Swaragini ff SwaSan – The First Night (Episode 2) Kavita’s truth


Tears rolled down Swara’s cheek, as Sanskar broke the hug.

He saw it and felt hurt. His cudn’t see her like this. He hugged her again. And she felt much relieved seeing his concern. She din realize when her eyes drooped and she fell in deep sleep.

Later sometime in night she felt the band of arms around her tighten. Her mind alerted at that.

She heard a murmur and stayed very still to get it clearly.

“You won’t leave. No…….u won’t……..stay with me ……..don’t….don’t go……come…..come to ……me. I won’t…..live……….without u….. Swaraaa!!” and the hold tightened more on this.

Swara felt her heart in her mouth, it beated rapidly realizing the events of past night, but she relaxed when she heard him say it even in his dreams. God he loved her, loved her like hell. And she felt her heart flopped.

She gently rubbed his arm to make him realize that she was there, she won’t leave.

She turned around now facing him. She felt mesmerized when she saw him in a peacefully silent sleep.

His frowned features settled down and a slight smile appeared on his mouth when Swara hid her face in his chest wrapping her arms around his hard masculine body.

Oh god the peace in her heart, she felt most relieved and more delighted than ever.


Kavita swiftly moves out and now she was on the deadly silent road. She walked in a hurry.
She is seen reaching a police station; she had covered her face with a scarf. She demanded the inspector to give her the permission to meet a lady, without revealing her identity.

The inspector allowed her in for few minutes.

She reached the cell where her mother is seen to be prisoned.

She went near the bars and the lady immediately rose up.

“You! Here! I knew you wud come but not that so early. But what for? Why now? Previously you sent me to this place and now here to win my trust.” said the lady.

“I din break your trust coz I never earned it. You never trusted me. I had told you several times b4 that you don’t need to do anything I can win all myself. I said I cud get the property very soon. But you, you din trust me. Instead you used me, sending all those goons and then telling me that Sanskar is dead, coz of you I had to stay in those dirty damp drains all these 4 years.” cleared Kavita.

“You blackmailed Durga Prasad, using me but you din care where I lived or not. Because of you I had to sacrifice all those luxuries which I dreamed from ever. But you don’t worry anymore, I wud get it all back, I will not let it go away.” said Kavita looking at her with disgust

“I will get what is mine; I will get all of it. I will get Sanskar, his love, his concern, his sympathy, his everything, and then all the property and the luxuries I want.” She completed.

“And yeah, don’t trouble urself with all the thoughts; you won’t be able to get it so easily.” ended Kavita.


Swara gets up coz of the striking sun rays troubling her. She gets up and is about to move out of the bed when she realizes that she is currently wearing Sanskar’s shirt and nothing else.

She remembers again all the night and a slight smile appear on her face.

She shook away the thought soon, and is about to get up and away, as she planned that she would change back into her clothes b4 Sanskar get up and see her in this condition. She moves slightly towards the side of the bed just when she is pulled back. She is most shocked. She finds Sanskar still closing his eyes but his smile say otherwise. She wonders whether just then he woke up or was he acting all the while.

She tries to get out of his hold, flailing her hands but his grip tightens more.

She finally looks up and on his face and asks, “Sanskar are you awake?”

“Hmm” came the answer.

She again asked to confirm something more, “Did you…….. you saw ….something??” she asked waiting for him to reply a no but he din.

He stayed mute for few more minutes, holding her in the same posture all the while.

Swara felt relieved that he din but her peace was not for long, “I saw it, dear. Saw it ALL. Your shocked reaction after finding urself in my cloak, that smile, and yeah that satisfaction revealing expression as well.”

Swara felt her body burn up at that. He opened his eyes and she witnessed a light chuckle.

“Sanskar!! I din smile, Ok?”She said trying to cover it.

“Oh yeah. Of course, I know what u din.” he said with a sarcastic smile on his face.

“And what you din includes that u din return me my shirt. I want it back, need to go down soon. Please dear make it early, I want it now.” Said Sanskar in a very innocent tone.

He saw Swara’s face heating up after listening to that, and his lips quirked up at the corners seeing this.

Swara immediately sat up, covering herself with the blanket holding it close till her neck.

She felt the fear rise in her mind when Sanskar moved his hand slowly towards her.

It went all the way from the part where it covered her feet, then knees and slowly up towards her neck.

Her gaze turned horrified when he slightly uncovered the blanket till the waist.

“I think you shud leave it now and u can wear anything else after getting out of this.” And he moved his hand now holding her shoulder.

“But….B….” she stammered. “You can wear any other shirt, why this one? And if at all u don’t want that then wear something else for now and I will return it in five minutes, just move out for some time.” She hurriedly said when she found his hand almost near the second button, which he was going to unbutton soon.

“I can’t. you just give me my shirt I don’t want anything else.” he said trying to sound as formal as possible.

“But how can I? I can’t change in front of you.” And he raised his left eyebrow at that.

Then he finally said, “Ok, I have an idea, look even I am wearing this dirty T-shirt, and u also don’t want to stay in these clothes anymore, I know, so look, we can undress ourselves at the same time. Then it will be equated, u wud have seen me without clothes and same in ur case. You want that?”

Swara’s face burned more at that and she broke the silence, all affected by his words, “shut up Sanskar stop telling this shit. Just go out and u will get what you want.”

“You will give what I want?” he said and her face burned more. He chuckled heavily at that.

He finally got up seeing her pleading features.

“Don’t u worry, I will surely get it.” He said b4 leaving, over his shoulder. “After all u r ready for it.” He ended, and moved his way out.

She felt twingles in her stomach hearing his last said words.

She got out of bed hurriedly and took her dress and moved straight towards the bathroom.

Credit to: Shona

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