swaragini ff : sureeli ankhiyon waale (Intro)


This is a story about a blind girl and a charming business tycoon of kolkata
The paths cross, destined meeting happens they fall in love and decided to marry .

The girl has insecurity as she has no eyes ,no vision but they finally marry and have a blissful life the girl sees the world through eyes of the boy they are happy

The boy decided to get the girl treated. He met the world’s best ophthalmologist and sold all his wealth mortgage his posessions for his most prized possession

He donated his pair and left her because he didnot want her to bear a burden of blind man

She lost her eyes inspite of getting her sight back. She tried to find him but in vain
She spent ten years in finding her sureeli ankhiyan as he used to call her when she got depressed on feeling that she is blind

One day she sees a blind man who sings the. Same song she feels sympathy for him and comes close to him she decides to get him treated
His sureeli ankhiyan and hers meet they both hug each other at this happy reunion
Do u want me to continue and unfold the story

I will not write if I don’t get appreciated

Tell me about the pairs as well

Feel free to express ur views

Credit to: vaidehi

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  1. Ragsan plzzz

  2. Ragini and sanskaar

  3. swasan plzzz it was awsm and plZzz swasan

  4. ragsan please
    and the story seems to be interesting

  5. Ragsan pls. Nice storyline

  6. Cutiie

    Plz make.swasan plz

  7. We want swasan

  8. I love swasan bt u r wish

  9. Swalak plzz

  10. Ragsan please

  11. Plz swasan…

  12. Divyanshri

    I will surely read ur ff… ur storyline is so beautiful yaar…… please continue….. I dnt have any Prblm with pairs….. ?

  13. Amazing and emotional make any pair but the boy who sacrificed everything for his love can be sanskar only so about ragla. And swasan make it ***san only

  14. Ull get confused wid swara and ragini coz people love each other and hence bash each other’s fans so my suggestions to make the girl’s name as swaragini and boys name as sanskar only please

  15. Ur wish otherwise just a suggests

  16. Akshata


  17. Swasan plz

  18. Swasan pls..

  19. Swasan

  20. nyc..swasan

  21. swasan

  22. swasan or raglak

  23. It is such a lovely plot. I m fan of Ragini personally so l can cope up with both raglak and ragsan. ?

  24. Cutiie


  25. Cutiie


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