Hey guys i know everyone is dissapointed with my story line,that’s why you are not commenting.After 2-3 episodes i promise i will clear the misunderstandings.So till then pls ….. be patient guys.

Sanskaar took a quick shower because of the heavy pain in his head while thinking about the recent happenings.He was sure that something was fishy.Because the girl who was claiming till yesterday that she was not an inch interested on him,has now slept with him without anyone’s force. He was determined that he will know the truth by hook or crook as he had promised to be,by her side every time….
After a while ,he got out of washroom whether his head was still spinning.

Ragini’s pov:

I got awake when he was in the washroom.I couldnt get what had i done last night.How could i do that?I had literally took the advantage of his unconsious state.He was not in his sense but i was..How could i sleep with him?I didnt know how to face him …..how to tell him about my helplessness…What will he be thinking about me?these questions were eating my mind.So i thought to avoid him as much as i can.

I straightly went out of the room while requesting mani(maid) to make a lemon juice for sanskaar.
Sanskaar’s pov:

After getting out of the washroom my eyes were continuously searching for her .But she was no where to be seen.Suddenly I saw a glass, full with lemon water on my side table.There was a surity in my heart that it was kept by her,she was now also very much concerned for me.

I drank the lemon water without any break.I wanted to ask her the root of her care though i knew she will avoid the question intelligently.
So i concentrate on my work of searching her.When i was searching her in my room , my eyes suddenly fall on her phone.I thought to check it, to get any clue of her strange behaviourI picked up the phone and turned on the power light , there was an unseen mms and 20 messages sent by ….. laksh??!!! I was hell shocked by reading that guy’s name.This meant she knew that guy earlier also and acted infront of us that she had met the guy for fitst time!!!?Making my all thoughts aside i immediately clicked on the mms to see what could he send….
My world had gotten upside down,i was numb for a while after watching the video….They were making love….. on that mms.I fall down on my knees while tears were coming out from my eyes.I percieved like someone was stabbing my heart again and again…Then the realization striked me that she was never mine neither she had any likings for me ,actually she was cheating me??For the 1st time in my life,i felt something more than special for someone and now….. i was suffering for my very.. mistake.I was repenting for liking my angel which i never thought i would.At that moment a thought hit my mind hardly……f she didnt like me ,if she was only pretending because she was married to me,if she loves someone else then … she will surely leave me .. sooner or later.No no ..i cant let that happen.I cant lose her…How will i live without her?.
The fear of losing my angel made me distraught.
I was fecklessly thinking of one hell idea … to stop my angel from leaving me…..

I know you guys are confused about the mms.It’s an edited video because raglak didnt have any physical relation in past.


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  1. Think he is blanckmailing

  2. Oh 1st I too hell shocked like sanskar but ur words made me relax & after that mms also he is only thinking of not to lose ragini that was awesome.. just now he saw the mms but he want to check out the msg then only he can get clear of laksh intention & confront with ragini..

  3. Nice
    Just hope everything gets cleared soon…

  4. Amazing. Just hope after their confrontation evry thng falls in place. And hope they will realize their love towards eachother. Plz post next part soon

  5. awesome

  6. How can we wait 2-3 episode.it’s long time.plzz clear the misunderstaning fast.plzzzz

  7. Awesome 😀

  8. Nice… nd laksh is disgusting nd take ur time to clear misunderstanding….

  9. Awesome

  10. don’t end this soon

  11. Niceee

  12. nice pls dont think that we don’t like your ff! we love your ff so pls continue! its very good! pls dont end this ff so soon!

  13. Yes. I’m a silent reader. I like your ff very much.

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