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Starting the story:

Ragini was numbed in her place(garden) while watching sanskaar going with a cute childish smile in his twinkling face.

Ragini’s pov:
Jealous!!No no it’s not possible .How can i be jealous with a girl whom i didnt even know let alone meeting.Yes.. i know his complements about some other girl was not going well with me as if it was stabbing my body with injection.I dont understand why,but something about him is effecting me severely nowadays.
Some qualities or his concern behaviour for me… I dont know what…?

Somehow i am getting attracted like a magnet by his surroundings. His naive behaviour towards me,his extra.. care for me, is forcefully compelling my heart to feel him something more than just a friend.His every acts are graving my full eyeball like a haunting prey which didnt ever happen with me,even with laksh.. But why??

Some questions are good when it is not answered…. i thought while making my way out from the garden.

In morning:
I woke up from my sleep a little early than usual time.After arising from my nap,my first glance was shoved at my friend.. he was sleeping like a cute baby .His legs and hands were placed in opossite direction.I thought to make his sleeping shape in a right state but stopped in the middle way because of my shyness.

Sanskar’s pov:
I was a little awake when she was coming near me .But she stopped in the mid way.I didnt get why..?

Ragini came out of washroom.
Sanskaar was still asleep.She thought to wake him up.Her distance was lessening towards the destination which was him.She sat near him and started murmering his name close to his ear while rubbing his hair affectionately.

By the soft touch of her delicate hand sanskaar got awake though pretended to be asleep to feel her warm tig,her fondness which was only for him.But ittle did he know that his eyelash was moving.

Ragini who understood the fact that he was assuming infront of her got a naughty thought to irritate him.She made her wet hair aside and started stripping some water fleck in his eyes to stir him up.

Sanskaar got disturbed by those water and slowly opened his eyes.
“Angel i will not leave you…”he shouted .

“I will not leave you. ha…. ha……you have to first catch me then comes the question of leaving.”his angel told by mimicring his exact voice .

“Oh really i need to catch you ?”he huskily told.
“ok then….”.By telling it he suddenly pulled her towards him in no time and wrapped her bare waist with his solid hold while his another hand was engulfing the taste of her delicate skin. They were just inches apart from each other.Their heartbeats started to increase slowly because tof the heavenly feeling.

Sanskaar’s pov:
I was gazing at the sparkle of her eyes which was overflowing with many emotions,her breath on my neck was creating a heavy pulsation on me.I felt to come more close to her ,i wanted to gasp her trembling rosy lips against me, but the reality strike me when a shyfull voice falterly said”What are you doing sanskaar??”pls leave me.”

She was blushing like hell because of our closeness.I thought to make her blush more ,so i went more closer to her,our nose were just a little away from each other.I whispered in her ear softly”If i dont leave then…”
“Then ….. then…she said a little slowly which was buzzing like a melodious song to me,while pushing me
with a little force.That push made my grip a little loose on her.My angel took up the advantage and
moved out from our room like a thin air with an excessive hesitancy .

Our room !!I laughed a little at the thought .Yeah.. it’s our room which is incomplete without her.
Her droolworthy little smiles,her breathtaking blush,her childish acts,our little little fights, are the life line of this room.Otherwise before her appearance into our hose,it was only a silent ,unclean room.

Ragini’s pov:
I somehow got out of his hold though i didnt want it.But i knew he was doing those things ,thinking me as only a friend.Whether i was taking those guestures in a very unfriendly manner.HIS every touch was creating vibration inside me as if current was passing through my body.I felt i was only curving for his touch.
Suddenly a fearful thought gulped my mind,what if he breaks our friendship because of my past or my amatory feeling.

No… no….I dont want to lose him.I dont want him to know about my my past with laksh.I dont want to lose my friend by my indisposed thoughts about him.(sanskaar).So i decided to ignore my feelings for him.

Sanskaar pov:
It was the lunch time. Bade papa,dad ,mom everyone were present in the dinning table.But one person for whom i was eagerly waiting was not there.Where was she?I didnt see her after the morning incident.Though i didnt even search for her as i was confusd about how to interact with her after the occurance between us.

She came after a while and sat beside uttara.I got a bit disapointed by seeing the empty chair beside me
which was waiting for her.
She didnt even stare at me once in the dining space.I didnt know why but i felt her eyes were moist as if she had cried a lot.My heart clenched at the thought of her crying.Because i had promised her that i will never be the reason of her water fall.But seeing her ignorant behaviour towards me i was sure about the fact that she had moaned because of me.



Credit to: Sara

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