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Ragini’s pov:
He banged the door loudly while getting out of his room.And i!!?I was just fixed there,thinking about my fate.How cruel it is!Why every damn thing happened against me?What is my fault?

After so many happenings from last 1 year , i lost even the remnant hope of living my life.When everything was finished for me,he came as the shining armour in my life,who gave me a little wish to live my life infront of thousand iniquities,who hold my hand without any expectation when everyone had outcasted me.And … today i have hurted that man(sanskaar) brutally.I cant forgive myself for this sin.But i promise myself that i will give the apposite reply to that man(not sanskaar) who is behind his(sanskaar) happiness.I vow that everyday of his(other person) life will be a living hell.Though i loved him(other person) once ,may be till now also but from now on i will only have hatred towards him(person) .I never ever thought he (person) can stoop so low.But i swear to God i will not spare him.(person)
She was waiting for his arrival from office since two hours while a fear was gulping her mind.A fear of losing him,a fear of some auspicious thing happening with him.Just then he came.She rushed to him while a heavy smell of alcohol was coming from his side.He consumed a massive amount of alcohol,it could be seen by his state.Because he was not in his sense.
She took his hand and kept it on her shoulder while helping him to reach his room.From the way to guest room till their room he was only blabbering one name.The name which had given immense pleasure to her and that was angel…
Though she was feeling like a backstabber and excessively responsible for his condition but one part of her heart was literally dancing with joy that he had again started calling her angel which he discontinued from morning.She didnt know why ,but more than her actual name she loved the name “ANGEL”, only from his mouth.
She slowly opened his shoes and made him lie on the bed .After that she started to go from there while a hand tightly hold her.
“Dont leave me angel”a murmuring sound was coming from his mouth.
She felt very much effected by his words.It was highly soothing to her ear.She was overwhelmed that instead of her so harshful words ,he didnt even want to let his angel go,
although he was drunk.
She affectionately embedded his head on her lap
and told him close to his ear “I will never leave you sanskaar .I promise you, i will be only with you till my last breath”
He immediately kept his hand on her lips and blabbered”shh… dont talk about your last breath angel.I know even death cant seperate us.We will always be together.”
Tears were oozing out from her eyes while sanskaar slowly wrapped her in his protective hold and wiped her tears with his thumb.
Ragini slept whether keeping her head on his chest,while he embaraced her in his frame tightly.

It was morning.Sanskaar got a little awake because of the heavy pain of his head.And just then he noticed his sleeping angel inside his embrace.He was shocked by seeing her so close to him ,furthermore on his bed.She was sleeping peacefully like an innocent baby.A little smile curved in his face by seeing her sleeping unopposedly on his chest while her one hand was on his wave hair though he couldnt remember anything about last night.He didnt know why she had slept with him but he wanted to feel the heavenly touch of her delicate skin,so he pulled her much closer to him and tightened the embrace more .He started caressing her crimson cheeks while placing a soft kiss on her forhead .He was engulfing the taste of her baby face by his hand.His moving hand stopped at the most soft place of her face,her rosy lips….He was slowly slowly decreasing the distance between their lips.
Just when he was going to gasp her lips against his ,the reality striked him.The reality of his supposed to be angel.The fact that his angel was simultaneously betraying him by her fake acts.His heart clenched after remembering her harsh truth….He immediately got apart from her and isolated her from his embrace while their lips conjoin got aggravated again….


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