Swaragini ff (Swasan-raglak) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-21


Thks u so much friends…I can’t tell u how much i m happy with your all response..i hv never thought that i will write something & for that i will receive such response…i m happy that you all are able to imagine the scenes that i m writing…i still think i m not writer…but ur all support & encouraging comments made me to write something like this…i love u all so much…


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Note : friends i hv note thought to include D3 team in my ff…i m adding that just bz some of u hv suggested..when i was writing last ch this thought come in to my mind with respect to D3 team..i hope u will like it…


Ch-20 link


Recap : Swasanraglak bonding with parents…their performances….sanky went to swaragini room..


Ch-21 :

In swaragini room :

Shona was studying of her CS final exam sitting on floor leaning against bed & stretching her legs in front..whereas Ragini was arranging her cloths in wardrobe..

Shona was wearing sliveless short tee with pajamas…& Ragini was wearing single strap tee & tracks..both were looking so hot.. πŸ˜‰

Sanky knocked the door…Ragini hurriedly wear shrugs(koti) on her tee & open the door…sanky come inside…

Ragini : (confused) sanky what are you doing here at this time..?

Sanky : (shamlessly) i m here to romance with my princess…

Shona : (blush) don’t u hv shame sanky…btw i m besy right now..so go from here..

Ragini : (teasing) Ohh hoo…not bad sanky…but better luck next time..n i also wanna sleep now..

Ragini was about to push him out but sanky stop her…

Sanky : (tease) aree aree my dear Lado…i m not going anywhere but you are going to my room..

Swaragini : (shocked) what…?!!! No ways..

Sanky : its final..i m gonna be here & u with your lucky boy…now go fast he is waiting for you..

Shona : Di lucky wanna spend time with you..plz go…(cute face)

Ragini : (blush & agree) ok Shona..i m going..

She put her all things in her wardrobe back & left to sanlak room greeting gn to swasan…sanky closed the door from inside..he turned & look at Shona with cute upset face..

Shona : (confused) what..??!!

Sanky : (complaining) u send Lado just bz lucky want to spend time with her…don’t u wanna be with me alone…??

Shona : (smile) Ohh god sanky..u scared me dear..nothing like that..(shyly) infact i m dying to spend time with u my prince…

Sanky become happy & sat near her on floor…he was about to go close to her but..

Shona : (stricly) but sanky i m reading right now.. u hv to wait…so u sleep for sometime..i will wake u up after finishing this…

Sanky : (make puppy face) ok my princess as u wish…but..(he put his head on her lap & sleep on the floor only) i will sleep like this..

Shona blush…she again start reading…sanky was staring her..in between she was crassing his hairs..it was becoming hard for sanky to control..she was still reading with concentration..

He turned his head towards her..he slowly lift her tee lil up..now he was watching her bare belly for 1st time..he looked up at her..she was looking at him shooking her head in no…he smile naughtily..he lean towards her bare belly & plant a long romantic kiss there making her moun his name…

Shona : (moun) Sa…sanky…

She dropped books which was in her hand..sanky put it a side..he pulled her more closer to him..he start kissing her bare belly..Shona was breathing very hard..she hold his hair in her hand…

Shona : (breathing hard) sa..sanky..plz..plz stop…

Sanky stop kissing & pulled down her tee covering her belly…he looked up at her..she opened her eyes & look at him…she saw some guilt in his eye…sanky get up from her lap & sat besides her..

Sanky : (guilty) i m sorry princess…i don’t know what happened to me..i couldn’t control myself..

he looked down avoiding eye contact…Shona cupped his face & made him looked at her..

Shona : (smile) its ok sanky…no need to sorry…(shyly) i totally enjoyed it…

Sanky : (winded his eyes) sachi..!!!
Shona : (blush) muchi..

Sanky : (smile naughtily) Want more..? (raise his brow)

Shona : (blush hard) Sanky plz…

Sanky : (went close to her) plz what princess…?!!

Shona : (smile shyly)I Love u sanky…

Sanky : (smile) I Love too my princess.. πŸ˜‰

Shona blush like red tomato & hug him to avoid his intense gaze..sanky to hug her back..then he stand up & picked her up in his arm & placed her on bed…then he come on top of her..

He start kissing on her checks, eyes, forehead, and nack…Shona was hugging him tightly & crassing her hand on his back & hair…both were lost in their intense moments for sometime…

then he roll down her & ly besides her taking her into his arms..she kissed his both checks & forehead…she put her head on his chest & hug him tight..soon they both peacefully doze off in eo’s worm embrace…


Meanwhile, in sanlak room :

As soon as ragini entered the room & locked it, lucky hold her & pinned her to the wall…he start kissing her forehead, checks, eyes…then he leaned to her lips..but Ragini pushed him a bit…

Lucky : (frustrated) angel u can’t stop me..last time u hv promised that u will not stop me…so how…

Ragini : (put her finger on his lips) (huskily) today i will not let u do anything to me lucky..

She touch his face with her finger..Lucky become nervous seeing her sensual expressions…Ragini start walking towards him..he don’t know y but he become tensed with her this attitude..he forgot that he also want the same & start going backward…Ragini take off her shrug (koti) showing her almost bare solder to him for the first time..

Lucky : (widen his eyes & nervously) angel…?!!..(stammer) Wh..what are you doing…?

Ragini smile naughtily & continue going near him..

Lucky : (sweating) angel..stop right there…

Ragini pushed him on bed & come on top of him..she lookedΒ  his confused,nervous & happy expression…she give her sweetest smile to him..she start planting kisses on his eyes, checks,nose & nack just like he do with her…

Lucky : (moun) Ragini…

She smile & lean to his lips…

Ragini : (huskily) why lucky…u wanted to do the same na that’s y u call me here..then y u want me to stop…?

She blow air on his lips… Lucky was breathing heavily by now..actually he was in shocked to see her taking such bold step…but now its enough teasing for him..he flipped over her..

Lucky : (smirk) you are right angel..i also want the same…

He start kissing on her bare nack & shoulders making Ragini moun his name..

Ragini : (closed eyes) Lucky…!!

then He leaned to her lips..they both start kissing passionately…they broke the kiss planting hevenly..he roll down her & they both ly huging eo tightly…

Lucky : (smile) Ohh my gosh..angel.u were looking so hot..i was shocked by seeing my wild cat..i loved it &..i love u so much…(he kissed her forehead)

Ragini : (blush crimson red) plz don’t tease me lucky…i love u too

Lucky smile & hug her more tightly..soon they both doze off with sweet smile on their face…


One week passed…

RAJ eliminated…now only six contestants were left…kabir,nikhil..Swasanraglak..they were practicing hard as competition has become very tough now…now on their results will decide by public voting…

One [email protected] evening..

Jai come to nach house with some guests…only Swasanraglak were present bz Nikhil has gone to his house & kabir was not feeling well..so he was in his room taking rest.

Jai : so Swasanraglak..there are few guests come here to meet you and wish you…

Shona : (excitedly) wow..who are they..? Just tell me fast…

Jai : (smile) wait swara…i m calling them..(shouts) plz come in..

Kriyansh, swaron & Nekki come in…Swasanraglak knew them..so they become happy & greet all of them…

Jai : as i hv done my job..u guys can enjoy…i m leaving now..bubye..

All : bubye…

Jai left front there…they all sat in the hall…

Ray : swara..i m a huge fan of your dancing…u r a killer dancer..i hv not seen any gril dancing so perfectly like you…(flirt) n one more thing u r soooooooooo pretty & cute..(hug her for sec)

Shona : (smile) thank u so much ray…i m also fan of your dancing & coolness…

Sharon : (hug him) yar sanky…what to say man..its treat to watch u dancing..your expression your moves..ahh..just awesome…

Sanky : (smile) thank u so much..u r also excellent dancer…

Swayam : Ragini your dance is as beautiful as you are..you made all of us got lost in your dance…u r a fabulous dancer…

Ragini : thks Swayam..i like your dancing too..your dance is also just sweet like you…(side hug him)

Kriya : u know what lucky…i loved your attitude while dancing…u just made every step special by your correct attitude…u r outstanding dear…

Lucky : (hug her) thanks for complement Kriya…u r also mindblowing dancer..

None of them felt jealous bz they fully trust their respective partner..They all were talking…kriyansh notice that swasan & raglak are having intense eye locks in between their chats…they signal this to other two couple…they all smile..

Ray : (teasingly) lucky…it seems u r in love with someone…

Kriya : and i think that someone is sitting opposite to you…

Vikki : arre not only he..but i think sanky’s situation is also same…

Swayam : may be girls r also in love..i think….

Sheron : swara & sanky

Neha : Ragini & lucky..

All : r we right…??

Swasan & raglak blush a little & nodes smilingly….

Ray : that’s awesome…you both couples look just perfect with eo..

Neha : (blushingly) ya just like NEHA & her babu…

All smile on her…Swasanraglak share about their love story with them…then they play some games…

Vikki : hey lets do something different…

Neha : i hv an idea…1st girl will dance on a song & then her partner will dance on complementary song…

All : great idea…

Shona : ok then no one will talk in between songs…

Ray : ya..when one couple will finish another couple will start immediately..

Swayam : ok now who will do first..

Sanky : lets start with Ragini & lucky…

All : ok…


Ragini & lucky come to the center..Ragini plays the song & start dancing…

{friends if you will read song than u may enjoy more..so plz read every lines of songs…hope u will like it}

RAGINI: (with smirk)

Chaliya ,Chaliya ,Chaliya
Rooh Chura Loon Mein Hoon
Aise Chaliya
Haath Na Aau Mein Hoon
Aise Chaliya
Oos Leher Hoon
Dhoop Seher Hoon
Baath Meher Hoon
Bach Ke Jayega Kahan
Na Lada Na Lada Tu Aankh Na Lada

LUCKY : (with attitude)

Kudiyan de dil utte rule karange, ehi bazaaran vich phaili hai hawa
Todange Romeo de love da record vi, likhange ishqe da paath nawa
Hum yaaron bigde hain, dil apna hai shareef bada
Make some noise for the desi boyz


SHERON : (taunting)

Ladke o re ladke kahaan se aaya hai re tu
Pyara hai re shaqal se
Akal ka mara hai re tu…(2)

SWAYAM : (reply Sweetly)

Ladki Kyon Na Jane Kyon Ladkon Si Nahin Hoti
Sochti Hai Zyada, Kam Wo Samajhti Hai (2)
Dil Kuch Kahta Hai, Kuchh Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladkon Si Nahin Hoti…(2)


SHONA : ( tempting sanky )

Sone sone patole lakkhan
Sone sone patole lakkhan yeah…
Ae takdiyaan rehndiyaan ankhaan
Ae takdiyaan rehndiyaan ankhaan
Main ki dassaan apni ve
Ae chan karda hai tareefa
Ho mere husn de kone… kone kone di
Ho kone kone di..
Ho Baby doll main sone di..(2)
Yeh duniya, yeh duniya pittal di
Yeh duniya pittal Di..(2)
Ho babydoll main sone di.

SANKY : (teasing Shona)

You know she like the drama
Yeah she is s*xy mama
When she dance everybody go o o O! (x2)
Haan, dekho bholi kitni
Utni par tedhi cheez hai
Baatein kare hai kadwi-kadwi
Phir bhi lazeez hai
Ittar gulaabon wali
Bottle sharabon wali
Total tabahi wala scene hai

Adaayein badi funky
Kare hai nautanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai
Ho badi-badi aankhein hain aansuon ki tanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai


NEHA : (with smile)

Chalein Jaise Hawayein Sanan Sanan, Udein Jaise Parinde Gagan Gagan
Jaayein Titliyan Jaise Chaman Chaman, Yun Hi Ghoomoo Main Bhi Magan Magan
Main Deewaani Dil Ki Rani, Gham Se Anjaani
Kab Darti Hoon, Vo Karti Hoon, Jo Hai Thaani
Chalein Jaise…Gagan Gagan

VIKKI : (with scared expression)

Aali re, saali re
Milgi toh dilwali lekin muh khole toh gaali re, hatt
Aye hatt
Patloon mein junoon hai aye saala hatt
Garm zara yeh khoon hai aye saala hatt
Yeh thodi si kameeni, thodi namkeeni
Thodi si nasheeli, thodi zehreeli hai….


KRIYA : ( i don’t care expression)

Haye hatt re nigode, neem ke pakore
Pichha kyon na chhode, ghume dayein bayein
Tujhko sudharoon, jutti main utaroon
Sar pe de maroon tere dhayein dhayein
Romeo bina permit ho gaya
Tu toh ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya….

RAY : (cool dude style)

Beedi peeke nukkad pe wait tera kiya re
Khali-peeli 18 cup chai bhi toh piya re (x3)
Raja beta banke maine jab sharafat dikhayi
Tune bola β€˜hatt mawaali’ bhaav nahi diya re
ABCD padhli bohot
Thandi aahein bhar li bohot
Acchi baatein kar li bohot
Ab karunga tere saath
Gandi baat…
Gandi-gandi gandi gandi gandi baat..


All guys note that their respective girl is mad on them bz of their answers..they tried to tks with them but they just ignore them..

Vikki : hey guys why they are looking so angry ? (scared face)

Sanky : they are looking us in such a way that they r gonna kill us…(nervous)

Ray : ha yar..but y ? We hv just given answers to them na..(cute face)

Lucky : i think they were expecting something else & we hv done something else..(biting his nails)

Swayam : i think we should hv control ourselves & not provoked them like we hv just done..(sadly)

All : (together) we are gone now…(make faces)

Ray : (smile) idea..lets make them smile in our cool dude style…

All : yah…lets do it…

They all start dancing together around their respective girls…saying sorry to them & pleasing them…


Dekha hai tujhko jabse
Haay main toh hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya (x2)
Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga tujhe
Arey jo bhi main kahun
tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Toh Palat…
Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai
ki tera dhyan kidhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai

They end the song by kneeling down and holding their ears in front of their girls & made their cuteest puppy face ever…

Girls looked at them & went from there making boys sad..they start talking…

Kriya : (smile) we were just pretending to be angry to see what will they do…but

Sharon : but they hv smartly & cutly triedΒ  to get apology from us…

Shona : (smile) ha yar sanky is looking so cute..i m not able to act anymore…

Neha : (sad) i wanna go too my babu…

Ragini : hey one min girls lets give answer in our style…

All : (smile) yeh..

Boys were looking very upset…Shona plays the song…all boys look at them..now girls start dancingΒ  around them…

Girls :

Beimaan, Dil Bada Be-Imaan
Hota Nahi Aasaan Isey Hai Samjhana
Beimaan, Dil Bada Be-Imaan
Tere Liye Shaitan
Meri Naa Ek Maana
Dil Jeete Yaa Main Jeetu
Dekhungi Dekhega Tu
Lo Dil Se Sharat Lag Gaye
Mujhe Tto Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Ghalat Lag Gayi
Mujhe Tto Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Galat Lag Gayi
Mujhe To Teri Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aahh Aah Aa Aa Lat Lag Gayi
Mujhe Toh Teri Aa Aah Aa Aa Yeh
Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah..

Boys start dancing in happiness…all couples hug eo…Swayam went & start the song…

Couples :

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)
Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Swasan, raglak, kriyansh, swaron, Nekki start dancing romanticallyΒ  looking into eo’s eye…all hug tightly at the end of the song…

Ray : Swara, sanky, Ragini,lucky..i must say that you really fulfil our D3 title…

Nekki : ya exactly…

Swayam : Dil – swasan raglak sweet love story…

Sharon : Dosti- all of your bonding with eo

Kriya : Dance- your passion for dance..

Swasanraglak : thank u so much guys πŸ™‚

They all do some more dance & masti..pulling eo legs…they enjoyed a lot…after sometime D3 team left wishing our leads for their love life & dance journey…

Precap : nikhil try to create MU between raglak…dance with old season contestants..swasan first kiss

The end


Its too long part…I m not sure about this ch…i m sorry if i hv disappointed u all with this…i hv written it in so much hurry…u wont beliv i was thinking about appropriate songs while eating & driving also..

what do you think about this part ..? Did u like it…? Please friends do comments..i m waiting for your opinion…positive negative whatever it is…but plz plz plz plz do comments…

Credit to: Namrata

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