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Starting the story.

They were heading towards their room after the exit of his mother.”So you dont want to know my name??”He asked.She smiled a little because of his strange question.”I dont need to know your name.I am already awared about it”.she answered.

Strange !!isn’t it?? You are the one who were not at all interested in our marriage but you can remember my name.Here i had pressurized you and somewhat avoided you for this relation but still i couldn’t remember your name!He told in a huff.

“I think i need to eat peanuts , to sharp my memory which is lessening day by day “he told after a while.

“It happens sometimes.After all we had not much communications between us,before this. “she told

That individual line has striked his mind and he thought to clear the marriage confusion by coversing with her

“Can you pls sit for sometime? He asked

She stared at him for the question.

It is very much needed to clear some misiunderstanding to you”.He explained while his eyes stucked into her questioning look.

“Yeah! you can.”she told in a suprressed voice.

I know there is nothing smooth in this relation.It happened suddenly for both of us.But this relation is not only restricted into us but our family, is also involved and related to it.Thats why i dont want this relation to break without giving any chance. He told it with a hope in his eyes.Because he feel sorry for her.Her misted eyes is like a unspoken language for him.He dont know why but he always felt and also feel an untold connection between them.In these 10 days he always seen her waiting for him ,to accompany him with his dinner,serving him food without any word made him feel somewhat special.He dont want her to be in a valgur state about this relation.He wants her to come out from the darkness .

“I want to tell you the reason about my acceptance
for the marriage. he told after thinking for a while. She was amazed for a second, because from the day she heard, that he had accepted the marriage proposal she badly wanted to know the reason behind it.
He started:
” I was suffering from a financial loss because of some wrong bussiness deals.I had littetally lost my sense at that time. I wanted to cover up my loss at any cost.That was the time when the marriage proposal knocked at my door.I thought it was the perfect chance that i could ever have.I didnt at all bother or think about your feelings.I just thought about my profit nothing else.”he sounded a little sad .

“Thats why i ignored all of your phone calls to avoid the risk of not marrying you.”he told with a repentence in his voice.

She is amused by his confession.Because he has litterally proved himself as a money minded guy who doesnt care about anything else, infront of her.She is somewhat impressed and also angry with him.

Impressed because he has told her the truth, not thinking about his image.

Angry because he didnt care about her emotions,only thought about himself.
But today her imprresion about him has changed a bit.She thought he has kindness inside his heart which he dont bother to show.

But her amusement increased a bit too much when he told her “SORRYYYYY!!!!”

“SORRY” a little word to convey your repentence which you are suffering from.Is that word enough for lessening someone’s pain ,hurtness?Is that word enough for correcting all your deeds which you have commited in the long run.Well it depends on the types of mistakes ,that one had done.She thought.


“I need time to think about it”she told in a rude manner.
He was suprised a little by her grumpy voice.

“Is she that much angry with me that she needs time to forgive me? But why??!!What had i done ?What was my fault?Again the ego overpowered his thoughts and he was unable to see his fault.

I have kept aside my ego and told sorry to her and sha just ignored me by telling she needs time?


.He is now repenting for telling her sorry without his fault!!!!!!Because he had not gone her house to beg to marry him but her family came with that proposal to his house. He thought angrily.

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    If you dont like it guys then tell me.I will not continue it or finish it soon.

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