swaragini ff sur a musical ride together (episode 5)


Ragini was crying in that empty classroom suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder,she looked up and found Sansakar looking worriedly at her.

“What happened to you ragini ? Why are you crying ?” Sanskar asked worriedly.

Ragini wipes her tears and says ,”nothing Sanskar i was just feeling low so needed some time alone but i am fine now”.

Sanskar wipes her tears and made her stand.Sanskar holds Ragini’s shoulders and say ,”If you want to share anything you can share it with me “.

Ragini says no to sansakar .

” It’s okay Ragini tell me when you get comfortable but now stop this rona dhona and let’s go we have to prepare a song it’s rehearsal period so we can only practice now ,tomorrow morning we have to prepare for “fusion” with Lakshya and that Jungli billi.”

Ragini raised her eyebrows listening to that.

” okay ,I will not call Swara Jungli billi ,Let’s go”, sanskar holds her hand and drags her to rehearsal room.

Swara was searching for Sanskar to confront him ,she was loking everywhere while walking suddenly she bumps into someone and in the next moment she was falling on the floor ,she closed her eyes in fear but somebody holds her she looked up it was lakshya staring at her.She was about to say thank you to him but a loud noise catches her attention. Lakshya and Swara looks towards the source of voice .

A lady was lying on the floor shouting very loudly,”aaaa mar dala is pagal ladki ne menu ,hayo rabba kaise andhe log hai is college me ladkiyan kisi se bhi takra kar unki bahon me gir jati hai aur ladkon ko mere jaisi khoobsoorat girl dikhayi nhi deti”.(oh my god this stupid girl has killed me today. All the people are blind here.Girls can’t see and bumps into anybody then enjoys in his arms and boys are so blind that they don’t see a beautiful girl like me.)

Lakshya and Swara realized their position and stands apart

Lakshya and Swara realized their position and stands apart.

Lakshya slowly whispers in Swara’s ears ,” She is our opera teacher Parmindar kour, she is sister of Principal.Don’t try to act smart in front of her ,she really enjoyed to expel girls out of college”.Swara gets nervous and Lakshya goes towards Parmindar.He holds her hand and makes her stand up .

” Pam mam , I was going to hold you but mistakenly this girl came into my arms “,Lakshya says

Pam gives angry glare to swara but looks lovingly at Lakshya and says ,” Don’t worry you can hold me now in your arms and get close to her “.

Lakshya get scares and move backwards and say,” Pam mam, actually we have to go for preparation of Arjun sir’s class”.

Pam goes in dreamy mood and says ,”oh ya Arjun ,you guys go i am going to meet Arjun.”

Pam runs from there to staff room.

Lakshya and Swara looks at each other and say together ,” Arjun sir to gaye”. (arjun sir has gone)and laugh out loudly and runs from there.

Lakshya and Swara laughs alot and then looks at each other.

“Swara let’s go for a coffee “,Lakhshya says to swara.

“But lakshya we have to practice for arjun Sir’s class “,swara says.

“Caffe is just beside the college don’t worry we will come soon”,lakshya says and takes her with him.

Sanskar was holding ragini’s hand and dragging her with him outside the college.

“Sanskar rehearsal room is inside the college not on the road ,where are we going ??”,asked ragini while running with Sanskar.

” I am not running away with you to marry you don’t worry”,Sanskar says .

Ragini’s mouth get wide open.

“Close your mouth otherwise extra air will fill inside it and you will become fat “, Sanskar says.

Ragini closes her mouth and laughs .

They both stop at the ice cream stall outside the college.

Ragini looks at Sanskar confusedly .

“I was craving to eat icecream”, Sanskar says

“Are you a pregnant woman to have cravings all of sudden”,ragini says slowly making a face.

“Hey you don’t try to make jokes you are a cry baby and I am the person with good sense of humor”,Sanskar says proudly.
Ragini gives him a look while Sanskar orders icecream.

Ragini and Sanskar gets icecream and Sanskar starts eating his icecream very fast . Ragini smiles seeing him eat like that and about to take a bite but suddenly Sanskar push her hand and all the icecream applied on her face . Sanskar runs and ragini chase him .They both were running like crazy on road there was a big hole with mud in it , sanskar didn’t notice that and falls in it.
Ragini comes to him and see him.Sanskar was sitting in the hole covered with mud .Ragini starts laughing whole heartily.Sanskar has always seen her silent and sad but she was looking so pretty while laughing.He was just staring at him after sometime Ragini gives him her hand and help him stand .Sanskar pouts cutely watching her laugh,seeing him like that Ragini laughs more holding her hand .

Lakshya and Swara was coming back from caffe they get stopped seeing Ragini and Sanskar on the road and Ragini laughing so much .
Swara gets happy and go to them .
“Sanskar finally you get into the perfect place for you”,swara says laughingly and joins Ragini.
Suddenly Ragini noticed pair of eyes who were watching her angrily.She stops laughing and leaves sanskar’s hand . Lakshya was unable to bear ragini laughing with someone else.
He comes to them and says to Sanskar,”Sanky,you got a wrong partner. this silly girl would make you feel embarrassed tomorrow.You should have choosen partner of your level not like her”.
After saying this lakshya drags swara with him.

Inside the college gate swara jerks lakshya’s hand and asks him

“why you always behave so rudely with her ,she is a reserved person doesn’t speak so much ,Today i have seen her laughing first time and you spoiled her happiness”,

“Swara please ,i don’t want to talk about it.Sanskar is like my brother and i want best for him.let’s practice and leave this topic here”,laksya says and go to the rehearsal room.
Swara gets suspicious about lakshya and ragini and decides to find about it.

Ragini was really upset due to lakshya’s behavior Sanskar sees that and says in her ears,” ragini please hide me behind you ,if college girls would see me like this ,i will die single”.Ragini giggles listening that and they both come to garden. Sanskar asks her to wait there meanwhile he goes to change his clothes .In the college garden there was many practice areas (circular area made by marble ,four pillars and half spherical roof ).Ragini sees a violin there.Ragini picks up the violin and try to hold it ,she somehow manage to hold it properly and try to play it .But she was unable to play it. Sanskar comes and see her struggling with violin,he comes from behind and help him hold the violin.Sanskar holds ragini’s hand and play the violin ,a beautiful melody comes out and sanskar stares at ragini ,ragini was also looking at sanskar ,they both were feeling attracted to each other but suddenly ragini remembers something and comes back in senses.Ragini jerks sanskar and keep the violin down.
“Sanskar i think we should practice now ,we will not get time tomorrow”,ragini says in calm tone.

Sanskar nods and they both start preparing together.

Here lakshya reach in practice room and start playing guitar to calm down his anger and forget about ragini.He closed his eyes and start to play but sanskar and ragini’s laughing face came in front of her eyes.Suddenly he listen the contrasting melody of what he was playing. He starts to run his finger fast ,the other player also increse the speed of beats .Lakshya opens his eyes and saw swara playing .Lakshya and Swara continue their battel through guitar .Suddenly string of lakshya’s guitar got break and his finger Start bleeding.Swara comes near him and ties her hanky on his hand and blows concernly .
Lakshya just keep staring at her .Swara notice his gaze and stares back .After some seconds swara comes in sense and says stammerly to lakshya,” that’s why i said don’t compete with a rockstar like me ,now stop all these and practice for tomorrow”.lakshya laughs and agrees to her and they both starts their practice.

After sometimes they four reach to their respective homes,lay on bed and think about the tomorrow with hopeful eyes .

Sometimes we get confused with attraction and love and frankly nobody knows the difference untill they experienced it themselves.So let’s see where the life is taking these four in this musical ride together.

plz comment and vote if you like the parts .And please don’t judge the story on the basis of pair selection.The story has many parts to unfold.

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