swaragini ff sur a musical ride together (episode 4)


part 4 some old and new equations

They all four discuss about instruments suddenly ring Bell ,now they have to go for their vocal training class.

In the class sanlak sit together and swaragini sit on bench beside them.

All the students were very excited because they have heard that the teacher is very cool.They were waiting for him..
They heard voice of saxophone and somebody enters in the class playing it…
A man looking dashing wearing blazer come in front and play saxophone ……

A man looking dashing wearing blazer come in front and play saxophone

The music was so good that all the students lost in melody..
He stops playing and introduce himself.
“Hello guys ,i am your vocal trainer arjun malhotra,no need to call me sir i am your friend call me arjun.”

Everyone gets happy by listening his words .

“Firstly i will choose a partner for you”,arjun says..
Everybody get shocked and open their mouth..

“Don’t worry i am not asking you all marry to each other i will just check that with whom your voice is most suitable and then you have to prepare a song with your partner”,arjun says .

Arjun asks everybody to come one by one in front and sing vocals from low to high notes .
Then arjun calls swara and lakshya together and ask them to sing together .

Lakshya and swara sing together ,their voice was perfectly complementing to each other.
Arjun declares them as partners.lakshya was happy that atleast ragini is not his partner but soon he got angry with the thought that she would be partner to someone else.
Arjun calls ragini and sanskar together ,they both sing together ,their voice combination was marvellous.

while singing sankar losts in ragini’s eyes and feels an unknown happiness to be her partner..

Swara was happy too ,she finds that lakshya is best with her because sanskar irks her..

Ragini just wanted to stay away from lakshya so she was happy.
Lakshya was angry seeing ragsan together but he had a plan in his mind to distract himself from ragini.

All the students sit with their partners and start discussing the songs they would perform.

Sanskar : ragini ,don’t you think that you are the way too much silent girl.

Ragini :sorry but I could only talk much to people with whom i am comfortable enough .

Sanskar : ohk ,then from now i am your friend.Plz talk to me now otherwise my ears would stop working if they will not hear anything for a long time..

Ragini laughs a little and say : ok ,i am your friend from now .
Sanskar shakes hand with ragini ..
Lakshya was watching this he burns in anger and think to do something to divert his mind .

Lakshya : swara ,we are partners now and we should know each other completely to increase our chemistry.

Swara : yeah ,so what can we do for that.

Lakshya :would you like to go out with me for a coffee??

Swara hesitate a little first but then speak: ohk but don’t expect too much date type things from me ,i am just doing it for our performance..

Lakshya smiles and nods..

After the class ragini and Swara go to canteen together ,they were sitting together just then Sanskar comes and sit opposite to ragini.Swara fumes in anger seeing him.

Swara shouts angrily,” who ask you to sit with us go sit somewhere else.”

Sanskar replies,”I have not any interest in sitting with you ,I am here for my new friend ragini but unfortunately you stuck with her all the time.”

Swara was about to say something but ragini stops her by signalling .

Ragini calmly asks them both,” why do you guys fight all the time it looks like there is an old animosity between you.”

“You got it right my friend ,swara do you want me to tell her our story”,Sanskar asked swara teasingly and wink at him.

“Don’t you dare otherwise I will make you expell from the college too”,swara shouts angrily.

“What do you mean by too ,have you make him expell from somewhere else before?”ragini asked curiously..

“Yeah ragini you know what he was the worst boy of the school ,he was stealing the papers from principal office. i catch him and made him expell out the school “, swara says proudly and make a face looking at Sanskar .
Sanskar looks angrily at swara.
“You both were in same school”, ragini get confused.

“Yes ragini we were in the same class from nursery and when we were in 10 th, the best student Swara proposed me the worst boy of school in front of the whole class.”Sanskar mockingly taunt swara.

Ragini’s face opened wide in shock she looks at swara.

Swara stammers embarrasly but says,”so what I was a kid back then and despite of being my best friend that time what you did ,you insult me infront of all”.

Sanskar looks down but at the next moment stares angrily at swara and says ,” you were not less,you knew that I was not stealing paper for myself ,I was helping a friend but you made me expell out of the school”.

“It was happened for good bro, you get admission in my school and we become the brothers.you should thanks swara ,even I should thank her.” Lakshya says coming from behind and sits on the chair between swara and Sanskar opposite ragini.

Ragini feel uncomfortable seeing him there .

“Sanky, childhood relationships and friends doesn’t worth at all, all the people change .When they grow up they don’t even care about their past .I think you both should forget your childhood relationship and become friends now .We are in a band together”,lakshya says while looking at ragini.

Ragini excuse herself and go from there.

Lakshya stands up too and go.

“I think lucky is right we should forget that all”,sanky tells swara.

“Okay ,but only for ‘fusion’.I am not interested in your friendship remember that”,swara says.

“Okay but I can’t forget that you are a jungli Billi”,Sanskar says and run swara chase him…

Ragini was upset with lakshya’s words so she goes towards library to divert her mind suddenly she felt one hand on her waist and one on her mouth someone drag her to the empty store room and pin her to the wall……

Ragini close her eyes in fear she was sweating badly ..she felt somebody rubbing nose to her nose.she opened her eyes with the familiar feeling. She saw lakshya infront of her rubbing his nose to her like he used to do before .
Ragini starting to smile gently but lakshya stops and goes backward angrily.

“How dare you to come into my life again?”,lakshya shouts.

Ragini try to speak something but lakshya put a hand on her mouth.

“What do you think ,you will come in my life again and will make me dependent on you all over again and then leave me after using me and my money”,lakshya taunts ragini.

Ragini jerks lakshya’s hand and says sttamerly ,”I didn’t left you for money lakshya I was a child.you don’t know the complete truth so please don’t put false accusations on me “.

“First sentence you tell me after years and that was a lie too.I hate you so much ragini , don’t you dare come close to me .We are just together because of the band otherwise I would have not even see your face.So be in your limits”,lakshya says angrily.
Lakshya leaves from there and ragini sits down crying vigorously.

So guys ,we see how they four are connected .Some facts are revealed but many mysteries are yet unsolved.let’s see how they untangled all the threads in this musical ride together…

Thank-you so much all for comments and votes .

neha sharma and arjun malhotra will be played by rati pandey and arjun bijlani .Guys don’t worry about about the pairs ,this story is more about the friendship and journey of these four characters in the SUR.

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