Sanskaar indulged his head with her’s while staring at her eyes deeply.His one hand was wrapped around her bare waist whether the other hand was relishing the taste of her crimson cheek.
“So …. you want to know my right over you?Ok… i will not explain but show you by our 1st kiss” he whispered in her ear gazingly as his hold got more tightened on her milky waist.
Her eyes widened in reaction .She immediately stopped him from kissing her and aparted herself from his embrace and shouted
“How dare you?!You cant force me?”
He made a naughty exprssion on his face and smiled
“I can angel.I can.Because you are my wifey right?”
The name wifey curved a little smile on her face because it signified in a way that he was showing his claim on her.But she hided that little happiness from him.
“You know what?You do whatever you want…. I dont care…”
“So you dont care about me?..Then why you were so scared when my hand got a little cut?Why you took care of me on my drunken state?Why you slept with me yesterday that too in my embrace?Tell me why……?he asked by grabbing her hand tightly.
She was hissing in pain because of his tight hold.
“It’s hurting…. You are hurting me sanskaar…..”
He smiled a little by hearing the word hurt and loosen his hold on her while pulling her closer by his other hand
“Hurt?I am hurting you angel?Or you are hurting me by your acts?…”
“See i am not interested in giving you any ans.Just leave me…” she screamed whether wanted to get out from his hold.
“I will not leave you until you dont tell me the truth.”
“What truth ?I have already told you everything
.”she told with a pretence on her face .
Sanskaar felt furstated with her continuous lying
and thought to reveal the truth by himself.
“Wrong .. you are lying..Because i know the truth that laksh is blackmailing you.”
This news came as a huge shock for her .She was trembling on her feet.It was totally an unexpected revealation for her.
“What…. what are you saying?”
“Truth … i am telling the truth.. angel….
And i got to know the truth only a while ago by checking your phone.”
he exclaimed by pointing at my mobile which was on bed.

Ragini’s pov:
I was literally awestruck by hearing that he had checked my phone.That meant he had read all those messages and seen the fake mms.MMS………He had seen those love making edited mms !!….What is he thinking about me?My heart clenched up at the thought of his thinking me as a characterless woman.
So i tried to make him understand that it was not my fault.But before that he hold my hand assuringly
“You dont need to be scared angel.I trust you and i know that you have not done anything wrong.I just want to know about your past with that bastard”
His every word i didnt know why but gave me a lot of joy that he didnt misunderstand or abuse me in wrong allegations.Instead he believed me blindly without any explanation .Though one thing had created a fear in my mind that,what if knowing about my past with laksh, he(sanskaar) thinks his angel as a betrayer…..



Credit to: sara


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    At last updated waiting for it from a long time
    Awesome Fantastic Superb Fabulous
    Ragsan scenes were really mind blowing
    Waiting for the next one………

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