swaragini ff (Swasan-Raglak) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-3


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Recap : Sanskar and ragini intro

Ch-3 :


After having breakfast swalak left for dance class..they reach rehearsal hall..all greet them..they both are like life of their dance class..they always inspire others..they help them..there are few new entire also..who don’t know about them..swalak was doing dance practice along with other students..their sir come and stop them..

Sir : hello students..wait for sometime..today i am going to teach you Salsa dance..so chose your partners..after 1/2 an hour we will start..

All gets happy and started chosing their partners..one new guy come near Shona and ask her with atitude..

Chirag : hey beautiful..i m Chirag..i want to give you a chance to become my partner…(wink at her) don’t worry i am the best dancer i will teach you..

Lucky and all other old students who watch and heard him start laughing loudly at him..as they very well know what was going to come now..

Shona : (with attitude) Ohh really..(dramatically) omg..how lucky i am that i got a chance to dance with u…and moreover u will teach me..

All laugh seeing her drama..Chirag become happy..but then he become confuse after seeing everyone laughing..Shona look at lucky who understand her singnal stand up and play Salsa music…

Lucky come forward and take Shona’s hand..they both start dancing perfectly..they do some awesome lifts..their footwork..their expression..their confidence…their moves were mindblowing…

all were awstruck after watching their incredible performance…everyone start clapping for them..Chirag was watching both of them with open mouth..

Shona : So still you wanna become my partner..(serious tone) 1st thing don’t you dare to show me or any other girl your attitude…you can hv ask the same thing with proper manner…2nd thing i don’t like to dance with any guy other then lucky..so don’t ask me again..

Lucky : still you wanna teach dance that to Shona ha..(raise his brow ) are..where is your so called attitude dude..?(serious tone) next time if you will talk like this to any girl, i will not spare you..(Put his hand on Chirag shoulder) don’t you dare to talk with my Shona like this..do you get it ?

Chirag : (stammer) wo..wo..i..i mean..ha i was just jocking..(escape from there) excuse me..i need to attend one call..

They all laugh and start their dance practice again..


Sanky reach clg and meet his gang..Jay and Sahil are his best friends..today is jay’s bday..

Sanky : (hug him) Many many happy returns of the day dear..

Credit to: Namrata

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