Hey guys so…. less comments.I wrote the previous part by giving so many time for you only.But you guys didnt even like that.

Starting the story:
Ragini’s pov:
I somehow avoided him at the lunch time though it was not an easy task for me.His alluring eyes were again and again compelling me to look at him at least for once.But i controlled myself for the sake of our friendship. I knew avoiding him was not any kind of solution but my mind was not getting any other ideas except it.

At that moment a phone came and i picked it up.I was totally broken after the conversation.A few minutes ago i was looking for some ways to strengthen our friendship.But now i had to look for ways of breaking this friendship,this relation.I was literally laughing at my fate which always made me away from my dear ones.It was just an another feather on my destiny.

“Angel…. a sound came from backside.I immediately wiped my tears and unwantedly turned at him.
He was looking at me with hurtful eyes.My heart griped by seeing his state.
“Angel are you ignoring me?”he asked with a hope that it was all his imagination.
“Yes i am overlooking you.Because i need some break from you .In short i got bored with you.Your company just irritate me like hell”.she told while pretending to be pelutant because of him but inside her heart she was repenting for telling those words to her precious and only friend.

“You get bored??…… What do you mean angel? …
You are all right till morning and what happen now?”he asked her while his face was depicting only one thing and that is, a huge pain.

“I was not at all right in these days.But today i really got relieved by getting free from this daily dramas”

“Drama….??That means you were only pretending all these days with me??

“Are you fool?Dont you understand in short cut that i was only pretending because i am married to you.Otherwise i am not an inch interested even in talking with you” she confessed while trying her best not to drop any tear infront of him.

Ragini’s pov:
I was literally crying my heart out for telling those harshful words to him.I could not bare his pain.I could not digest the fact that he will think me as a betrayer from now on.But i couldnt do anything .Because i was helpless.

Suddenly I heard a loud sound of breaking glass .Oh no… it was him.He had broken the window glass of his room.

I rushed to him as soon as i could . My heart clenched by seeing his bloodsheded hand.I quickly took a first aid box and grabbed his injured hand.But he jerked off his hand from my hold .
“You dont need to do this drama.I can take care of myself.”he devastatedly shouted in a way.
“Sanskaar. .. what are you saying?You are bleeding ..for god sake.. give your hand”she said pleadingly with a trembling voice .
“How does it matter to you?Why do you care ….Ragini?”

Ragini ….this word captured her attention immediately.He was addressing him with her name not as his angel??But that was not the right time to think all this. Sanskaar’s bleeding hand was all that matter to her.So she grabbed his arm tightly as if expressing her claim on him.
“I told you na if you dont care for me then leave me”a strong protest come from his side.
“Yes you are right…. i dont care about you… but i cant see someone injured infront of me.So i am doing this for humanity”she shouted while stubbornly took the hold of his hand and plastered it with a bandage.
“You know what i was a big fool that i thought you as my friend.Because you dont worth it.. “he narrated whether expandering his arm from her hold.


Credit to: Sara

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  1. why you tried to separate them yar, now only the bond started between them it’s really bad

    1. lovely pls dont feel bad dear.You guys only wanted that everything to be cleared 1st between them.This twist will do that.There trust about each other will be strengthen.Pls wait for some time.

      Thanks for your comments.

      1. thank-you for your reply

  2. Nice and pls make it long

    1. Thanks fasa.And i will try to give a long update.

  3. nice episode but plsz don’t seperate them waiting for next episode upload asap……..,,.,,

  4. Poor ragini

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  7. Oh no
    Why is ragini doing this ???
    Who called her n why is she helpless
    So many questions
    Poor ragsan both r in pain
    Hope sanskaar find out why ragini doing this
    I really hoped that ragini shared her past with sanskaar too
    Do update soon dear

    P.s. Dear don’t be disappointed if u are getting less comments
    Bcz there r so many silent readers
    U r doing a great job ??

  8. Poor sanskar.plz dont seperate them

  9. Superb… Loved it…keep going…

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