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He came out from the washroom after a while and started to get ready for his office.

At the mean time she arrived there and called on him to have breakfast.
“No no.. i cant have breakfast now.I am getting late.I will have something from office canteen.You dont worry.”He told while knotting his tie.
She got saddened by hearing his reply but didnt show that to him .
She just held his hand as if showing her right on him and dragged him into the dinning table while he was just chanting her name all the way to stop her.
Ragini made him sit on one of the chairs and told”Just one minute i am coming with your breakfast”.
A call came on sanskaar’s mobile after her exit.He picked up the call and rushed from his house as soon as possible.Well that call was from his office’s manager who told him to come in a urgent basis as some foreign clients were waiting for him.

Ragini came with a tray of food while she saw him going out of the house.She called his name two times but he didnt pay any heed to her.
Discontent about the fact that he didnt turn at her even after her calling, she told to herself that”Why will he turn ,after all who am i for him?Just a friend!! while a thin layer of tears were gathering in her eyes by the tag of “just a friend” .
She was recollecting the morning happenings ,his talks ,his appreciations ,his care towards her,his calling her angel and making her feel not just a friend but something more than that??

Sanskaar’s pov: I had to rush out of the house because of this damn meeting by making my angle sad.What would she be thinking about me??I didnt know.But i was sure about the fact that she would not have her breakfast without me .So i also ignored my morning meal.How could i eat when my angle was hungry??

Ragini’s pov:
I had again started to get fool by his care,his precious words for me.How could i forget that he is also a man.A man will always be a man.They can only show their power ,domination and reign against woman.They dont care about women’s wishes,their dreams and feelings.They only know one thing and that’s pretence.

In evening

She was waiting for his arrival though anger could be seen in her face clearly.
He came ,this time not alone but with a girl who was resting in his arms .He was carrying that girl as if she was a little baby which was labeled as “handle with care.”
Seeing an unknown girl so close to her husband , something inside her heart had crashed.She didnt know why she felt to go near them and wanted to made that stupid girl down from his arms.

Ragini…. he called her name and told concernedly “pls call a doctor.She is bleeding.”
Ragini who was lost in her own thoughts ,noticed the state of the girl and run to call the doctor by leaving her worries behind.
After an hour:

Sanskaar was sitting beside the girl and asking her wherabouts whether ragini was staring at them by the corner of her eyes conciously while tears were flooding inside her heart because of their closeness.
Though she(girl) was mere a stranger and sanskaar was only helping her(the girl) for humanity ,the one part of her(ragini) heart couldnt tolerate the fact .

She(ragini) got relieved a little bit while the girl mentioned about her(girl) fiance.
Half an hour later:
Sanskaar informed ritika’s(girl) fiance about the accident half an hour ago while the full family was waiting for his(fiance) arrival.

The anticipation got over when a dashing man concernedly made an entry in sanskaar’s house .

On the other side, in the kitchen ragini was making kara for that girl which had been ordered by her mom in law.Though in the excuse of making this liquid ,she got a chance to ignore her husband with another girl.
“Why am i feeling like that?He is just a friend for me.He is not anyone whom i love…No no it’s not right.I cant interfare in his personal life .It wil suffocate his privacy.In fact this relation is a compromise for both of us.He can be with anyone ,even if he want he can do affair with another girl or many girls.I dont care neither i bother”
she thought whether she was very well aware about her lying to herself.

Ragini came out from the kitchen in a hope that,the girl’s fiance might have arrived in the house.

But alas!The man for whom she was impateintly watining half an hour ago had turned out to be the worst nightmare of her life.Yeah it was him….

“LAKSH” ….. she was stammering like an impadiment even voicing his name out.The way to the guest room was looking like a far away for her.

If he had come infront of her, before her marriage then she would be the most luckiest girl of the world.But now situations have changed ,she is no more an unmaarried girl who will see the dream of her prince charming.
Ragini’s pov:
I was literally shocked by seeing him in my in law’s house..MY LAKSH,MY BESTFRIEND,MY MENTOR,MY GUIDE was infront of me ……. and i couldnt even hug him once. One part of my heart was wanting hermetically to wrap him(laksh) in my embrace while the other part of my heart was thinking about Sanskaar…..How would he react?I didnt know from when but his reaction,his thoughts about me had started getting importance in my heart. I didnt want his views to change , about me.I didnt want him to think his angel as a betrayer. I was scared by the concern of losing my newly found freind at the price of my old relation.

My thougts were swinging like a pendulum in a dilemna. A dilemna of what to do or what not to do?!!



Credit to: Sara

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