Swaragini ff SwaSan – The First Night (Episode 1)


Hey guys. Hi I am here with a swaragini update.just want to tell my heart out. Hope you guys like this. A small request, please read it with patience, since it is a long one. Well just a one day update.here it goes.

Sanskaar agreed for engagemnt. Every one, all the guests are in Sanskar’s house for the celebrations.
Sanskar is sitting in the middle of the hall. Kavita on his left, is tugging at his arm, since she don’t find him smiling.
Sanskar is continuously looking at the door. DP comes in front of him, and he stands looking at him. DP blesses him, and says, “You shud b happy Sanskar, then why this pain on ur face. I am always with you in every decision of urs but is this one ur own decision, your heart’s?” and he goes away after this.
Meanwhile Swara came with her family. Sanskar failed to see her coming in. Hence he does not yet know that she has come.
Swara came and stood in one of the dimly lit corners of the hall. Her eyes pained seeing Sanskar with Kavita, but she told her inner self not to reveal this in front of Sanskar.
The engagement ceremony started, the rings were exchanged, Kavita smiling all the while, whereas Sanskar had a distraughted expression on his face when Kavita slid the ring on his finger.
Just as they exchanged the rings Kavita hugged Sanskar and from then on kept clinging on his arm.
Sanskar averted his face to hide his emotions and only then he spotted Swara in the farthest corner, unnoticed by anyone.

His eyes pained more to see her smiling, but what relieved him a bit was when his gaze moved to her eyes a second later and he found that she had been crying since long and now was trying to hide it as properly putting this mask on her face to keep him away.
Kavita clapped once and a servant came, he handed her a guitar.

Sanskar was continuously staring Swara, but then Kavita offered him to play the guitar. She asked him to sing the same song which he used to sing for her.
He had taken his eyes off Swara only for a second and the next moment he found her gone, he thought she left and the pain deep in his heart intensified more realising it.
Swara had slid to the darkest corner, since she couldn’t leave without her family or else they all will understand everything.

Sanskar takes the guitar and starts playing it. He sings Tumse Hi. He feels a pair of eyes staring him and his gaze move to the darkest corner and spots her again. They have an eyelock. He keeps singing the song looking staright in her eyes.
Kavita feels very happy and thinks ‘Sanskar is singing this song again for his love. He din forget me, and now I won’t let him. Oh yeah I would make him mine forever now. No more staying away from anything of his.’ But she fails to notice that al of it was same, the love the song, the wantingness, but what changed was that he was not looking at her but yet smiling, since he had his eyes on his love.

Sanskar finishes the song and just then Kavita hugs him, saying she loves him a lot more than anything else in the world.
He looks down to her face but his heart is not relieved by listening to those words. It felt fake to his inner self but he cudn’t ever accuse her of lying over this, not even in his dreams. Yes he wanted to listen to those words again but the soul, the voice shudn’t be the same, but the one that hia grieving heart asks.

He again looks up and find her still gazing at him with the same fake smile plastered on her face, which wud seem very true to all, but he can hear what her heart is trying to hide.
His facial features turn very soft when he acknowledge the large, round single tear swimming in her eyes which fell down on the ground just then, from the corner of her left eye.
He wanted to straight away head towards her and hold her in his arms, he cudn’t bear it, her breaking in pieces, and suffering it all alone, not at all ready to take a helping, soothing hand from anyone.

But Kavita pulled him and he stood with a jerk, and just then the music started, Kavita started swinging in his arms, swaying along the beat, dancing a very seducing one. She finds him continuously looking in a single direction and so turns him around.
Seeing this swara broke into silent tears, her heart ached too much.
She moved few steps back and her feet unconsciously moved towards Sanskar’s room, which was once there’s but not anymore.

She slid in the room, but no one noticed since the whole mansion was dimly lit except the hall and moreover the lights focussed for dance performance explained the corners even darker.
Swara reached the room and she shut it fronm inside.
She locked it and her knees drooped down on the floor. Her feet her body din support her any longer. Just like her aching heart her body twitched more. She cried and cried and cried. She weeped. She wailed. She sniveled.
Now she was in a half laying position, her feet touching the ground and knees folded touching the floor but her hands were half on the bed and her face between them.
She noticed that there wasn’t any noise coming from the hall, which did some time agao. She realized that the ceremony ended. And cried more, getting it very well that she lost him now. He was Kavita’s.

And her face became pale and dull. She was somber now.
Down in the hall, it was almost empty now, all the guests left, even Swara’s family, Swara had sent a sms to her mom stating that she is going away from this place to one of her friends and she need not worry.
She had sent it when Sanskar was singing, actually she had thought the same.
Kavita was she drank some champagne since she was very happy, Sanskar too drank as he wanted to relieve his heart of this pain.

Laksh and Sanskar dropped Kavita to the guest room since she cudn’t move on her own feet.
Sanskar came out of the room after settling her on the bed, and closed the door from outside, and stood there for more than a second and then sighed a heavy one and left for his room.
He turned the knob but cudn’t open it, then he saw the translucent image of someone coming near the door from the other end and the door sprang open.

He was shocked to find Swara inside, And the next words which came out of his mouth were, “what are you doing here?” he tried to sound angry and devastated but after looking at her pained features the voice came a low and caring one.
He looked at her from up to down and found her in the most terrible state, she was shivering, the sobs didn’t leave her for a second, and her eyes were bulged out and blood red.
His heart ached seeing her in this condition.

He gently clenched her bicep and asked “What happened to you?”
And with this Swara not able to control it any longer pushed herself in him, in his arms.
She hugged him tight and cried even more. Sanskar stood there with his arms on the sides. She hugged him even more tightly. She cried all the while and said to him, “Sanskar please Sanskar don’t do this. Please don’t. I love you Sanskar ” and at that his arms immediately answered her hug. He held her in his arms, feeling her pain. “I can’t live without you Sanskar, I can’t. I will die. I love you Sanskar, I always have, but never realized. And then when I did I found Myself in the deep pit from where I can never reach you. Never leave me, please. I.….. I will never do it ever again, I will never lose you again just be with me for once now please Sanskar. Don’t leave me. Please don’t. I will die, I am already half dead, I lost you but I can’t take it, I know I won’t survive, but please stay with me for sometime, few moments Sanskar. Please don’t leave me, please.” She pleaded.

There in the guest room Kavita opened her eyes. She moved her head around to see if someone’s there. She got up from the bed and stood near the door for few minutes, semingly trying to hear the sounds from outside. Then she turned the knob, irst gently then trying hard to hard to open it.
When she couldn’t she slid out of the window and out in the open. She looked around stealthily and moved ahead and got out of the house now.

Here in Sanskar’s room, Swara was still in his arms, and the sobs din leave her yet.
Sanskar held her the same way a few more moments, but soon Swara realized what all happened and how she confessed it to hinm. She felt angry, that she cudn’t hold her emotions to herself. She broke the hug and abruptly looked around avoiding his eyes. She turned around and started moving out as fast as she could but Sanskar caught her wrist.and she was forced to stop, she din turn but her eyes started watering again.
Sanskar tugged at her hand and then turned her around suddenly, her face hit his hard yet gentle chest.
He made her look in his eyes, lifting her face up with his index finger. He looked straight in her eyes and his penetrating gaze made Swara feel very uncomfortable and more hurting since she knew that if she stayed like that even for seconds more then she will lose it, again.

Sanskar moved his face towards her and whispered in her ears, “You shudn’t have left me. ” and Swara
Immediately looked at him. “I died every moment bit by bit.” And her heart flung listening these words.
But she soon realized that she din come here for this. This is making him weak, and her too.
She again tried to move out but Sanskar held her tightly enough “don’t dare do it again, or else not only you but everyone will lose me”. Her eyes teared, and Sanskar bent low, he kissed her pale cheek, taking in the salty liquid.
He touched her face, all gently, and then broke into a very tight hug. Her body ached due to the force of it but she didn’t want it to end. It somehow soothed her heart. She wanted to immerse more in it.

Sanskar kissed her forhead. Then her eyelids, first left and then the right one.
He kissed her cheeks. Then he kissed her at the corners of her lips.
He finally kissed her on the lips, very gently. It came like a drug to him. He couldn’t leave those. He wanted to suck it more. He finally ended the liplock.
He detached from her, and Swara stood there hell shocked that all this happened in such a less time.
But yet she din want it to end it was soothing all his actions, and his words even more gentle and delicate on her.
He again held her catching her right bicep and his right hand on her waist.
“u shudn’t have Swara. But you will pay for it. You need to surrender. I will anyway make you. You can’t leave, neither me nor my heart, ever.” And he again kissed her gently on the lips. And gleaming flowers tickled in Swara’s stomach when he did that.
He turned her around and landed both of his arms criss-crossed around her waist, and her stomach flenched at that. She took a sharp breathe in when he kissed her on her shoulder.
She felt the dupatta slowly slided down by him and he threw it on the bed.
Tickles began in her stomach and her feet turned rubbery, but before she drooped down he held her firmly.
He undid the lace at the back and slid the zipper half way down.Swara’s body heated up at this.
Her removed the thick hairs from her back and kissed her on the bare back.
Soon began a trail of wet kisses on her back. Her skin heated more and she felt as she would with another touch.
Sanskar turned her around and cupped her face, and said, “I want you Swara always, I can’t leave you, nor will I let you leave me again.” Swara felt most delighted listening to those words.
And she hid her face in his chest. Sanskar took her up in his arms like a baby, and she held him more tightly.
He laid her on the bed. And came close, he slid the thick locks behind her ears and moved his face more towards her face. Swara couldn’t take it, she was loosing her control, she turned around and as she did the zipper slid down more now exposing her whole back, down till her waist. She felt shy and immediately sat up to cover it by attaching her back to the bed wall. But it didn’t help since when she did, her sleeve drooped down and exposed her left shoulder till just above her bicep.

Sanskar moved forward and came on the bed now. He drawled near her on his knees, and she felt the fear emerge again, her chest heaved up and down, when he moved dangerously closer.
Sanskar reached next to her and held her face in between his arms, he moved his face closer to hers and they had an eyelock, Sanskar touched his nose with hers and rubbed it against her a few times.
His lips again fell on hers and gently kissed her. She moaned and his lips quirked up in the corners hearing it.
He kissed her hard now and with the effect of it she din realize that he had slid her hand down and her shoulder was again exposed.
He bent down and kissed her all over the neck, the shoulder, the ear, and she immersed herself more in it.
Slowly he slid the other sleeve down as well, and as he did it Swara’s hand went straight in front of her chest crossed over it to escape his eyes.
But that din help, Sanskar gently opened her fists and undid her crossed hands.
Her dress slid down her waist, the knees and then on the floor.
He undid his own clothes and lay beside her holding her in his arms.
He turned a little holding her in position still, such that now his back plastered to the bed and Swara on him.

He slid her down which resulted in her chest being rubbed on his hard front and she moaned with the effect of it.
And then he hit it hard but gently, her delicate curves taking it in, she groaned more.
Finally his seed in her dame. She kissed him gently and his body and actions turned soft on hers now.

Finally they were two hearts one soul.
He got her, possessed all, her body mind and soul.


Hey guys want this to be true, their union, but the writers of the serial won’t delight us with it, surely they want to continue their shit extending it so much.
Plzzzzzzzzzz guys cmmnt if u like.

Credit to: Shona

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