This is a ragsan ff.If you have problem with them pls ignore it.

Hey guys i have not gotten my ans still now if i continue or not???

Iam writing the next part.The pace of the story only depend on your ans.By the way sorry for writing a good for nothing os :unconditional love .sorry.

Starting the story:

They were sleeping in their individual place respectively one in a couch and other in his bed,actually pretending to be asleep infront of each other.Because sleep was far away from them.There were staring each other by the corner of their eyes very warely as the other didnt notice it.

It’s morning.She woke up early.Today she had many works to do.She had to go her home because of some ritual.She need to deck herself up.

Ragini’s pov:

Home is the most comfortable place for anyone but its opposite for me.Because those people who live into my house had one kind of sold me infront of their business profit.My home??I laughed at the thought a little.How come it’s my home when i have no rights into it?

I was thinking about the conversation between us.No no not us!I mean he and me.Am i a bit rude yesterday?Because he himself had confessed his not so good deeds before my any question.But what could i do?I couldnt control my emotion after his avowal.How could i?

But he told me sorry for his deeds.I need to be considerate about his view for our relation.I need to make a further step for this relation.1st step has taken by him and now its my turn.I will extend my hand for friendship.By this step i will be able to know his inner soul which he dont bother to show anyone?

Move on??you want to move on from your 1st relation with laksh that too so immediately?My mind says.

Why dont i move on?When he didnt bother about me before leaving me alone then why do i bother?
By the way it’s not moving on.It’s just a step to extend myself into a new relation.My heart says.

After so many dilemna,at last my heart won .I was thinking about some ways to excute the step “FRIENDSHIP”.

Sanskaar’s pov:

I woke up and straightly went to the washroom,didnt bother about her existence.When i got out ,i saw her standing infront of me with a kurta .

You need to wear it.Bari maa has given it.She told softly.
I was puzzled for a second.Why the hell in the morning i need to wear this heavy kurta?I thought.
After understanding my questioning look she cleared me about going to her house for the 1st time that too because of a ritual.

I was going to washroom again to wear the kurta. Suprisingly she called me by my name. I dont know why but hearing my name from her mouth ,caused a little heart race into my body.

Yeah!!Anything important?he said a bit rudely.

I want to tell you something……..I know i had not behaved well with you yesterday but that time my emotions were overflowing.I couldnt control.she told with repentence in her voice.

“”WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MY FRIEND””??she asked extending her hand to me with a hope in her eyes.

Wow.Thats something unexpected.I thought.But I was a little happy because of her moving step.Little happy??or much??I dont know.

A smile curved into my face and i told her” I would
love to do friendship with you”.

She shocked a bit hearing the word”LOVE.”

I mean like!!!!I corrected myself.
It’s ok.She told by giving a celestial smile to me.
My happiness increased a bit after the non existence of awkwardness in her face hearing the word “LoVE”!!!!
My felicity increased into another level after seeing her smile for the 1st time,that too without pretence .She smiled wholeheartedly.

I shaked my hand with her.I like the spark between us .Her soft baby like hand against my hard hand just creates fire.I thought.

Pls change your dress quickly,its getting late.She requested with a puppy face.
I agreed to her with a little dissapointment for not getting time to converse with her.Is the ritual needed to be held today??I asked myself .
I went inside the washroom by cursing the ritiual in mind.

What happen to me??Why am i behaving like a desparate?She has just extended her hand for friendship not for love.Why am i acting as if she has confessed her love for me?Love????What the hell even i am thinking???Just cut the crap from your mind sanskaar.I told myself.

I know yesterday i was angry with her but today her soft voice melted my heart ,even i didnt get a chance to show that i was snuffy with her.Why???dont know!!!

Ragini’s pov:

I know i have made a step further in this relation ,that doesnt mean i have forgiven him for his deeds.Well he has to earn that sorry.I was thinking while decking up myself with jwelleries.

Ragini’s house : “What are you doing guys ???There is only a little time left for DII to come with my dear jiju.And here the preparations are yet not ready!!!Bulbul(MRUNAL THAKUR FROM KUMKUM BHAGYA) told in a bit too much hyper tone.


Thats it for today.Dont forget to ans my question.

well i want bulbul to be a cupid between ragsan relation.Because i like her very much.. Are you ok with it.???

Spread positivity and keep smiling.
If you like it than leave your comments to this sweet candy.And yeah i want ans:I DISCONTINUE IT OR CONTINUE IT?????

Credit to: sara

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