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Ragini’s pov:
I was literally traumatized because of sanskaar’s sudden kiss. His mushy touch by his lips while his nose was also tigging a little on my cheek had spellbounded me for some seconds…. i wanted that moment between us to be stopped for ever .Since his kiss was somewhere confirming a bit that he has also having some feelings for me.Because no one would do this much for some random friend….. But when my heart was getting divert, a little push came from my mind , that was the harsh reality, which warned me not to think otherwise about him.

Though i was happy to see so …. much trust in his eyes for me but i had to reject his proposal of sharing my past with him at any cost.Because i knew that he would not believe me after seeing those fake mms of laksh and mine.He would surely question at my character.And i would not be able to tolerate the characterless tag from his mouth about me…..On the top of that i also had refused to know laksh infront of him first… . So to avoid the situatiom i decided to take an extreme step .I thought to slap the man with my hand which he held protectingly in every critical situations to assure that he would always be with me as a support system.My hand was trembling like hell still i presurrized myself and took my hand up to hit him……

Sanskaar’s pov:
While i was busy in staring into her eyes to understand the
hidden truth
,i felt an extreme blow on my left cheek.She slapped me….!!I was awestruck by her daring act but clasped myself immediately.Though it hurted me a lot as it was the 1st time i had seen my angel so broken from inside that she was hurting others unwantedly…..Curse was flipping out from my mouth continuously for that bastard. Because he (laksh) was the only reason for my angel’s helplessness.

“How dare you??Who have given you the right to kiss me??”she yelled at me loudly while her “wanted to be bad” act could be caught up easily by anyone.
Her this act made me sure that she was very much close in spilling the beans because her strategy was falling weak infront of me …..only a little push was needed.So i thought to give the much needed push to open her mouth.I pulled her forcibily towards me by wrapping her waist with my hand.She was totally shocked with my behaviour but i didnt care much….
We had hardly any empty place between us as our body were hugging with each other hermatically
.She was breathing heavily because of our closeness.Her those heavy breath on my neck was so alluring that it was making my pulse rate increase.I was slowly leaning towards her lips while her eye’s sparkle was clearly showing the nervousness of our first lip lock.My heart beat was raising promptly as our lips were just inches apart.I didnt want to kiss her without her concent,it was just a pretence from my side to compell her in confessing the truth.But what to do with my emotions which was overflowing surchargingly……


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One more thing guys i am writing another ff called “Inner beauty”.Though i have not revealed the pair yet …But i am telling here … The pairs are ..
…. ragsan only.. ha ha… I will update part 1 very soon..

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  1. Are u find now ? I must tell u that I missed ur ff a lot I love it

  2. Areey yaar kab se wait kar rahi thi….its good bt shrt:-P. …..anyways r u fyn nw?? Take care deaf

  3. Areey yaar kab se wait kar rahi thi….its good bt shrt:-P. …..anyways r u fyn nw?? Take care dear

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