Sanskaar’s pov:
I was literally shattered by the thoughts of losing my angel while something poked in my mind.Yes … messages…. !!I hadnt read those messages!!Who knew the matter could be something else.
I turned on the phone again which i was holding carefully as i didnt want to do any mistake.I thought to first check the seen messages which were 25 in numbers, to understand both of their state in this affair.
So as per my plan i clicked on the seen messages:
Message no1:
Ragini pls… reply me… I love you very much…

Message no 2:
I know everything was not fine between us earlier.But now we can sort out everything and patch up.
Message no 3:
Ragini if you dont reply me then i will tell everything to your so called husband.I know it will not effect you much because you have no feelings for him.
Message no7:
Thanks for replying me sweetheart.I am right ..you have still the same feelings for me…
Message no11:
How can you tell like that jaan.You know me very well that, what am i able to do or not?I hope you will not try to deny me again.
Message no 15:
Enough is enough now!!Now i think it is the right time to show you my ability.
Message no 20:
Ragini you will suffer very soon for your mistake just wait and watch.
Message no25:
So you are avoiding me?But you cant do that..baby….. .Because wherever you will be,i will be also with you like your shadow…

After checking all the messages it didnt even take a second for me to understand that,the bastard was blackmailing my angel.That individual bastard was the reason of my angel’s harsh words towards me.Though i wanted to check the replies from her side but she had deleted those formerly.I also read the unseen messages in which it was clearly mentioned that,the mms was edited by that scoundrel…….Anger was forming out from all the part of my body,my fist got clenched up ,I wanted to kill that blo*dy scoundrel right now ,for giving my angel so much pain.But i calmed myself down for the sake of the situation.
I was also cursing myself for believing in her acting and behaving so rude with her.I thought to confront her and made her confess all the truth which she was hiding from me

because of fear.I wanted to kiss her cheeks and expressed the silly girl that,there was no need to hide anything from me because i believe her more than myself..,i will not misunderstand her,i will not give anyone chance to come between us….
I was waiting for her eagerly because she had to come to our room sooner or later.
At last she arrived by putting an end to my restlessness and wait ….
I was staring at her while she was stealing glances from me.Her eyes were moist so i came closer to her and wiped her tears with my thumb.She was gazing at me lovingly for my unexpected guesture towards her.
“Dont cry angel …..You know i cant see you in tears”i told her softly as my vocal cod was trembling.Then i notice something wet in my face .I realized the fact that i was also crying.
“Have you started your drama again ?If yes then stop it.”she replied me while her face was clearly showcasing her unwillingness for speaking those sharp words to me.

I silently took her hand and kept it on mine.She tried to seize her hand from my hold but couldnt do that for my tight reserve on her forearm.
“If its a drama for you then it is!I just want to tell you that you can share with me whatever you want,i will not get offend.okay??”i exclaimed while cupping her face with my other hand,actually in a way giving her the surity of my unquenchable trust for her.
She was glowering me with full of amusement while a pinch of happiness couldnt be missed from her hideous expression.
“What are you saying ?I have nothing to share with you?she narrated as if trying too hard to mantain her stubborn act.
“So you are not going to confess then get ready to face the result” i slowly leaned towards her and kissed her left cheek gently .The taste of her crimson cheek was so… palatable that,it startled my whole body.
She got perplexed by my sudden act.So i thought to clear her dilemna.
“What happen?Why are you so shocked angel?Ok…. i will clear you,this is the result of your unspoken reply……A kiss…!!A kiss for your every wrong ans “i exclaimed by rubbing her cheeks with my hand.



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