swaragini ff sur a musical ride together (episode 6)

At sharp 9 am ragini enter the practice room .It was all empty ,nobody has came till now. Ragini pick her sitar and play melodious music ,she was totally engrossed in music after sometime she opens her eyes and find a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring her with a dreamy expression.

“Sanskar ,I didn’t notice you when you came ?”,ragini asked sanskar bringing him out of his dream world.

Sanskar gets embarrassed a little and says ,”I came just now ,you are really good ragini”.

Ragini smiles a little and thanks him by gesture.

just then they heard laughter of swara and lucky who were entering the auditorium.

“Lucky ,why are you so late?we came together ,where have you been?”,sanskar asked .

” Sanky ,I met swara at college gate ,we were talking about arjun Sir’s class,we get so engrossed that we forgot to come here.Swara is really a wonderful company.”,lucky speaks while giving high five to swara and looks at ragini to see that if she is getting effected or not but ragini doesn’t seem to pay any attention ,she was busy in reading notes for their song.

“Lucky ,stop talking to this idiot now , let’s practice for fusion”,swara says smirking to sanskar.

Lucky laughs and sanskar gives him an angry look.

Swara picks up the guitar ,sanskar plays drum,lakshya plays tabla and ragini plays sitar.

They were about to start practice but in meantime miss. Neha comes there and stops them.

“I have given you enough time for practice ,you have to perform now and I’ll decide that you are in or out.”,neha says in a harsh tone.

All get shocked because they haven’t prepared anything together.

“Mam.actually we were preparing for arjun Sir’s class so we didn’t get time to prepare for it together”,swara says in a calm tone .

“Mam give us sometime we’ll prepare it after sir’s class and perform tomorrow”,lakshya requested.

“Do you think I am nobody ,I am your teacher and my work is equally important as any other teacher,if you can’t perform now,don’t expect me to give you an entry in fusion.”,neha shouts..

Meanwhile arjun enters the auditorium.

“Why are you torturing these new students”,arjun asked neha.

“It’s none of your business”,neha says in an angry tone to arjun.

All four of them were really confused that what to do because the two teachers of them were fighting like kids in front of them.

At last arjun stopped and turns to them.

“You guys have practiced for my task ,it will help you perform right now and prove yourself ,now it’s matter of my self respect.”,arjun says to them.

“Okay guys start it now”,neha shouts.

They all were blank ,they wasted their all time in fighting they haven’t even discussed the song so they decide to mix what they have practiced individually.

Ragini starts to play her sitar ,the song which she used to play as a kid in temple ,the tune was new for everybody else except lakshya. he picks the right tune and starts playing tabla.Swara thinks something and runs her fingers over guitar in perfect time matching the tune.Sanskar was giving the perfect beats with his drum meanwhile.Ragini signs them and they all stopped, she starts singing a classical song slowly followed by sanskar’s voice and then lakshya and swara joins them by a duo song ,at last all four of them sing in chorus and finish the performance.

Arjun and Neha was shocked ,they never expected something this great would come out by them.
They start clapping.

swasanraglak didn’t believe themselves that they all can do this .They just sang in flow and music came out with so ease.

“I don’t have words to say ,if without practicing you can do that you all will be rocking after practice”,arjun says by praising them.

“Don’t over praise them,they are good and selected but they have to work really hard”,neha says and leave silently .

All four of them realize that they are selected so they shouts in happiness and do group hug,but soon raglak realize the closeness and move apart.

“We are good han,so from now we are “fusion”,swara shouts in happiness.

“It means you and sanskar won’t fight now”,lakshya ask in teasing tone.

“No,i can’t sing without fighting with this billi but you have to stop bullying ragini for no reason”,sanskar asked in low but strong tone.

Swara looks at lakshya and signs that she agreed to sanskar.
Lakshya and ragini looks at each other.Lakshya looks at sanskar and nods.

“Ragini the tune you played was very unique I haven’t heard it ever”,sanskar says to ragini.

“Yeah ,I was thinking the same ,I was afraid that how will I catch it but lakshya you do it perfectly ,it felt like you both have a lots of practice of singing and playing classical together ,it fits perfectly.”,swara asked lakshya in a curious tone.

“Everything that fits together ,not remains together forever .”,lakshya says while giving an intense look to ragini.

“What do you mean?”,swara and sanskar asked in unison.

“Actually guys It’s just a coincidence ,I have heard that song before.”,lakshya says to them.

“Leave all that, let’s do party”,sanskar exclaimed and drag all of them to canteen.

Sometimes we met people who compliment us in everything but misunderstanding is a weapon which can break many strong bonds if they are not made by trust.

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