Swaragini ff (swasan-raglak) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-15

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Ch-14 link :

Recap : raglak romance & Sanskar jeaulosy


Ch-15 :

Sanky opened Shona’s personal dairy…he turned the page….his eyes widen in shock…he start turning the pages…

In the dairy :

»it was full of a guy pics…almost on each page at least 2 pics were there…

»She has written some romantic lines or Shayaries under his every pics…

»She has written her dreams which she has got in nights about that guy & her…

»She has written each & everything about that guy…

Sanky was getting more & more jeaulose by turning each pages…he clearly understand that Shona loves that guy soooooooooo much..he has not time to read whole dairy so he was just turning the pages…

he come at the page where she has written all her night dreams which she has seen abt that guy…Sanky read one dream and become red due to anger & jeaulosy…as that dream was about her wet dream with that guy..that means romance with that guy…he closed the dairy and put it back in her handbag…

He stood up..his face was full of anger & jealousy…but after few minutes…he become extremely happy & start shouting…jumping & dancing like mad….

At that time someone knocks on the door…he compose himself & opened the door…raglak were staring him with confusion…

Lucky : (confused) Sanky are you ok..!? y were you shouting..?

Ragini : (touch his forehead) Sanky your health is ok na..? n y u hv locked the door…?

Sanky : (happily) nothing Lado…i m perfectly alright…lucky, i was just trying one step so i locked the door & then i did it properly so i shouted…

Lucky : Ohhk dude…you scared us…

Ragini : ya lucky is right..(she remember about Shona’s love) Sanky are u really ok…?? i mean yesterday after knowing about Shona’s love…..??

Lucky : (confused) Shona’s love..? (then he realized that Sanky feels for Shona…n he may be jeaulose due to that)

Ragini : ya Sanky loves Shona very much..(sadly) but Shona is in love with someone else na..?

Lucky : what…wowwww…Sanky you realized that you love Shona…awesome…(hug him) i m so happy for you…(Sanky smiles & thanked)

Ragini : (confused) but yesterday you only told that she is in love with………….

Sanlak : (together) (interrupt) SHAHID KAPOOR

ragini : (shocked) What…..???!!!!!!!

Lucky : (smile) she is in love with SHAHID KAPOOR from when she was 9 year old…she really do sachi muchi vala love to him…

Sanky : (make faces) she is just crazy behind him…she has collected almost his all the photos…(jeaulose face) she has written I LOVE YOU on every page…(angry) She has also seen romantic night dreams with him…

Ragini : (surprised) what Shona is in love with shahid…she is crazy..

Lucky : (shocked) Don’t tell me you hv read her personal dairy Sanky…?

Sanky : (realize his mistake & bit his tongue) wwwoohhh…actually i..

lucky : (understand) now you are gone Sanky…if Shona will come to know that you hv touched her SHAHID’s dairy without he permission…now i m sure she will hate u…& kill u…

Sanky : (scared) ahhhh…noooooooo…plz lucky..Lado don’t tell her that i hv read her dairy…plz plz plz…(cute puppy face)

Lucky : ok dear…but she should not come to know that you hv touched her dairy..ok..?

Ragini : ya we will not tell her abt this..(hug Sanky) i m so happy about you Sanky…

Sanky : thanks lucky..Lado…bas now i need to propose her..i will do it after few days…as now i m sure she will also love me & accept me..

(though lucky know Shona is  already in love with him..he didn’t tell anything to Ragsan abt that)

Raglak : yup..all the best for that…

Sanky nodes & they three started their dance practices…soon Shona also joined them…


Two weeks passed…

2 contestants got eliminated…1st week Sanky become the performance of the week & in 2nd week it was Lucky who won that title…now 10 contestants were there…

In this 2 weeks Raglak were not leaving a single chance to romance with eo..whereas swasan were coming close day by day…now both almost knew that other one is also having the same feelings…they were waiting for perfect opportunity to confess their feelings…

In remaining 6 contestants there was 4 guys & 2 girls..their names were Nikhil,Tanu,Kartik,kavita,Raj & Kabir…

Raj & Kabir were good friend of swaragsanlak…but Nikhil,Tanu,kavita & Kartik were very jealous of our leads…bz they knew if they will be remain in competition..then there no chance for them to win the show..

Moreover Nikhil was having crush on ragini but ragini was not giving any imp to him…there kavita was also hving crash on lucky…but her condition was also same…

They 4 were close friends & were planning something to harm swasnaraglak…but they were not getting successful in that…


1st day of Week 3 : 2:00 pm

Swasan & raglak went to Swaragini room after taking their lunch…their next dance session were going to start after 2 hours..

Shona : (to Sanky) i think someone wants to hv privacy…

Sanky : (understand) ya..so we should leave them alone…

Ragini : (blush) nothing like that..lets all spend some time together..

Lucky : (unwilling) ya lets we all hv fun…

Swasan understand their feeling & laugh looking their expression in mind…

Shona: (smile naughtily)  don’t worry..we are going…

Sanky : (wink at them) you both enjoy…

Swasan left from there…ragini went to close the door..as soon as she close the door lucky pinned her to the door & lean towards her..ragini was shocked at first with his sudden move but then blush & put her hands around his nack…

Lucky lean and kiss her nack romatically…he suck her skin..she moun his name..he was kissing all over her nack..after sometime he picked her up in his arms & lied her on bed…he went on top of her..He kissed near her lips…

Lucky : (huskily) angel…can we..can we hv our first kiss now..? Only and only if you are comfortable…

Ragini was overwhelmed with his gentleness..in spit of many romantic moments between them he still asking permission..

Ragini : (blush) lucky..you need not to ask..(close her eyes) i m all urs..

[BG song : tumhe apna bana ne ka jujun Sar pe hai..ha Sar pe hai………….(hate story 3)]

Lucky become happy & smile at her reply..he leaned to her lips..he gently touched her lips with his own without kissing her…both feel current passing through their bodies..he finally packed her lips..this was new feeling for both of them…he took her lower lip between his lips & start sucking it softly..ragini was not responding till now..after few sec she did the same with his upper lips…soon both of them start kissing each other passionately…

they Brock the kiss due to lack of oxygen..lucky touched her forehead with his..

Lucky : (whispered) I love you angel..

Ragini : i love you too lucky..

they both smile looking at eo..after all it was their 1st kiss..ragini hug him & hide her face in his chest…lucky lied besides her & took her in his embrace..both closed their eyes & smile remembering their kiss…


Same day at night…

after talking dinner all 10 contestants thought to hv some fun…so they gathered at terrace & decided to play Truth & Dare…lucky spins the bottle & it stop in front of karthik…

Tanu : ok now truth or dare
Kartik: (smirk) Dare
Tanu : pick one girl and do close dance with her..
Kartik : (smile) sure y not..

He stand up & went near Shona..

Kartik : Swara can i dance with you plz ?

Shona : (bit uncomfortable) Woh…i m sorry Kartik..i don’t wanna hurt you but i don’t like to dance with anyone except lucky & (she look at Sanky)….

Sanlak saw her uncomfortable face & interrupt in between..

lucky : Hey dude…she will not dance with you as she is not comfortable…

Sanky : yah…so plz don’t mind & dance with Tanu…(he smartly suggest name also ..so that he don’t go for Lado..)

Kartik : (feel insulted but don’t show it) sure..its ok..

Shona give thank you look to sanlak..they assure her..Kartik & Tanu dance…they spins bottle again..its stops at lucky…

Kabir : truth or dare ?
lucky : Truth with dare 😉

Raj : Are you in love with anyone ? if yes then tell her I LoVe you infornt of us ?

lucky : (look at rag) yes…i love you so much…(wink at her) (she smile)

Kabir : (excitedly) Who is she ?? call her n tell her I LoVe you infornt of us…

Lucky : (smile) i hv already told her..

kavita : who is she..?

Sanky : (stop her) hey you can’t ask another question..he has completed his task…

Everyone thought she is Shona as they both are very close..moreover Swaragini were sitting together when lucky speck i love looking in their direction…next it was Ragini’s turn..

Sanky : truth or dare ?
Lado : Dare

Shona : awesome..now sing a hot romantic song for someone special..(wink at her)

ragini smile & look at lucky & start singing…

” Tum Jo aye zindgi me bat ban gayi..ishk mazhab..ishk meri zat ban gayi..spne teri chahto k dekhti hu ab kayi..din hai Sona or chandi rat ban gayi…ho…”

Raglak were looking in eo’s eyes while whole song…Nikhil & kavita got doubt  on them seeing their constant eye-lock…all clapped for ragini…

Lucky : hey lets make it interesting…we will spin bottle..both the person who will be at each end of bottle direction hv to dedicate a song to eo & dance on it…what’s say…?

all : wow..awesome

he spins bottle…bottle is spinning…still spinning…slowly spinning…& finally stoped..its…Shona & Sanky…swasan & raglak both become happy with this…

First Sanky plays the song & start dancing on it around Shona…(movie : Kismat connection)

Tu Hi Ehsason Mein,
Tu Hi Jazbaton Mein,
Tu Hi Lamhaton Mein,
Tu Hi Din Raaton Mein..
Bakhuda Tumhi Ho,
Har Jagah Tumhi Ho,
Haan Mein Dekhua Jahan Jab,


Uss Jagah Tumhi Ho,
Yeh Jahan Tumhi Ho,
Wo Jahan Tumhi Ho,
Iss Zameen Se Falak Ke,
Darmiyaann..Tumhi Ho,
Tum Hi Ho, Beshumaar,
Tum Hi Ho..
Tum Hi Ho, Mujh Mein Haan,
Tum Hi Ho..Tum Hi Ho..


Shona was blushing & feeling out of the world with his confession…raglak were also very happy bz he indirectly proposed her…

Raj : aree wow..Sanky awesome dance dude…

Kartik : (suspiciously) but y this song..?

Ragini : (covers) bz this the 1st song in his play list..that’s the only reason…

Sanky : Ohh ya..(look at Shona) (smile naughtily) nothing much..(Shona blush)

Tanu : whatever…now its swara’s turn…

Sanky & raglak were waiting for her reply…Swara plays the song & start dancing around Sanky…
(movie : Phata poster Nikla Hero)

” Khwaab Hai Tu..
Neend Hoon Main
Donon Milein Raat Bane
Roz Yahi Maangun Duaa
Teri Meri Baat Bane Baat Bane..


Main Rang Sharbaton Ka
Tu Meethe Ghaat Ka Pani..(2)
Mujhe Khud Mein Ghol De To
Mere Yaar Baat Ban Jaani..”


all start clapping for her..Sanky got his answer…raglak were happy with both of their confession..

Raj : wow swara it was amazing….you danced very well..

Swara : thank u…

They all play for some more time..& left for their respective rooms..swasan & raglak were very happy..

Raglak knew that swasan might wanted sometime alone to confess their feelings directly…so lucky took ragini to sanlak room leaving Swasan in Swaragini’s room…

Both were feeling awkward..Sanky took the courage & finally Brock the silence teasing her..

Sanky : (tease her) hey..you Miss. Pinky…y r u blushing this much..is any thing special today..?

Shona was expecting him to propose her properly but here he started teasing her..she become angry…

Shona : (angry) hey you Mr. Mood spoiler…i don’t wanna talk to you..you are teasing me…i thought you will…..

She left her sentence incomplete & started moving from there..Sanky smile seeing her angry expression…he hold her hand and pulled her towards him..she crashed on his chest..she tried to move from there but Sanky hold her tightly & went more close to her making her blush like red tomato..

Sanky : (whispered near her lips) tell me Shona..what you thought me to do…??

Shona : (look into his eyes) (breath hevenly) woh…i though that you will….

Sanky : (confessed) I love your eyes..i love to fight with you…i love to tease you..i love to be teased by you..i love your childishness..i love your innocence…i love your nautiness..i love your pranks..i love your dance..i love your hug..i love your kiss..in short..I LOVE YOU MY PRINCESS..

Shona start crying hearing his confession..she was very happy..she don’t know how to reply him back so she simply huged him tight..

Shona : (crying) I LOVE YOU too my prince…

Sanky also got teary eyes..he smile hearing her reply…they were in the same position for sometime..then Sanky Brock the hug & wipe her tears..cupped her face & kissed her forehead..they both sat on the bed hugging eo..

Shona : (back to her normal mood) Sanky thank you so much..

Sanky : (confused) for what my princess…

Shona : (smile & blush) for expressing your feeling on song of my SHAHID’s movie…

Sanky : (jeaulose) (monologue) Ohh god…again shahid..not shahid..its my shahid…ufff..btw i know u will like it that’s y i hv selected that song…

Shona look at him as he didn’t speak anything & saw his jeaulose  expression..she didn’t understand it..so ask innocently…

Shona : hey .what happened..? Why are u making this face..?

Sanky : aree…nothing princess..lucky told me that you like SHAHID so i select his song…

Shona : ohhkk…but let me clear you my prince..i don’t like him..but..i LOVE him..

Sanky was so much jeaulose now..but he has seen her dairy and know that she loves him so much..He can’t do anything right now..he smartly replied her..

Sanky : i know my princess..you know i also like him..i mean he is a very good dancer so i really like him…

Shona jumped & hugged him tightly after hearing his answer…

Shona : (happy) Ohh wow..Sanky you also like him…i LOVE you..i love you..i love you..i love you soooooooooo much Sanky…

She kissed his both the check one by one…Sanky was shocked with her excitement..he was expecting her to become happy but he was not having idea that he will receive such an amazing hug & kisses…both were hugging tightly..

Sanky : (monologue) aree Wah..thank u bhai shahid…i was thinking you as villan of my love story but now i understand how to use your name for getting such gifts from Shona…for this i hv to say that I also love you shahid…….

He smile on his thoughts…swasan were happy with their confessions & raglak were happy for their best buddies..


Next day..morning 9:30 am

All the contestants were present in the hall…Remo sir had come to meet them…and to give them theme for the week…all were very excited…

Remo sir : hello everyone…good morning…

All : good morning sir…

Remo sir : this week you all are going to hv dance face offs…we will select who will do face off against whom on which style…so are you ready…??

All : (nervous) yes sir…

Remo sir : face of will be like this ;

1) Ragini v/s Kavita : classical dance

2) Laksh v/s Kabir : Lyrical Hiphop

3) Raj v/s Kartik : Bollywood

4 ) swara & sanskar v/s Nikhil & Tanu : couple dance free style

Remo sir : the winners will be safe from elimination & we will eliminate the 2 weak performers from losers…did you all understand everything ?

All : yes sir…

All contestants start practicing for their face offs which was going to be after 4 days…


all were happy..except 3..Kavita, Nikhil & Tanu as thy hv to compete against swaragsanlak…they met at night to plan against them…

Kartik : chill guys…do your practice & you will win against them…

Tanu : (hyper) shut up u idiot..you are telling this bz u r going to face off against Raj…but…

Nikhil : we hv to compete with that 4 idiots who dance really well…we hv to think something..

Kavita : i hv decided something…(smile evilly) miss Ragini…this week will be your last week in this show…

She told her plan to other three…they become happy…

Tanu : (evil smile) that’s grate..i think after this swasan will be also distracted from dance due to ragini’s condition…

They all become happy and share hifi…then they went to their respective rooms…

Precap : Kavita’s plan against ragini…accident…swasanraglak emotional moments..performance day…& elimination…

The end


Actually i hv written this epi in so much hurry…i m besy due to closing of financial year… 🙁

Usually I write chapters whenever i got time in office…in college…in classes & at last at night…

Generally it took 3 hours appx to write one chapter but today i wrote this in just 1 hour only..If it is not best then alright but i hope it is not worst…finger crossed…

Soooooooo friends finally swasan confessed…how was the epi…??? did you like swasan confession & raglak 1st kiss…?? Are you ready for small twist..??

plz plz plz do comments friends…i m waiting for your response…

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    Kuch khaas hai,
    Kuch paas hai,
    Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
    Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,
    Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,
    Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
    Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
    Haan hai shayad,
    Kya yeh bahar hai, kya intezaar hai,
    Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
    Pyaar hai shayad..

    Kuch khaas hai,
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    Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,
    Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
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    Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
    Pyaar hai shayad..

    Kuch saaz hai jaage se jo the soye,
    Alfaaz hai, chup se nashe mein khoye,
    Nazrein hi samjhe yeh guftagu saari,
    Koi arzoo ne hai angdayi li pyaari,
    Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
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    Haan hai shayad,
    Naa inkaar hai, naa iqraar hai,
    Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
    Pyaar hai shayad…

    Kehna hi kya, mera dhakal naa koi,
    Dil ko dikha, dil ki shakal ka koi,
    Dil se thi meri ek shart yeh aisi,
    Lage jeet si mujhko, yeh haar hai kaisi,
    Bukhaar hai, kyu beqraar hai,
    Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
    Pyaar hai shayad,
    Jadoo sawar hai, naa ifteaar hai,
    Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
    Pyaar hai shayad,
    Pyaar hai shayad..

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