swaragini ff : sureeli ankhiyon waale chapter 1


Confused regarding the pairs because swaras fans bash raginis and even of the fictitious character they play ,fights are quite real we bash an individual for traits of a person that does not exist how far is this justified

We cannot enjoy a thing when we associate ourselves to its existence
Same is with life if we think too much about inevitable death we can’t live and if we are much associated with life we can’t die

Sorry read bhagvat gita hence philosophy

On the pair confusion they are Mr and Mrs maheshwari now imagine the one u like

I loved the comments of kitty divyanshri and cutiee thanks to all for active participation the much we are active that much we are valued

Back to work

And the warmth on my face again a sign of morning I could never see the beauty of day and night but Mr maheshwari told me that a day is filled of warmth and light but I understand tthat to make people wake up from the darkness of evil negativity one has to burn himself and I snuggled more closer into him to hide my face from the warmth
He smiled and caressed my hair and spoke an inaudible I love you
He is none other than my Mr maheshwari
People say he is beautiful but unfortunately I can’t see him but I know he is beautiful and courageous from heart after all it requires courage to love a blind woman
I woke up and told him to leave me but he held me more tightly pecked on my forehead and huskily said in my ears never my darling

I remember last night when he told me stories as I was unable to sleep inspite of the hectic schedule of Mr tycoon maheshwari
And a knock on the door by sujata ma who did not love me but was bearing me only because of her son I couldn’t see the hatred but we can feel. We blinds have sixth sense

Sanskar woke up with a jolt meanwhile I freshened up

Sujata ma told me umpteenth times that sanskar deserve more but a girl like me who is always stumbling here and there but now I stopped I used to get influenced earlier and even annapurna ma despised me

I talked about my insecurity wid sanskar but he told me how much he loved me and how he can’t live without me

Hence I always ignored taunts of others

I was In thoughts when I stumbled on the stairs and next I remember I was in some pool of machines peeping hard and I could feel tear on my palm I recognise those tears the tears of my beloved
How I wanted to hug him tightly but the machines the pipes and the pain was restricting me

Pre cap : flashback of first meet and sujata mas further attempt on getting rid oof Mrs maheshwari

Thanks everyone for overwhelming response

Credit to: vaidehi

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  1. Divyanshri

    Awsome episode ……please write a bit long if u can…….. n u did an awesome work…… by not giving name….. now we can imagine Swasan Raglak swalak n ragsan whom we want????

  2. It was lovely. U seem 2 philosophical ?

  3. u really did a nice job by reffering them as Mr nd Mrs maheshwari.swasan fan nd raglak fan fight will be avoided.they simply fight over charcters. sm misess gud story becoz of obssetion with characters.inspite of charcters I always looks for nice story thread happy to find a author like u here.all d best for ur cmng epi great job dr.

  4. Vaidehi

    Great job well done
    Inspiring author sahiba keep motivation up
    Love u vaidehi what u do darling how old are you

  5. yashasvi ( yashu )

    hey superb and really impressed by ur intelligence, u did a grt bod by not giving the names,, now anyone can imagine any pair, raglak, swasan, ragsan or swalak, n is epi was also so fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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