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Ragini’s pov:
The fear of getting tagged as a betrayer from sanskaar was engulfing my mind brutally. Just then he placed his one hand on my shoulder while the other was holding my hand assuringly as if showing his unquenchable trust on me.I was not able to bear so much concern and care from a man whom i even didnt know well.His little brown eyes were so reliant that i was feeling guilty ,what if after my revealation about my past this trustful eyes get swollen?… What if he would not be able to tolerate that i was in a relationship with other man before him?Many question were coming in my mind but i made my mind determined and thought to describe him every little thing about me and laksh whatever the result be….
She started …..
Sanskaar i dont know what will be your reaction after knowing the truth or what will you think about me but i cant keep you in darkness…….
I and laksh were chilhood friends .Both of us were very much in love from childhood.Our family were also in good terms for a long time.We had done everything together… our schooling.. collage… every damn thing.In fact in my pov marriage was the last destination of our relationship.My mom .. dad had to shift to US for some business reason whether his family was already living in foreign.But i couldnt make out because of my collage… so my family had given my responsibility to laksh.He was very much humbled that my family thought him capable for taking care of me.We shared the same roof for one year but we never crossed our limit.Though i wanted to be his in every way but he prohivited me from doing so.Because for him i was a huge respobsibility to him which my parents had given him… he didnt want to take advantage of their trust.He was very much concerned and cared for me.He loved me like a mad.But everything changed after his exit from the house.Actually he had gotten an opportunity to expand his business in US .He was not at all interested to go there but i pressurized because i believed him blindly.It was out of my thought that he would change so much ………. even picking up my one damn call would be so tough for him.He didnt even keep a contact with me .After a while my parents landed in India and started to search for a marriage proposal.I couldnt get any single thing that was happening with me….One side i was heartbroken because of laksh betrayal while the other side my marriage got fixed with you.I called you so many times but you rejected all my calls.There were no functions but direct marriage so i couldnt even meet you before.I requsted…. pleaded to my family to stop this marriage but they didnt heed a pay to me…..
So… i had to agree for marrying you….

She finished her side of story while taking a deep breath to face him.He…. he was full on numbed sitting on his bed .It was hard to believe for him that her angel loved a man so…. much before him.He couldnt digest the fact that laksh was her first love….Because in his pov first love cant be forgotten.So a disturbing question came in his mind …… what if his angel still love that bastard….
But he was not the one to get busy in his set of questions so he thought to break the silence to give his scared angel a relief….as she mattered the most for him….

He slowly came towards her and cupped her face
“Dont panic…. nothing happened…. Everything is fine…And yeah you dont think that i am feeling bad infact i am very much happy because you have shared your past with me …..”he exclaimed while utmostly trying to give a smile to his angel but was failing miserably as his smile was not reaching to his eyes….
By seeing his state she just hugged him affectionately and burried her face in his chest whereas her eyes were expressing gratitude to him for trusting her without any proof or explanation……
The hug between them…… made him more determined about giving an apposite punishment to her angel’s culprit.


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    Sanskar’s thought was so much touching
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