fight and at the same time went near them to short out..

Shona-Sanky : (together) hey..what happened guys..?

Swasan look at each other..they hv extra small eye-lock..both felt some strange feeling looking at each other..but both ignored their feelings and concentrate on the matter..

Girl : he commented that girls can’t dance on hiphop and other western dance seeing her performance (pointing toward tv screen)..

Shona become very angry. She was like how dare he speck something like that..so she thought to give him a good lesson in Her style..but b4 she can speck and do something..sanky hold that guys collar..

Sanky : (angry) hey..you watch out b4 speaking anything about anyone..you can’t speck against girl like that..now a days there is no difference between girl and guy..they are equally capable..and some time better than guys..(bit calm) so next time be carefull..respect everyone..

Everyone present in the room heard him and start clapping for him..except one person  who was fuming with anger and its non other than our Shona..she wanted to teach good lesson to that guy but sanky snatched  her chance..though she was very impressed by his thinking and his respect towards girls..

the guy understand sanky’s words and apologise to that girl..and they both went to their seats..leaving smiling sanky and fuming Shona..sanky look at Shona and smile..he was about to leave from there…(guys sanky has not seen Shona’s face and she has also changed her cloths so he don’t recognize her)

Shona : (angry) how dare you..MR  OVERSMART…how can you do like that..?

Sanky : (shocked) hey..what i hv done ? Y r u angry on me..?

Shona : don’t act smart..i was suppose to give that guy a good lesson in my style but you stole my chance and become hero infornt of all..

Sanky : ohhhh hello..MISS SHOW OFF..(same tone like her) for your kind info..i didn’t do it to become hero..i just told what i feel..

Shona : (angry) how dare you call me miss show off..you…

Sanky : (interrupt) just like you dare to call me Mr. Overamart..and btw you seems pissed off bz i stole your chance to become hero..m i right ?? (wink at her)

Shona : whatever..i will see you later..

They both look at each other angrily..in short they have angry eye-lock..then turn opposite side and went to their respective sits..

generally after fighting with anyone they feel angry but now they both are feeling something different..they don’t know Y but they were HAPPY with this encounter..they both were giving eo cute killer looks..( so our swasan fought with eo like Tom & Jerry on their first meeting )


Soon Shona’s number announced and she calm herself down and went in to audition stage…sanky lucky rag were watching her on tv screen..lucky seems very much confident about her whereas ragsan were watching her excitedly..she took her position on stage..

( Remo D’suza ,Geeta kapur and Marzi sir are three judges )

Remo Sir : ready..?? (Shona nodes) music..

Song : (Movie : ABCD)

” Sanwal rang hai kare mohe dang rajeelo re
Naino se neh barsaaye madrang raseelo re (x2)
Sutti sutti ratiyon ko chhede re
Jagaave hai adheero re
Thaki thaki akhiyon mein
Shaamna sajaave re sajeelo
O jee o…
Man basiyo saanwariyo, jee o
O jee o hai kaiso baawariyo
O jee o…
Man basiyo saanwariyo, jee o
O jee o aiso mero saanwariyo re
Hey.. yeah!…..”


Everyone was watching her performance on Tv screen..all were awstruck with her dance..Sanky stand up from his chair unknowingly bz he has never seen a girl dancing like this..there ragini become very happy after watching shona’s danceing telnet..and lucky was smiling widely and waiting for judges comments..

After giving last pause for few seconds..she walk to the center and bow down infornt of judges..There was a pin drop silence in that room..all the three judges were staring her with serious expression for few seconds and shook their heads making Shona nervous a bit..

But then suddenly three of them stand up and start clapping for her and Marzi sir stood up on table (as he do in his shows) bz he love  her dance very much…

After seeing this Shona take sigh and smile widely..happy tears were rolling down from her check..after all she has work very hard for this…

everyone in hall and room start clapping for her…sanky was very very happy…ragini stand up and Clap smilingly…there Lucky  start jumping and shouting…

Lucky : (shout) you did it Shona…i told you that judges will give u standing ovation..you again prove me right…mumhhha..love you my Shona darling..

Ragini smile seeing lucky jumping and shouting..but after listening to his words she thought may be Shona and lucky are in love..she recall all swalak moments which she has witnessed..she become sad and tears were forming in her eyes bz she really start loving lucky very much…

Lucky was still jumping..he see ragini and hold her hand..

Lucky : (with moist eyes ) Ragini..Shona did it..my Shona proved herself..i am so happy..

In excitement lucky hug ragini..ragini feels his touch and become happy..she has never felt this b4..she was suppose to hug him back but lucky move back from her.

Lucky : (sorry expression ) i am so sorry ragini…i huged you in excitement..sorry..

Ragini : (compose herself) its ok lucky…np

Lucky : (take sigh of relief) thank god…(teasingly) i thought you will change into Jahsi ki RANI mode and beat me..

Ragini : (cute angey expression) lucky…now after listening this i am thinking to fulfil your wish..(raise her hand)

Lucky hold her hands, They both hv small eye-lock and then laugh out loudly..they start listening judges comments..

Marzi sir : (still standing on table) miss. Swara i love your
Performance..you are the awesome dancer..outstanding..

Remo sir : (standing) (pointing towards Shona) now that’s what i call a performance…i hv never seen a girl doing hiphop and cramping in this way…you were just fabulous..

Geeta ma : this performance is the best performance of today..i can see a winner in you..god bless you dear..you are defiantly going in next round..you are selected..

Shona knelt down on her knees, kiss the stage and fold her hands towards judges..she said thank you to judges..she was smiling with tears in her eyes..she went near judges and take their blessings and hug them..and take her certificate for next round, kiss it and left from there..

She come out in the room where sanky was sitting with other contestants…all start clapping for her..she was very very happy..she thanked everyone..then she went near her chair to collect her stuff..

Sanky went there..he don’t know y but he was having sudden urge to hug her and give complement to her..but he do against it..

Sanky : (naughty face) hello Miss. Show off..so you know how to dance ha..not bad..i thought you were belong to that peoples who only can talk & not perform but you do a very good job..

Shona : (angry) Ohh hello Mr OVERSMART…i don’t need to prove myself to anyone and specially not infornt of you..and don’t call me miss show off..

Sanky : (fake shock expression) arre…i was trying to give you complement but you are showing me atitude..that’s not fair..

Shona : (irritating) i don’t need any complement from the person who even don’t know how to give complement..( she starts moving from there)

Sanky : (teasingly ) bye miss show off..hey don’t forget to watch my performance..

Shona : (angry) bye Mr overamart (then with i don’t care expression) i m not interested in watching your dance..

She walkes out from that room, sanky smile seeing at her and run hand on his hair..

Shona come in the hall, run toward lucky and ragini. Seeing her lucky also run towards her..she jump on him and he pick her up and twirral around..then he put her down and kiss her forehead..she hug him tightly…both were having happy tears in their eyes..

Lucky : congratulations Shona..you did it..woho..i m so happy yar.

Shona : thank u lucky..i know you are also going to get this certi and will make your place in everyone’s heart..(proudly) as i know my lucky is the best..(hug him) all the very best for your performance dear..blast the stage..

Lucky : thanks Shona..ya sure..

Ragini was feeling very upset seeing this scene as she don’t know about their relation and also bz everyone present in the hall thought them as couple..

Ragini : (monologue) i hope what m i thinking about them is wrong and they are just best friends only…Ohh god..plz do something..

She wipe her tears, compose herself and went near them..

Ragini : (hug Shona) congratulations Shona..you were mindblowing..you deserv this..

Shona : (hug her back) thank u thank u so much ragini..i am so happy..

Ragini : i am feeling bit nervous after watching your dance..you were too good dear..

Shona : hey..don’t worry ragini..just trust on yourself and give your best..u will get what you want..(hug her) Best of luck dear..

Ragini : (smile and nodes) thanks Shona

Ragini remember sanky’s saying same words to her..to lighten the environment..

Lucky : (dramatically) Ohhmmgg..i can’t believe that jahsi ki rani also become nervous sometimes..

Ragini look at him angryly and then trio laugh..

The one whose performance has been completed can not stay in the hall..so Shona went to ground..and start watching performances on projecter..she was also receiving complements from many peoples..she was very happy..


Soon our hero’s no announced and he went to the stage. RAGLAK watch him and wish him all the best in their minds..whereas Shona was unknowingly waiting for his performance watch him excitedly..he took his position..

Geeta ma : are you ready ?..(he nodes) roll sound..

Song : (movie-fool and final)

” WO Oooooooo Ooo Ooo
Shakira Ve Shakira Ve Shakira Ve Yasho Na Ro Vai…(4 times)
Yeh Dooriyaan Abb Hai Kahaan, Yeh Faasale Na Darmiyaan..(2)
Badla Badla Sa Hai Zamaana, Khamoshiyaan Bhi Hai Gumshuda
Yeh Dooriyaan Abb Hai Kahaan, Yeh Faasale Na Darmiyaan..(2)
Badla Badla Sa Hai Zamaana, Khamoshiyaan Bhi Hai Gumshuda
WO Oooooooo Ooo Ooo ”


As soon as his performance end  Marzi stand up and clapped for him..

Marzi : awesome man..you rocked the stage..fabulous..keep it up..

Remo sir : (stand) this is it..man..you were outstanding..your moves and stunts were so perfect..

Geeta ma : no dought that you are born dancer..you are selected..take your certificate..

he shouts and jump with excitement..knelt down and kiss the stage..he thanked them..then he was about to went near them but Geeta ma stop him.

Geeta : wait..one more thing you are too cute and handsome..

He smile and blush a lil..Marzi and Remo starts pulling legs of Geeta ma..he went near them take blessings and hug..take his certifi and come out with wide smile on his face..

There in the hall everyone clapped for him and praise his dance..lucky was very happy for sanky..ragini was jumping with excitement seeing sanky’s dance and listening judges comments..
She hold lucky’s hand..

Ragini : wow..i am so happy..sanky did it..i knew it that he is going to steal everyone’s hearts..woho..i am feeling beyond the words..love you sanky..

Lucky smile and after seeing her excitement he thinks dose she is in love with sanky ? Then shook his head and say to himself it dose not matter to you..leave it dude..

Shona was awstruck with his performance..she watched his whole performance with open mouth as she has not expected this from him..she smiles unknowingly and thinks……there sanky was collecting his stuff.he remember Shona and thinks…..

Sanky : (thinks) Hey miss show off..did you watch my performance..? Do you like it ?

Shona :(thinks) So..Mr. Oversmart..you actually did a very good job..not bad..

Sanky-Shona : (thinks at the same time and smiles ) we will hv lots of fun in this show…..

Precap : Raglak audition..swasan come to know that he/she is ragini’s friend…Swasanraglak masti after selection..

The end..


Finger crossed…i hope you all will like swasan meeting..sorry for extra lengthy part..Do you like swasan scene ? Their fight ? I hope i hv not disappointed you..

Plz excuse me for spelling and grammatical errors..

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Credit to: Namrata

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