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They were traveling in car while both of them were busy in their own thoughts…

Ragini’s pov:
I was thinking about the old happy moments between laksh and me though i was pressurizing my brain again and again to not remember those times .. as i am married now.And it would be an one kind of sin if i still think about my past affair in the presence of my husband.But the thing that i had betrayed laksh even if unknowingly was making me feel guilty and piercing my heart immensely.It was my earnest will to ask forgiveness from laksh to relieve myself a little however i couldnt even do that as my husband… .. was not much comfortable with us .And his ease and animities were the first priority for me.So i accompanied with him rather than staying there in the excuse of clearing misunderstanding….

We both had spent the time in car silently…. not getting any words to converse with each other.

They reached home after a while and headed towards their room.Their mysteic suffocated room was now a soothe for both of them as the misunderstanding,the hidden truth… everything got revealed and no secret was their to make a barrier into their relation .They can take a breath of fresh air without burning in the suffocation of thousand lies or any act…. Though Ragini was burried in a heavy amount of guilt but in a little corner of her heart she was happy that sanskaar had supported her in every rough phase no matter whatever the situations be….he had in short fulfilled his every promise which he had taken at the vouch of holy fire.

After an hour:
They both had finished their dinner.Ragini was preparing her couch to sleep while sanskaar called her from backside.
She turned at him
“Yeah…. Do you need anything?”
He stared at her eyes
and took her hand on his

“Angel you know that whatever happened in these days was not at all pleasant for us.Many thing have changed ….
However i just want you to tell that …… Do not hide anything from me now on….there may be many fights between us.. we may get angry with each other but one thing which we will never stop is talking with each other…. no matter whatever the situation .. we will share our pain ,agony,happiness,sadness.. everything with each other.
His hold tightened around her hand
“Now promise me that our friendship will never get effected by any damn thing… And we will not make any secret between us….”
Hearing his every little word .. a tear dropped from her eyes.A tear of happiness,the completence she felt with him,the comfort which he always give by his sensible discourse….
“I promise you sanskaar… i will always be with you .. and i will never give any chance to complain from my side”

“Thanks…Thank you very much for promising me angel.And now as you have agreed with my condition….. now it’s time to celebrate”sanskaar told while dragging her out of the room.
“Sanskaar where are you taking me… that too out of house at this time!?”
“Angel actually there is a popular futchka stall…. at some distance from our house.Then why not celebrate our friendship with that……..”
Ragini’s curious expression changed into excitement as she loves to eat roadside food.Even she had to hear a lot of utterance from her mother for getting ill by gulping those food .

Really futchka……. oh god after a lot of months i will eat it..”
“Angel you look more excited than me.Is it your favorite food?”
She gave an amuse look to him
“ofcourse it is!…Infact is it any question to ask?
Everyone loves it!”
“Yeah yeah sorry….my mistake.Now can we walk?Otherwise the stall will be closed”he exclaimed by showing the time of his watch.
Ragini:Then who have stopped ?Lets go

As soon as they reached the stall both of their enlightened face got dull.The stall was concatenated with a close board hanging on it.
Ragini:What is this sanskaar?Why have we come here?
Sanskaar:Sorry angel.I thought the stall will be opened.But no problem.If we cant eat futchka then we can gulp a cold ice cream right?

Ragini:ice cream?There is also an ice cream shop!I didnt know.
sanskaar:How do you know?Have you ever gone out of my house in these days?
Ragini:Yeah.Thats true.

Both of them headed towards the ice cream shop and got relief as the shop was open.
He shard the glass door of the shop and encroached with ragini.His hand was still on hers as he wanted to be extra protective about her.

The ice cream parlour was full with variable flavour’s ice cream.
Sanskaar:Angel which flavour do you want to taste?
Sanskaar:Wow that is also my fav flavour…
They both went towards shopkeeper and ordered two chocolate ice creams.
After a while a waiter served their order.
Ragini was literally admiring the ice cream with lustful eyes as she had not gotten a chane to gulp ice cream since a year.

“Angel wait …. you have to share the first bite with me.”a demanding voice came when she was nearly an inch way from devouring the 1st bite of ice cream.
“Share ?Why i have to share?You have one right?”she said with a complaining voice as she was not at all willing to share an inch of the ice cream.

Sanskaar:I know i have mine.But we are friends .And… friends need to share everything with each other as sharing is caring.Dont worry i willalso give my first bite to you.

Ragini:She agreed at his condition and shared their first bite with each other.
Sanskaar was admiring the childish and cute expression of her while having ice cream.She has
messed up both the corner of her lips with ice cream.She wiped it with a handkerchief after finishing it though some remanaint part of ice cream was still their by the side of her lips.
Sanskaar:Angel clear your face properly.There is still ice cream on your face.(he told by pointing out the individual place)
“Where ?I am not getting it.”

Sanskaar:Then… may i?
She nodded her head in yes .He came closer to her and slowly wiped off the left over part of ice cream with his thumb while his touch and closeness were increasing the pulsation of her body….


I want to clear that ragini has not fully moved on from laksh but she was coming some steps forward towards sanskaar.As laksh had loved her a lot so it is not easy for her to move on whether knowing the fact that he was not at fault and she has still some feelings for laksh.But dont mistake it as a raglak ff,its only ragsan.One thing more there will be a marriage twist of raglak…… I hope you will not get angry with it .And yeah bear with my crap writing.Sorry…


Credit to: Sara

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