swaragini ff sur a musical ride together (episode 3)


Swara’s red sports car enter the college campus,she was wearing a floral knee length dress and black shades.Guys were drooling on her and girls were super jealous. Swara removed her shades and start looking for ragini.She was constantly looking at the gate waiting for ragini,suddenly to her shock two bikers start howling their bikes around her,Swara get tensed and afraid but in next second she removed her sandle and point towards one biker they both stop their bike and removed their helmet.
They were none another than lakshya and Sanskar. They both get down from bike and start giggling,Swara was still holding her sandle in shock.
Lakshya holds his ears and says,”sorry Swara ye Sanskar ka idea tha.”

Swara wears back her sandal and runs after Sanskar.
Sanskar was running and gets collapsed with a girl,the girl fell on the ground and Sanskar was on the top of her. They both try to stand up but sand made them slip again and again.
Swara runs to them and help them to stand up..
Swara asks ragini if she is OK ,she nodded yes..
Sanskar was embarrassed..
“You Idiot, you made my friend fall and bothered me ,I will not leave you.”Swara yelled on Sanskar.
” I m sorry ragini,but I m not sorry Swara ,I was joking with you and I don’t say sorry for my jokes..”
Swara gives him an angry glare but at some distance from three of them ,two eyes were glaring at them with anger ,specially at ragini.

“Lucky ,save me from this weird girl” Sanskar called him..

Lakshya controlled his anger and goes towards them..

Lakshya- “Let’s go sanky ,we have to practice for the band”.

Swara-” o hello,we are in the band too and we have only morning time to practice ,so plz teach some manners to your friend so I can bear him”.

Sanskar signs lucky to stop Swara..

Lakshya tries to tell something to Swara but he stopped hearing the next voice..

” I can’t participate in band ,Swara”,ragini says slowly.

“Why ragini it’s a big opportunity” yells swara.

“Ragini don’t do that you are the only good singer after me and lucky “,Sanskar says smirking to Swara..

” sanky,leave her she must not be deserving, that’s why she is afraid of performing with us.”lakshya says taunting ragini ,
Ragini was hurt listening that but she doesn’t say anything..

“Don’t you dare talk to my friend like this,she is best and she is in the band” Swara says angrily.
Ragini tries to say something but Swara drags her along to the practice room.

“Lucky,that was very rude.” Sanskar says to lakshya..

“I don’t want to talk about it let’s go to the practice room.” Lakshya says and goes to the practice room Sanskar follows him..

Practice room:-

Sanskar and lakshya was sitting in the room watching a video on YouTube .Swara and ragini enters.Sanskar and lakshya saw them and stands up.

“Ragini, we are so lucky to have these stupid guys as our

” lucky I m out of the band if she is in it.”

“Sanky ,what will I do without you in the band ,it’s better to perform solo.”

“Swara,actually I don’t want to participate.”

“Shut up you four”, a loud voice came from behind…

They all turn and see a strict but beautiful looking lady was staring at them angrily…

I m the band coach of this college ,neha sharma and I decides that who deserves to be in a band or not. You four has been selected from the whole fresher’s batch and this is a big opportunity ,don’t loose it because of your silly fights”.

They all nods and say sorry to the teacher.

“Mam,I don’t want to be a part of it”. Ragini says nervously..

” what is your name?”

“Ragini gadodiya”

“Why are you backing out?”

“I m afraid to sing in front of so many people”.

“Miss ragini,you can leave this group now ,I will find someone else in your place but remember someday when you will be sitting on a chair thinking about your life and will regret that you can explore something new in yourself through this band. Ragini, life is very short to get afraid and regret of something. now it’s your choice.”Neha says

Ragini think about her dreams and her mother that how she has worked hard to get her admission in this college.

“I will be in the group” ragini says
Swara and Sanskar smiles and get happy.

lakshya thinks,” ragini I will not let you affect me again ,I have to do something to stay away from you.”

“You four have to prepare a song in one week and perform for me,then I will decide you will perform in competition or not. remember if any one do mistake,I will reject the whole group.” Fusion”is a international competition. It has many levels and difficulty. You can sing covers. You may have to perform classical too so be prepared. Your first step is to get a hold on your instruments. All the best.”Neha says and leave the room.

They all look at each other.

Sanskar :- I can play drums and violin.


Ragini: sitar and keyboard

Lakshya: guitar and

Ragini says tabla and stop immediately on her mistake.

Sanskar: how do you know he plays tabla.

Ragini: I just guessed.

Ragini and lakshya look at each other and remember something..

Flashback :

Ragini and lakshya were 13 years old playing with each other in the Mandir .

Lakshya – ” ragu ,I will always stay with you like Lord Krishna stays with radha”.

Ragini- but lakshya,ma says that Lord Krishna went to Mathura leaving radha alone,you will also go somewhere leaving me.

Lakshya: no I will not leave you and if you will try to go away from me ,I will never forgive you.
Meanwhile punditji calls them and they went for aarti.
Lakshya plays tabla and ragini plays sitar and sings bhajan. Everybody praises them.

Lakshya and ragini come out of thought…

Sanskar: so guys we will start our practice from tomorrow

They nods and went for their classes.

Let’s see how they four fuse their own rhythm to make a beautiful song…

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