Hey guys thanks for the warm welcome and also for the comments. I am avoiding caps ,hope its fine with you.Azure you will get to know the ans in this chapter and also in the upcoming chapters.I love your ff red string of fate even i have followed you in wattpad.I read all the ragsan ffs and sometimes raglak ffs. All are good.Ok i am blabbering so much,pls dont mind.

Some people tell us sorry and sometimes we also tell sorry to others.But sometimes we cant tell or dont want to convey that we are sorry for our deeds to our dear ones because of ego or nervousness or the habit of taking things lightly.The lacking of this small gesture can create a havoc in someone’s life.

Ragini’s pov:

I am not like that,a silent and dull creature, never at all.In fact i was a happy going and talkative girl. My days which i had passed with laksh were my golden days.Though we were in a live in relationshinp,no physical relation was there between us.I wanted to be his in a full way but he always objected about it.Because he wanted me to be an adult before this physical relation. We were childhood sweethearts.Marriage is the thing for us which we thought will happen surely between us.Our family was like one soul.Thats why before shifting into US for business purpose my family had given my responsibility to laksh.I stayed with him for one damn year.I was not at all worried about the society ,what they would think about us.But now this unwanted relation has created a fear in my mind.

Sanskaar’s pov

It has been 10days since my marriage happened with that girl.Well what is her name? Oh!!! I think i have forgotten her name also. That is not my fault. I have hardly seen that girl let alone knowing her name. We are staying in the same room,but there are only silence between us.That is the reason i cant remember her name.It is bound to happen.Because the reason behind my marriage was only to fullfill my business loss.When the proposal came i had not thought even for a second and grabbed the opportunity like a hungry beggar.Because it was the only way to make up for the loss in my business.What was my fault? I had given my full concentrationtn and hard work to stand up in the business industry and spent a lot of sleepless nights into making my name as a top businessman of the world.I couldnt lose it.
The girl had tried to talk with me a sevaral times before the marriage but i didnt listen actually one kind of avoided her because i would not be able to take the risk of filling up my loss without marrying her.
I was a kind hearted guy but some hard situations and harsh reality of the society has made me a money minded guy.Now i dont and will not know anything except money.
Sometimes i feel “SORRY” for that helpless girl who has become the prey of this situation.Dont know why but i think she has gone through a heartbreak . Her eyes always tell me to free her from this unwanted relation because she is somone else’s and longing for that person.

sorry for the typos because i cant proofread .And the montage has given by telly update so i cant do anything about it.sorry.pls comment if you like,if you dont pls give me suggestions how to improve it.

Credit to: Sara

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