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Ragini’s pov

My thoughts got disturbed by sanskaar who was asking me to give the glass of kara .As he called me loudly someone’s (laksh) attention got hitched on me whom i wanted to ignore desparately not for my whole life but for today.Because i was not ready to face him .My present state was not giving me a nod to go infront of him. I was literally praying to God whom i always one kind of avoided, that he didn’t do anything stupid infront of my in laws or specially sanskaar.

But everything was going against me today .He(laksh) had done the worse which i never expected.He hugged me… infront of my in laws ,my friend Sanskaar…

I was numb for a while because of his(laksh) sudden action.But one individual thing which i noticed the most instead of all this issues, was his(laksh) hug.Even though he(laksh) was tightly stucked with my body, but his(laksh) hug ,his embrace was no more creating those heart beats ,those butterflies which i felt before only for him(laksh).

Actually the greatest amazement was that i was not at all concentrated on him (laksh) but was helplessly looking at my friend ‘s eyes who was staring at me questioningly.

I got my sense back when laksh started to chant my name again and again.
“Ragini … i missed you so much…..” he(laksh) told while caring my cheeks like a new born baby.

I was suprised by his behaviour because he was the one who left me for expanding his business,he was the one who didnt think once before leaving me alone in the mid way.Now he was telling that he missed me….. It must be one of those cruel joke which anyone pranked at me.

Ragini quickly took off his(laksh) hand from her cheeks after getting concious about their closeness.
“Who are you….?Sorry to say… have we meet before….?She told pretendingly while a fear of getting caught was eating her mind.
“What the hell are you talking… Ragini?How can you even act to forget me..?!!I am your laksh ….. ragini,your laksh…”Laksh told who was amused by her behaviour at the same time shocked as well.

“Who laksh?I dont know anyone named laksh.” Ragini told by stealing glances from all the members.

Notwithstanding with the fact that ragini could behave so abnormally with him(laksh),he again tried to converse with her.
But this time a hand stopped him from taking any further chance.
“How dare you?!!!How dare you to touch my wife ?!!! Sanskaar shouted loudly while grabbing his(laksh) collar tightly.

Wife?????The only word wife … was buzzing like a bell in his(laksh) head.”Sorry… i thought her to be someone else with whom i am very attached.”he (laksh) told while removing sanskaar’s hold from his neck.
“Oh…. if that is the matter then you may leave now… I dont want you to create any scene in my house”sanskaar told by keeping a hand on his shoulder as if warning him to stay in his limits.

“YEAH… I AM leaving.”Laksh said while taking his fiance in his arms.”

But this time ragini was not at all feeling a bit bad by seeing her first love with some one else which she severely felt in case of sanskaar.

He(laksh) left from her house while she impatiently waiting for him(laksh), to cross the exit door as if wanting to make sure that he(laksh) didnt raise further questions into others head who were already watching her confusedly.

“Actually i… i…….wanted….. to….she was stammering like hell while a person dragged her from the guest room.

She was in his room still thinking about her next step.”Sanskar why you dragged me here?!I need to tell…”

You dont need to explain anything “sanskaar told while cupping her face gently”Because i trust my angel.I know you dont know him,he was just taking your advantage .”

She was pleased that her husband was not at all doubting her intention like others and also scared about his so much trust.She wanted to clear everything before he got to know the truth from others.But she didnt want to lose his trust ,his care at any cost.So she thought to be silent.

Sanskaar’s pov:
I knew all the members of my family would examine her by various questions.So i dragged her from those doubtful eyes as soon as i could.
My angel was so much scared by this sudden incident that i couldnt control but console her.

Many questions were arising in my head like others but when i saw into her eyes my all doubts went in vain.Because her eyes were like an unspoken language to me,which was telling me to trust her.

Precap:Truth or little bit of romance?!!

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  1. please clear the issue first or else it will be gr8 problem in future, want to see laksh jealousy for ragini

    1. Dear i will try to clear half issue but not full.
      Otherwise the intensity will be missing…

      Thanks a lot lovely for giving your views about my ff♥♥

  2. nice……

    1. Thank you anu♥♥

  3. Awsm..clear all the issues..nd update nxt prt soon

    1. I will try to update soon…

      If i get late then a sorry… from before♥♥

  4. Clear the issues pls

    1. I will clear the issues slowly slowly dear.

      I hope you have no problem with that…

  5. y does laksh leave her….wen tey r v close….nw he s pretending nothing has happened….but dono y i dont want laksh to b negative….i love both ragsan and raglak equally

    1. Hey dear priya,I will give a valid reason for laksh to leave ragini.
      Yeah laksh will not be a villain but a little grey character.
      Because i also like both of the jodis♥♥♥

  6. Superb…nxt update plzz

    1. Thank you kaya and i will try to update soon… ♥♥

  7. Awesome

    1. Thank you swati…

  8. Plzz don’t.i can’t wait for seven days.nice update

    1. I will try to update if i get free time in these 7 days.

      Otherwise a big sorry… from my side to you♥♥♥

  9. this ws really awsm but i guess truth will be out soon

    1. let’s see dear

  10. nice plsz let sanskar know everything if he gets to know later his trust on his angle would be broken …………… Update soon

    1. Poonam… thanks alot for sharing your views.
      And i will make sure his trust doesnt break on his angel.

      Apart from my ff,i really love your ff”Everything is fair in love and war” .
      I am a silent reader of your ff and yeah if you get time then pls write the next chapter.

  11. Awesome plz update the next part soon

    1. I will try to update soon… dear

  12. Waiting fr d jealousy part
    Ur ff is jst awsum
    I m a big big bog ragsan fan n ur ff surely does justice !!!
    Luvd it plz dnt stop
    N update asap!!

    1. I will not stop and thanks for the complement dear…

      The jealousy track will surely come but from whose side … you have to wait..

    1. Thanks venny

  13. awsm dr

    1. Thank you kavya

  14. It was awesome dr.i like it so much

    1. Thanks ammy for your sweet complement

  15. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    I think Ragini should tell everything to Sanskar and then romance 🙂 :p
    Nice episode

    1. Ragini will tell him every thing …
      Dont worry dear

  16. Clear the issues first…

    1. I will try to clear all the issues fast…

  17. Awsm…..take ur time then u update next part………

    1. Thank you dear for understanding my issues.

      I will try to update soon…

  18. Nice episode, pls update next part soon???

    1. I will try to update soon… if i cant then i will sure componsate with a long update…

  19. Nice episode?

    1. Thank you mayuri…

  20. One of best ff… Please update next part soon dear…. Seven days are too much…

    1. Oh… geeta thanks alot for the appreciation.

      I will try to update soon… dear

    1. Thank you lila.
      And also update your both the ff.

      I am waiting for them…

  21. Thank you dear for understanding my issues.

    I will try to update soon…

  22. he is really understanding…i hope she reveals the truth to him

  23. Yeah he is

    She will soon reveal the truth but after or before knowing the truth from someone else you have to read that.

    Azure i am missing your ff also. pls update soon.

    And one personal question.Are you younger or elder than me??
    I am 17.
    If you feel comfortable then only ans the question.I am just curious.

  24. Hy does any of u knw wch off azuru is writing…its a ragsan ff…based on arranged marriage

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