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Sanskaar got out from the washroom by wearing kurta.
As soon as he came out ,he saw an angel standing infront of him with an angelic smile.Angel??No she was much more than that.he thought.

Why are you staring at me….??Am i looking that bad??she asked questionably.
No no not that bad in fact you are looking average.he told with a naughty smile.
It’s ok .I was and is always an average girl.she murmered with a bit dissapointment in her voice.
He couldnt control his laugh more and told “you and average ??Then what about other girls,they will be called ugly.!!
What do you mean by that?You have only told that i am looking not so good!!She asked with a curiosity in her voice.
I am just joking ,baba.Why are you taking it seriously?he told suprisedly.
After that he came a bit closer and told her “You are not comparable with anyone .You are much more than that.He told while looking at her intensely.
She smiled a little at his complement and told “You dont need to soak me with fake complements because i am not going to melt by it.”
Melt??Why you need to melt?I dont get you.He asked incredibly.
Oh… So what are you thinking that i have forgiven you that easily?I have just made friendship with you that doesnt mean i have forgiven you.Well you have to earn your forgiveness now also.She told while interrupting him in his own thoughts.
ok…… so what i need to do ,for earning your condonation??He asked a bit cheesily.
That’s your case,i cant tell you anything about it!!She told while going out of the room.

Sanskaar’s pov
I was combing my hair and thinking about some ideas to impress her.Impress no no not like that. i mean forbearance only. At the mean time bari maa called me to come downstairs.So i had to give a break to my thoughts.

They reached gadodia mansion.It was decorated with various colours of flowers from outside.In short it was looking like a little basilica.
When they rang the bell ,a girl hurriedly opened the door.
SUPRISE…….!!the girl shouted loudly.
She (R) was stunned for a minute by seeing her little sister after 5damn months.
Both of the sisters happiness had no bounds.They hugged each other as if they had met after so many years.
Chotiii…. how come you here?when had you arrived?Why didnt you infrom me?she(R) asked all the question without a break.
Oh di …. stop getting hyper.I will tell you everything.Bulbul told with a habituated expression.But first you have to come inside na!

She had kept her feet into this house only after 10 days but it felt like she had come into someone else’s house. The house in which, once she had shared her every pain ,happiness is no more the same.Because she had acknowledged the reality of her family,their real face which they have hided from her for so many years.She no more felt warm and welcomed in this house.

While getting into the house he faced an obstrucle from her saali.
Jiju …… why are you getting in?I have not told you to get into the house.She(B) chuckled by seeing her jiju’s suprised expression.
What does that even mean?Was i not invited into the house?he thought .
Ohho…. jiju.You dont need to give so much pressure in your brain.I mean you can come but…..,after giving me money .
Money…?he asked.
Yeah…. Dont you know the ritual of giving money to your saali?Arre i was not present in the marriage thats why i am asking it now!!!she told in a huff.
Bulbul .. what are you doing??Dont irritate him she(R) told while dragging him inside the house by holding his arm with her hand.
What is this di?It has been just 10 days you have gotten married from now only you have started taking jiju’s side.It’s not fair.Ohho!so much love is not good for health.!!!She (B) told teasingly.
They both felt embarrassed by hearing the word “LOVE”.
To avoid the awkwardness she(R) told “Shut up choti,your nonsense will never end”.
Ok…baba sorry.You (R) always shout at me.She(B) told by making a puppy face.
Have you all forgotten us?told ragini’s mamma.

Sanskaar touched her(m) feet and took her blessing.Ragini had also done the same.She(R) didnt want to take her(m) blessing but she did, for not wanting to create any scene infront of him(S).

Where is uncle?he (S) asked.
oh… he has gone out of india,her(R) mother told.
She (R) was relieved by the answer.

They both had finished the ritual systamitically and it was time for lunch.
Where is the washroom?he(S) asked her(R).
She took him into her room.After entering into the room they both were shocked.
Well the room was decorated with rose petals and candles.
What is this??Why there is so many lighting candles in this daylight.Sanskaar asked amusedly.
I dont know…..!!she told with an innocent face.Before they could understand anything the room door suddenly get closed and the lights also get off.
Enjoy your time with each other and yeah nobody will see you guys.A voice came from outside.Bulbul’s voice.That mischief was done by her!!

They couldnt understand what to do.Because there was no use of calling her(R) mom because she was cooking at downstair and bulbul… well she(B) would not even head a pay to their sound.

They were sitting in the room for 10 minutes and sharing awkward glances to each other.
She asked him”why are you not going into washroom now?Because of you only we are in this mess.She told him while acting to be angry.
Because of me……??he told her while reducing the distance between them slowly .
She was moving backward shocked by his alarming closeness.But alas!no place was left and she was stucked with wall.
His hands were placed beside her arms as if restricting her from going away.Her enchanting fragrance,her rosy lips were making him mad….
The glittering lights of candles were visualizing her as a fairy who had alighted into this world only for him….
But some strands of hair in her face were making it disturbing in his view to see his angel.He was slowly moving his hand closed to her face to tug those disturbing hairs behind her ears.Before he could do that a push came from her(R) side who was very much awkward because of their closeness.

She got out of his hold and moved from the place as soon as she could.Her breath had gotten heavy and emited for some seconds by this sudden incident.
The push from her side had dragged him into the reality.
He was murmuring sorry but couldnt voice it out to her.He was very much ashamed for his act.
Before he could open his mouth the door got open.

Bulbul was standing infront of them and told them teasingly”Time for romance has finished and now its time for lunch.”
Sanskaar’s pov:She(R) got out from the room With her sister , infront of me and didnt bother to turn at me.I was very much embarrassed for my senseless act.But i was helpless……I couldnt control myself……..
They had reached maheshwari mansion in the evening.
She was ignoring him as much as she could…..
He was only watching her acts blankly,repenting for the recent happenings.
she slept early at night only to avoid his sorrowful stare.

He left for jogging early in the morning before she could wake up.
She arised from her sleep as usual time.She was a bit suprised by not seeing him in his bed and a little relieved too.After getting freshen up she went to the dressing table to put vermilon on her hair line while she saw a hand made sorry letter was kept on the table.
She was very much amused to see the sorry letter because she didnt expect that from him.
The letter was designed very beatifully by him.The cover of the letter was full of sorries which was written with various types of colour pencils.
She was constantly staring at the gorgeous cover .After a while she turned over the cover page to see the letter.
Dear ragini,
I know what happened with you in these 12 days was not at all right.I have somewhere played with your emotions unintentionally.I agree that you are very much hurt with my deeds and also with the yesterdays incident.But that was just a slip of a moment on which i have lost my control over myself.
Because of some reluctant tradition of my family i had never ever respected the emotions of a woman But from now on i will because of you. From now on i will not be the reason of your tear fall.If i want to be any reason for you that will be only your happiness.
I vow to protect you until my last breath as your friend as your well wisher and last but not the least as your husband.I am commited with you and will be commited with you forever and ever…
I know i am not perfect and not at all worthy of your friendship.But everyone cant be perfect like you.
pls accept my sorry and give me a chance to be your best friend……. .???
Will you give me a chance to be a small part of your life???
Will you like to spend your whole life with me no matter whatever the relation between us….??

Tears are oozing out from her eyes.She is effortlessly touched by his every words.Because she knows he has written those every individual words by his heart and only for her.There is no pretence like her family.She is overjoyed by his efforts to earn her sorry.,to worth her friendship.Her happiness has no bounds because he has pasted a lot of times behind her, to design this letter .This special care and treatment from his side has awaken some feelings in her which were dead after the break up with

But little did she know that someone’s evil eyes are nearing towards them which is going to create a havoc in their new relation.


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  1. I hate u and ur blo*dy ff….actually I hate all those people who write os and ff about ragsan..send consider them as couple….
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      1. Hey u just shut up and don’t u dare say anything about swasan…

    2. Hey if u don’t like them then why are u commenting here. It’s a writer’s liberty choosing the pair whom they want.
      Atleast have some social attributes no one is forcing u to read them.

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    And others pls ignore her comments.There is no point in quarelling with her. We need to keep our friendship strong and well.And yeah thanks for the support and comments.

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