They were in each other’s embrace for a while.Sanskaar broke the hug and cupped her face affectionately……
“Angel dont you want that bastard to get punish?”
“No no i dont want anything sanskaar..He is not the old person whom i knew.He has changed a lot.His intentions are not good .Who knows what will he do if we go against him….” ragini exclaimed with a fearful voice.
Sanskaar hold her hand assuringly and took her outside of the house.There were some tress beseeming in the garden.He pointed his hand towards those trees and told
“Angel look at the trees…There are so .. many flowers …… polishing it’s beauty profusely.But we plugged those flowers for our needs, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally..If our irresponsible behaviour doesnt stop those trees to bloom flowers then why will you fear to punish a culprit for his bad intention??Because a tree also can stop blooming flowers in fear of losing it but they dont do that .Instead they bloom more flowers……
So tell me angel.. will you not punish laksh?”

“Thanks sanskaar.Thanks for coming into my life and making me differantiate between right and wrong…. And yeah i will punish him…”she narrated with much confidence on her face.
They shared a little smile with each other
“That’s like my angel… Let me call the police.I will tell them to directly encounter at his house.(Ritika had given the detailing address to sanskaar at the time of accident)

An hour later they arrived to laksh’s house .Ragini rang the door bell twice while someone opened the door.It was Laksh….
His anger fueled up by seeing Laksh.But he calmed himself down …. not wanting to create any scene infront of his angel..
“Ragini…..”. a longing voice called out her name…”you .. here?”
“Yes i am here…. Dont think that i came here to meet you.I am here to give
the reply of your cheap act…”

“Cheap act ??What are you saying ragini?”he asked as if he was not at all aware about the happenings.
Sanskaar couldnt tolerate his innocent act more so he interrupted between them.
“Oh now you are not even recognizing ….. what have you done.?No problem .Cops are coming in some minutes.Then you will undetstand what are we telling?!!”he told while trying his best to keep his anger aside.
“Cops?!!Ragini what is this?At first you got married by betraying me and now you are calling police into my house?What happen to you?Why are you doing this to me?”laksh questioned her back

The word betray captured both of their attention immediately.
“Betray?I have betrayed you or you have?….It was you who didnt even keep any contact with me.So dont act innocent”she somehow completed her words as her voice was trembling….
He(laksh) wiped her tears with his thumb while cupping her face(The care of laksh towards ragini was stabbing his heart brutally and making him somewhere insecure infront of laksh)
“Ragini i know i had not kept any contact with you but there was a reason behind it…..My dad had given his oath to me that … till i became a successful businessman i would not keep any relation or contact with you….”

This confession had jolted her for a moment.Her ears were not believing what she had heard.
“What are you saying laksh?You mean to say that you had not avoided me intentioally…. ?!

“No Ragini i cant ever ignore you …
It was just that i couldnt refuse my dad because his health was not well.”
“Then why have you blackmailed me?Those mms,messages …… why have you done that?”

“Which mms…… messages….. ragini i am not getting anything?”
Ragini immediately showed him some messages
“Haven’t you send this?”
“What crap is this?…I havent sent these messages?In fact i dont have your number ….. ”

If you havent done that than…. who did this?sanskaar asked.
“I dont know……… wait……It might be ritika.Because she had enquired about our relation broadly after the confrontation…Though i am not sure…”

“Sanskaar pls call the cops first.They may arrive here at any time….”(ragini)

“Yeah right….I am informing them.”(sanskaar)

Sanskaar apprised in detail and prohibited the cops from coming.

“Laksh…. if ritika is behind it then…. call her…We need to confront her”(ragini told)

Laksh:Ragini it’s not possible now …..she is out of town for some days.But whenever she will come i will infrom you…

Ragini:it’s ok…
Sanskaar was very much furstrated with their conversation and thought to make his way out between them.

Sanskaar:Hey guys i have some impprtant work … i think i need to go.You guys clear the misunderstandings……

Ragini:Sanskaar you dont need to go alone …. i am coming with you.
It curved a little smile on his face .He was very much pleased by the fact that his angel was willing to be with him not laksh though he was her first love…

They both took their place in car after bidding adieu to laksh.

Sanskaar’s pov:
A few times ago i was feeling insecure because of laksh’s innocence …He was not at fault neither he had ignored angel earlier… It was destiny that without any mistake he had to lose his lady love whether my lust for profit has given me the best guift of my life my angel……
Though i was scared of their closeness but my angel’s little decision to be with me had given me a surity that ….. somewhere in her heart she was making a place for her husband knowingly or unknowingly even if a little place..



Credit to: sara

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