Hey guys i had to post two times.Because telly updates didnt post the 1st part of the story in swaragini page.Thanks for the comments.


The time was near to 11.30 when i arrived at the house.As usual everyone had slept except the girl. She came with a tray of food infront of me.

Ragini’s pov:

He came when i was sleeping in the dinning table.Well i couldnt eat because of him.His family is fully traditional.They dont like if the wife complete her meal before her husband.

Now i am showing their conversation not pov:

Do you want anything more?asked ragini.
Yeah!I want you to complete your meal with me.She was numbed for a second.Because it is the first time he is telling something to her.His voice is quite attractive ,she thinks.She sat on the chair without much arguments.When she was taking rice from a bowl ,her hand touched his.She immediately took off her hand and started stealing glance from him.That was quite awkward for him.

He started serving her dishes ,these guesture of him amused her and made her remember about laksh.A small tear tried to came up from her eyes.Before he noticed,she thought to wipe that.But it was late.He noticed her and gave her a handkerchief.She took that and wiped her tear.She was quite touched with the guester.

Remembering someone special? he questioned.She was stunned for a second.But replied honestly,”Yeah”.

When silence was again startrd placing between them he asked her softly”Can you pls tell me your name?I have forgotten actually”he wanted to be normal as much as he could after the question.She thought he was becoming sacrastic to make her mood light.But reality striked her when he again asked the same question pressurizing the word plsss. She narrowed her eyebrow a little.

RAGINI!!!!!!A voice came from upstairs.It was her mom. She questioned about the reason being in the food table at this time. He answered her about his coming late politely.She warned him not to come this late again.In this conversation i was literally standing like a statue between them.ragini thought and also huffed a little she didn’t need to tell her name to him ,it had done by his own mother


I hope you like the chapter.sorry for typos i cant proof read.Sorry for the montage ,i am not able to change it.

Credit to: Sara

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