She was thinking about her life ,before her meeting with laksh and after her marriage with sanskaar.Though she had spent a very little time with him(sanskaar) in comparison of laksh but his(sanskaar) concern his care for her had touched her heart so much that she was now scared about his getting hurt because of the truth.

She was weeping silently in her couch and very conciously that his sleep didnt get disturbed by her.

“What happen angel ?”a concerned voice told while tapping her shoulder gently.
It took a while for her to understand that sanskaar was awake and he heard her weeping.

She woke up from her couch quickly and told by stealing her glance from him “Nothing.. sanskaar.I am fine…”
“Oh really … then how come i heard someone’s weeping?? or… you want to tell that i have hearing problem”he told her teasingly to make her mood light.”

“Not again…. It’s 2 ‘o clock..”she uttered while a little smile was appearing in her face unknowingly.

“No no no you have to answer me ” He narrated by making a sad face.

“What answer sanskaar…”??I am tired .. . I will talk to you in morning”she told while acting to be sleepy in couch.

“Oh no… i didnt know that my angel can also do dramas”he whispered in her ear.

“And what drama i am doing?she asked by making a childish face.

“I will not answer but show you . he softly said by dragging her outside from their room.

She stayed silent by his sudden action.If that would be any other person in place of him ,she would have made 100 excuses for getting out of that person’s hold.But it was him… her husband .. her friend… for whom her heart had started beating once again.

“Angel i think we need some fresh air.”he told while making a place to sit in the middle of his garden which was full of fresh grasses .

The mild air of tress was creating vibrations on their body to make them aware about the gentle atmosphere of the nature.

“Do you want to share something with me ??” he told gradually by breaking the intense gaze she was having on him.

She thought it as the eligible opportunity to sort out everything between them.
“Did you have any girlfriend?”she asked curiously while thinking the ans as no.
He narrowed his eyebrow a little by this unanticipated question and thought to do some mischeif with her.
“Girlfrirnd..???Are you serious? I had many girlfriends in past ,so many.. that i cant even remember their name”he told while trying to hide his smile.
She was amused,because of the yes ans and very much shocked about the “s” beside the word “girlfriend”.

“You know …. the most prettiest girl of our clg was behind me.Her name was shina… At first i didnt give much attention on her but her attractive shape,enchanting beauty ….. was so … droolworthy that i couldnt even ignore her for a long time” he told by controlling his bursting laugher inside his mouth.

“Oh….. i think i need to go” .She said while a layer of tear was gathering in her eyes.

“Are you angry with me?” he asked by making her jaw a little upper with his thumb to see her eyes.

Her eyes was red as if something inside her heart was getting pinched by his every complementory word about the other girl.

“No…. why would i be angry with you?She told denyingly by pressurizing her every words while stealing her eye contact with him to make him sure that she was not at all effected by his talks.

“Then….. are you jealous about her…..??” he whispered in her ear cheesily while gazing at her concealing eye, before making his way out of the garden to give her some alone time…..


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