swaragini ff- sur a musical ride together (episode 1)

“Life is beautiful ,but when we are driving the precious car of our life on the same road for a while we get bored ,so we need to choose a different path to make our ride beautiful and excited. SUR is providing you all a platform to give a beautiful turn to your life and explore your inner self. There cannot be more beautiful way to explore yourself other than music and dance. I am Vishakha Subrahmanyam ,Head Principal of SUR welcome you all in this magical world of music.”

Everybody in the hall applause the speech. Most of the student were having a guitar on their back. Mostly girls were wearing Western dresses and boys were dressed in cool funky style.
But in the front row there was a girl in pink churidar and dupatta. Instead of clapping ,her hands were jointed in nervousness. Her expressions were as if she could not believe that she was here. She was lost on her dream world until she felt a slight touch on her shoulder,she turn and look at the girl in front of her. The girl was wearing a jumpsuit with funky earrings ,her hair were kept open unlike her braided one,she was holding a guitar with one hand on her back and other hand was busy in ..OMG she is waving her other hand in front of her eyes to wake her up from the lost world.

“Hii,I am Swara Bose…everybody has gone why are you standing in the hallway alone with jointed hands. This is not temple ,this is college.”

The other girl snapped her out of her lost world and she get embarrassed..
She slowly uttered the first word from her mouth,

“Sorry,I m ragini gadodiya. I am new here.”

“Everybody is new here Idiot,I m feeling hungry let’s eat something in canteen. Then we will roam around the college” swara spoke as if she knew her from a long time before ragini could react ,swara hold her hand and start dragging her to canteen.

“You know ragini ,I ate two sandwiches in breakfast but I m feeling hungry within half an hour,I think this is all because of nervousness”swara blabbers..

..ragini was too shocked to react,swara was dragging her and without looking at her she was doing nonstop talks…ragini try to interrupt her several times but she get stopped after reaching canteen..

“Swara,we should go for the class.”ragini finally spoke..

“Wait for five minutes my dear friend ” swara spoke and get busy in eating burger..

Ragini was hell shocked ,nobody has ever called her as their friend .The people with whom she was studying since childhood never speak to her in a friendly way. She was all alone the only friend she had was her music and dance..
In the next second she heard snapping sound of fingers in front of her eyes..

“Hey,miss lost world,where you have been lost..wake up you are in college..”swara exclaimed..

” Swara ,we should leave for the class.”ragini uttered slowly..

“OK, but tell me what is your problem why are you not speaking anything”, swara asked.”

Actually nobody talked to me this much ever ,why are you sitting with me here “,ragini spoke embarrassedly..

“Are you crazy??why would not anybody speaks to you..you are a beautiful girl and far better from the egoistic girls who wander in this college…and I m sitting with you because I saw a friend in you. But you are very slow so I have to ask first then you will understand..would you be my friend ragini ???” Swara asked smilingly

Ragini smiled at her antiques and nodded yes..

“Then OK ,we will give a new name to our pair…swara +ragini = swaragini…..wow wonderful name it is na..
Ragini smiled and a drop of tear escaped from her eyes..
Swara and ragini got up and made their way to class..

Swara and ragini enter the class,swara shook hands with everyone and introduce herself,within a few minutes

he was the center of the class but on the other hand ragini was sitting quietly on a chair in the corner observing everyone. Swara noticed her and goes to her.

” hey,miss lost world stand up”swara ordered her..

Ragini got afraid and stand up nervously..
Swara hold her hand and make her stand in the centre..

“Everyone meet my new best friend ragini gadodiya “everyone in the class welcome ragini..

Ragini was so happy she introduce herself to everyone..swara and ragini sit on chairs side by side …
Ragini whispers in swara’s ear “thank you”.

Swara look at ragini her eyes were full of tears and a satisfactory smile..swara observe her confusedly. Swara put her hand on ragini’s and tell

” ragini,I don’t know that what is hidden inside you but whenever you are comfortable pour all the sorrow out of you to me ,you will feel better”
..ragini nods

Then their teacher came in the class.

“Hello everyone it’s your first day in SUR but from today itself your musical journey has began. Now you will all have to go to the instrument room,go there and pick up your favourite instrument ,I will meet you all in the auditorium”.

They all enter the instrument room but they were surprised to see all dark there. They all heard a beautiful sound of violin. They saw a boy playing violin ,his eyes were closed and he was lost in the world of music. He stopped as the light get switched on. He put his violin down and smile widely “hello, everyone”,he waved to all.

Swara asked to him, “who are you???”.

He smile and say ” I m sanskar ,I m new student here like all of you”.

“How do you reached here before us”???swara asked,

Sanskar goes near her and says “magic”..

Swara give a confused look..
Sanskar speak ” offo,I enter the college ,the gate was open so I entered here,don’t ask me many questions like you are a inspector and I m a thief.. Let’s go and check the instruments..

Swara makes a face and and enter the room with ragini..
Ragini and swara were surprised to see the room…
The room was very very big ,It was full with instruments….swara goes to guitar section and picks up her guitar..ragini goes to classical section and picks up a tanpura. They all go to auditorium…

“Hello students, you will all have to show your skills one by one…we have very talented students here somebody can sing somebody can dance .I m your music teacher and before I start to teach you,I want to know that you belong to music or not.
So our first student who is going to perform is Lakshya Maheshwari…

Ragini froze listening to that name…Every image of her childhood came in front of her eyes….her throat dried up and tears made their way from her eyes..

Sanskar was sitting beside her ,he saw her crying and asked,”why are you crying ???

Ragini says nothing…

The curtains get open and lakshya was there….white shirt ,denim jeans,classy glasses and perfect guitar …..girls got flattered seeing him..

Swara speaks to ragini ,”ragini ,how stupid these girls are they just see a handsome face and start flattering on him..they don’t know that nobody can beat swara in guitar”…

Ragini was too lost in the past to respond her but sanskar hears that and say
“ohho, so miss Queen of the world, you have that much confidence in yourself,watch out my friend will show you your true place..

Swara points finger at him and say ,”you” but sanskar ignores her and cheers for lakshya,”come on lucky ,rock it..

Ragini looks at sanskar and ask,”you know him???”.

Sanskar says,” yeah we were in high school together,since then we are best friends,he is like a brother to me but why are you asking this??

Nothing,says ragini.

Lakshya starts his performance……..

Chura liya hai tumne Jo dil ko
Najar nhi churana sanam…

Girls were going crazy over him he finish his performance…..

Teachers praise him..and say ,”very good lakshya”.
Lakshya speak,”thanks sir,I don’t think anybody would be in my competition here..

Swara listen this and get angry ,she picked up her guitar and walks towards stage while playing it….
She pass across lakshya saying ,”watch me now”.
Swara starts with full swing

Chali re, chali re…
Junnon ko liye..
Katra katra lamho ko jiye..
Tinke se basa dil ka aashiyan..
Khudi se mene ishq kiya re…
Everyone applause for her…
Swara jumps down from stage and ask everyone to join her…
Everybody sings together..
Jiya jiya re jiya re
jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya hoooooooooo

Everybody claps for her..
Lakshya and swara looks at each other mesmerising….

Teacher announce the next name “Sanskar agrawal”.

Lakshya goes to him and wishes him all the best..

Ragini was nowhere to seen,swara looks worriedly all around because next name was her.

Sanskar goes to stage and start his performance …….

Aa bhi ja ,aa bhi ja
Aey subah aa bhi ja
Rat ko kar Vida dilrubaa
Aa bhi jaaaaaaa…

Everybody appreciates him…
He thanked everyone and goes to backstage to put back his violin..he saw that ragini was standing their with her tanpura all nervous…

“Hello miss,ronadhona”
Ragini looks at her angrily

“Arrey, you are not telling me your name,you are only crying so I will call you that na…” Sanskar smirked,

” my name is ragini, I m not crying ,I m just nervous”,ragini spoke slowly..

“Why are you nervous???this is just an introduction part..and you will be great. Now go your name is getting announced”.sanskar says,

Ragini thanks him and thinks that she can’t tell him that she is not nervous because of performance,she is nervous because he will be there…

And the next performer is ragini gadodiya…
Lakshya listen the announcement
And gets shocked but thinks ,” no that can’t be her ,it must be someone else with that name”

Ragini walks on stage with her tanpura and start her performance..

Meri aawaj hi pehchan hai ,gar yad rhe..

Lakshya was busy on her phone but he get freeze on hearing the voice..

Naam gum jayega
Chehra ye badal jayegaaa
Meri aawaj hi pehchan hai
Gar yad rhe…

Lakshya get shocked,she was ragini,his ragu, she was everything for him at a time but now there was only hatred for her left in his heart..he observes her ,she was wearing chudidar so she not wears frocks anymore..her voice is same…her hairs has grown so long ,but I miss her pony tail which I used to pull..her eyes has the same innocence as before…she has become so beautiful as she always was..anybody can fall for her…wait noo..nobody has the right she is only mine… No she was mine..now she is nothing to me nothing…unknowingly he scanned the auditorium ,he tightened his fist only with the thought that boys are watching her..

“She is good”,Sanskar whispered in his ear..
Lakshya didn’t like it but he nodded..

Swara step in between them and tell,” she is my friend,I don’t know why but she always remains so quite but today she is rocking on stage…

Ragini finished her performance teachers appreciate her and swara hugs her tightly..

Sanskar shakes hands with her and whisper in her ear..
“I told you na you will be great”. Ragini smiles hearing that..

Lakshya noticed that and gets angry…
Lakshya stares at ragini and ragini avoids his gaze and looks down.
The teacher came on the stage and announces,” every year we select four students for our fusion band and we have chosen four students of this new batch,they are swara,Sanskar,lakshya and ragini,you four will do the fusion performance for our college…
Swara jumps in excitement, Sanskar was happy,lakshya was not listening as he was busy in staring ragini,ragini was afraid of lakshya….

That’s how the very first day of college passed for four of them ..you all will know the hidden truth of their lives…and their equations with each other in the future parts….

Thanks,for reading.. Do comment if you like the story..

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