swaragini ff sur a musical ride together (episode 7)

After class, they all were in canteen, Sanskar and Swara were fighting with each other on silly topics and cracking jokes on each other. Lakshya and Ragini were laughing on their Antiques.
Lakshya and Ragini were involved in their conversation but at the point when they have to talk to each other they stop talking.

“Ragini, you are new in Mumbai. Did you visit any places in Mumbai or not?”, sanskar asked to ragini.

“Actually I don’t know anybody in Mumbai,mom goes to school for teaching so we didn’t get enough time to visit any place”, ragini says slowly.

“Are you kidding me?, you haven’t seen anything in Mumbai and we are sitting in this boring canteen with all these bimbos and stupid guys. We are going to beach now,Lakshya you can accompany us.”, swara says with a louder and fast tone.

“What about me ? It was my question that gave you an idea and you are not asking me to come.”, sanskar says with an angry expression.

“You are a chewing gum stuck with us whenever we go you will follow us,even if we asked you or not.”, swara says while making faces.

“I don’t want to go with you,I am going to entertain my friend ragini otherwise she will get bored with a Dumbo like you and this angry young man”, sanskar says pointing towards swara and lakshya.

“I can’t come swara, mom will be worried if we’ll get late.”,ragini says in a tensed tone to swara.

“You don’t worry about aunty ,i’ll talk to her.We are going to beach and that’s final.”,swara tells in a strict tone.

“You are saying right things for the first time in life”,sanskar says to swara.

Swara makes a face and ask lakshya,”lucky ,are you okay with the plan?”

“If you have made a plan how can I Deny”,lakshya  says to swara with a smirk on face.

Swara blushes a little and hit lakshya playfully.

Lakshya looks at ragini to see her reaction on their conversation but ragini seemed to be unaffected.

“Lucky, How can you flirt with this billi yar,what happened to your taste?”,sanskar says to lakshya.

Swara hits sanskar and they all came out of college .

“We’ll go in my car”,swara says in a ordering tone ..

“Why do you behave like boss, we’ll not go in your car , we’ll take our car,right lakshya?”,sankar says to swara and ask lakshya.

“Yeah sanskar is right , let’s go in my car”,lakshya says..

“I am not going then”,swara says angrily.

“Okay baba don’t get angry let’s go in your car”,lakshya says

Swara gets happy and takes the driving seat.

Lakshya sits in seat beside swara and ragsan sit on back seats.

Sanskar sit inside and act to pray to God for his safety.

“Hey bhagwan, please don’t make this the last ride of my life.”,sanskar says it with animated expressions ,ragini see him and laughs ,sanskar gets happy to see her laugh and start cracking more jokes. lakshya see ragini through mirror ,ragini noticed that and she stopped Laughing.

After half an hour of continuous fighting session of swasan they reached beach..

They all four walk in sand and reached near waves ,sanskar and swara were walking ahead and enjoying and laughing alot.

Raglak were standing together a little behind .

Ragini was lost in the beauty of sea and sky , she always wanted to visit beach that’s why she didn’t resist much when swara asked her.


15 years old ragini and lakshya were watching movie jane tu ya jane na  together.

Ragini:Lakshya I want to visit beaches in mumbai , it’s so beautiful .

Lakshya:I promise you ragini ,I’ll be with you when you will visit the beach first time.


Lakshya : Because that would be an unforgettable moment for you and if I’ll be with you , you’ll remember me every time when  you’ll think about  that day.

Ragini:you are so filmy lakshya.But if that’ll happen we’ll enjoy a lot that day .

Lakshya: let’s see I know this will surely happen.


Ragini looks at lakshya and say,”sometimes we see little dreams and they come true unexpectedly without letting us know”

Lakshya says,”when we see a dream we never think that we’ll not feel happy when our dream come true.”

Ragini gets sad ,she was looking at lakshya’s eyes  ,he has stored all pain in his eyes.She felt bad although it was not her fault,it was a misunderstanding that she don’t want to clear.Because even after that lakshya would be at defeating side.

Sanskar and swara were playing with each other like kids .

“Swara remember how we used to  bunk school and come to beach”, sanskar says while splashing water on swara.

“Yeah,remember that slap by teacher on your face ,you were crying so much,everybody was enjoying the scene.”,swara teased him.

” Because you hided and everybody thought that you lost because of me”,sanskar says angrily.

Swara laughs aloud ,sanskar too laughs but suddenly swara got serious.

“If I haven’t proposed you ,we would have best friends till now”,swara says sadly.

Sanskar holds her shoulder and say,” we are still friends ,we are still fighting like before ,we still spend time with each other in classes,we are still in a band together and….

Swara says “and…”

“You are still as short as before”,sanskar says and run because swara was chasing him …

They came near raglak and drag them ..

They start playing together waves were coming .sanskar holds ragini and swara’s hand and swara holds lakshya’s and sanskar’s hand and they all start chasing the waves .

Sanskar and ragini build castle by sand ,sanskar was mesmerised by ragini ,she looked so divine in wet hairs and laughing beautifully.

Lakshya and swara were enjoying too, lakshya forget about ragini while he was with swara ,they were running and splashing water on each other.

At the last all of them ate golgappe and barf ka gola at nearby stall.

They came back home after a relaxing day , making memories for the life time….

Attraction is like waves of water ,
it comes and go with time but
true love is like sky,
it’s always with you
even if you recognize it or not.

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    Amazing lines about attraction and love

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    NYC episode…..

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    Who are the couples
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    Amazingggg siso

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    Awesome but plz reveal the pair…Because I can’t bear rag………..San they r purely Bhai behen Jodi 4 me…
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  12. Superb, loved it

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    amazing and it ragsan and swalak right xx

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