swaragini ff…few shots (EPISODE 7)


The episode starts with Swara seeing Lakshya sleeping on couch and she smiles seeing him and wakes him up…
“Bhai wake up… Its morning and ur phn is ringing very loudly..”
Lakshya wakes up and picks the call… Swara is sitting there and looking at him smiling… After Lakshya finishes his calls she says “OK say..”
Lakshya “What..??”
Swara ” Raat KO neend kyu nai aayi thi..??”
Lakshya gets shocked and asks how she knows??
Swara smiles and says “Bhai.. I know u since childhood… Jab bhi aapko neend nai aati hai na aap foran hi chand ke sath time bitane chale aate ho… And then u move from here in the morning only… Chalo ab btao y u were feeling sleepless..??
Lakshya smiles and says ” Hai ek reason Jo in Dino mere neend KO churaye hue hai…”
Swara “kahin wo reason “R” se to shuru nai hoti..?”
Lakshya smiles and gets up from there… To change the topic he asks “Waise y r u so ready early in the morning..??”
Swara “Maheshwari house ja rahi hoon..”
Lakshya stops and asks when and with whom us she going…
She says “Aapke sath… That’s y I came to wake you up… Chalo get ready fast… Maa is sending me with a proposal for them…”
Lakshya is hopeful and asks abt it…
Swara “Shaadi ka proposal nai hai Jo itne excited ho rhe ho..”
Lakshya “Did I said that..?”
Swara “No but ur face did..”
Lakshya insists… Swara says that when she will say , he will know it… Lakshya makes a face goes to get fresh…

Maheshwari house
RasSan are fighting… Sharmistha gets irritated and scolds them “Kitne bare ho Gaye ho magar akal nai aayi hai ab tak… Aur iski shaadi tay ho gayi magar bachpana nai gaya…”
Ragini smiles while Sanskar gets more scolding… He gets angry and passes by Ragini and messing her hairs… She gets irked and shouts “Maa see Bhai.. Every time he does this to me…”
Sanskar “Maa chup karao aap ise… Subah uthte hi radio shuru kar deti hai ye apna..”
Ragini us still yelling
Sharmistha “SwaLak are coming here for breakfast.. AP jee has sent a proposal for us..”
Ragini stops shouting and rushes to her room…
Sanskar “Waah maa Maine kaha Aur aapne ek baar me maan liya..!!”
Sharmistha asks “what??”
Sanskar nothing maa I have to get ready… Ur would be D-I-L is coming to meet her would be husband.. ” and he goes to his room…

SwaLak reaches Kapoor House and greets everyone… Sanskar comes there and smiles seeing Swara… Lakshya searches Ragini… Swara notices it asks for Ragini… Sharmistha says that she is in her room…taking shower…
Lakshya says that he has to return her phn which got broken by him and also apologize to her… Dadi asks him to go in her room and keep it there itself… She guides him… He goes…

He comes to Ragini’s room and sees frames of Ragini, RagSan , Maheshwari family etc… He smiles looking at her pic… He keeps the phn on her dressing table and hears Ragini singing in the washroom… He giggles… He then goes to her window and sits on her couch… He finds it comfortable… Just then he hears Ragini opening the washroom door… Something strikes in his mind and he smiles… Ragini opens the door and comes out of the washroom… She goes 2 step just then Lakshya comes from behind and threatens her from back…he touches his two fingers at her back making it a fake gun and makes his voice heavy so that she doesn’t recognize him… He says “Hands up..!”she gets frightened and does so.. She asks him what he wants??
He smiles and says ” ur phn…” In a heavy voice…
Ragini “Take it…but please leave me…”
Lakshya “But it is absolutely new… Then also u r giving me…?”
Ragini “How do you know that ..”
Lakshya “I came here for u as well…”
Ragini “me..??”
Lakshya ” yes… U r kidnapped from ur own room…”
Ragini gets shocked…
Lakshya “Give me both the phns..”
Ragini “But I hve only this new one…”
Lakshya “To dressing table pe kya tmhari beauty soap pari Hui hai..?”
Ragini gets surprised seeing her old phn…
Lakshya takes her towards the mirror… He removes his fake gun and hold her by her shoulders and smiles…
She goes towards the mirror and sees his reflection… She calls his name and smiles… Then she remembers smthng and turns to him saying “Aap mujhe kidnap kyu kar rahe the..?? Phn lautane ke liye…?”
Lakshya nods aand smiles then asks her to check phn… She happily turns to check but again faces him and asks tensely “Did u switched it on…?”
Lakshya recalls seeing his pic in her phn but he denies doing it…
Ragini gets relieved and checks her phn…
Lakshya then says ” jab kaha ki tum kidnap ho gayi ho to tmhari darr se sari hawa nikal gayi thi…”
And he burst into laughter…
Ragini fumes and says ” M not afraid of any1… Main Kuch bhi kar skti hun…”
Lakshya “we’ll see..” And he goes out of the room…

Everybody is standing downstairs and Swara says ” Maa wanted to say that there is sometime in marriage and both the families don’t know each other so well as u have met hardly twice… To we should spend time together to know each other… 10 kms from Mumbai, there is a resort… Its papa’s friend’s resort… The location is a kind of jungle type but it us wonderful… I hve been there… So if u all don’t mind then can we have picnic there… We will get to know each other well and our bonding may become strong…”
Everyone happily agrees…
Lakshya goes and stands beside Ragini… He says “So u can do anything… Ready for the challenge..??”
Ragini nods..
Lakshya “Then u have to do this in front of everyone… M sure u will not be able to…”
He kisses her on her cheeks… He then smiles and goes back to where he was standing facing Ragini…
She is in shock… She looks at him amazed… He naughtily smiles… Her cheeks turn red from shy and she goes to her room…
SwaLak also leaves for their house…
It’s night and both the families are preparing for the picnic…
SwaSan are excited that they will spend quality time together…
Lakshya hopes he gets some time to spend alone with ragini…
Ragini is lost and is not able to concentrate on anything… She recalls Lakshya kissing her and blushes… Then worries that how will she complete the challenge… The episode ends on her face…

Both the families reach the resort… They r welcomed by the owner… Everyone is excited for it… Sanskar says to Swara ” Swara mauka Aur dastoor dekh ke ek kahawat yaad aa gayi.. Jungle me Mangal…”
RagLak hears them as 4 of them r together.. Lakshya teases Ragini… She gets shy and looks the other way… They both smile…

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